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A Business, News and Politics podcast featuring Sarah Aida Gonzalez
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Rwilson reviewed this podcast on Jul 12th, 2018
"Fun short-ish stories about finance and economic case studies"
Emily Boda reviewed this podcast on Oct 24th, 2017
"Consistently interesting and sometimes even funny story topics wrapped up in around 20 minutes"
Pandapanda reviewed this podcast on Aug 21st, 2017
"NPR self importance, that's what you'll find "
erickd reviewed this podcast on Jul 6th, 2017
"Always learn something new listening to them. They make economics approachable and compelling. "
Qwortec reviewed this podcast on Jun 30th, 2017
"Quick and delicious little candies."
MrSaintCloud reviewed this podcast on Jun 20th, 2017
"Good combination of story and information with some tastful jokes,"
emilyboda reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"Consistantly quality podcast, even if you don't care about economics or business or anything like that"
fomer reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Can be good introduction into basic economic principals. Since it is run by journalists, some important concepts do not get good coverage."
QuasiQool reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Great podcast outlining some of the generalities of economies across the globe as well as some of the oddities. Wouldn't recommend to those looking for a podcast on personal finance or economic theory."
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