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Episodes of PlantPure Radio

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Lee Fulkeson discuss the role played by academia in the production of ‘science’ that’s biased towards the food and drug industry.  Dr. Campbell shares a personal experience he had with this kind of bias when he served
Amy Johnson and Lee discuss her health problems and how they were alleviated by her adoption of a plant-based diet.  They also discuss the foundation of Amy’s PlantPure Nation Pod, website, and Facebook page, as well as how rapidly they’ve grow
Dr. Mike Nelson and Lee discuss how his personal plant-based journey began and how significantly his health and that of his family improved as a result.  Dr. Nelson reveals how and why he began incorporating the message of plant-based nutrition
Dr. Jonathan Balcombe and Lee discuss the role of an ethologist in studying animal behavior, how he came to be interested in the subject, and his work examining the thought processes of several different animal species.  Dr. Balcombe reveals th
Sharon McRae and Lee discuss the devastating prevalence of cancer in her extended family and how that made her fearful of the disease, which launched her on a life-long quest to avoid the same fate.  This eventually led her into a career in app
Doug Schmidt and Lee talk about the near-fatal heart attack Doug suffered in 2008 and how that led him to adopt a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPBD).  As Health and Wellness Coordinator for his school district, Doug recently organized a PlantP
Nina Gheihman and Lee discuss her transition to a plant-based diet and how her family background helped influence that choice.  They also discuss her PhD dissertation, which explores how and why France seems to be a bit behind many other Europe
Marcy Madrid and Lee talk about the distinction she draws between “health care” and “sick care”, and how and why our current medical system skews so heavily towards “sick care”.  They further discuss the particular funding challenges faced by h
Dr.Kathryn Hayward and Lee discuss the increasing frustration she felt in traditional medical practice by the intrusion of HMOs and their ‘assembly line' approach to treating patients.  Now a practitioner of Integrative Health, she uses plant-b
Karen Cunningham and Lee discuss the remarkable success of her screening and how it was promoted by a widespread grassroots effort.  She lives in a farming community and talks about the resistance of many farmers to the Whole Foods Plant-Based
Dr. Michael Greger and Lee discuss Dr. Greger’s education and his very personal reason for adopting a plant-based diet and using it in his practice.  They also talk about which diseases and chronic conditions respond best to treatment by a plan
Michelle Odiorone and Lee discuss Michelle’s family health history and how a long list of medical issues in family members only going back two generations influenced her and her family to adopt a plant-based diet, choosing to take a proactive i
Dr. Pam Popper and Lee discuss the differences between a naturopath and an MD, her work for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and how her work with the Sacramento Food Bank Project demonstrated that plant based nutrition is wel
Dr. Monica Aggarwal and Lee discuss her diet growing up and a crippling chronic illness that she suffered shortly after the birth of her third child.  She shares how her condition threatened to end her life as she knew it, including her medical
David Read and Lee discuss David’s responsibilities as Vice President of Oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and how his personal beliefs about the causes and treatments for cancer have evolved since he’s been exposed to the beneficial
Chef Mark Zedella and Lee discuss when and why he decided to become a plant-based chef, where he studied to become one, the health changes he noticed when he switched to a plant-based diet, and some of his most popular plant-based dishes.  Chef
Amie Hamlin and Lee discuss her organization, the Coalition for Healthy School Food, including how it got started as well as its mission, goals, accomplishments, and plans for the future.  She reveals how she wrote a New York State legislative
Dr. Staton Awtrey and Lee discuss Dr. Awtrey shift to a plant-based diet and how it radically improved his health.  He shares his feelings about the early deaths of both his father and grandfather from cardiovascular disease and how that influe
Doug Michael and Lee discuss how he became a writer/cartoonist and the set of circumstances that caused him to change career paths to become a successful baker.  A lucky break got one of Mr. Michael’s products national exposure and almost liter
Dr. Tuttle and Lee discuss his background, and how the fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy in his thinking has influenced his perspective on human nature.  Dr. Tuttle shares his belief that a more balanced understanding of Eastern and West
Tim Kaufman and Lee talk about Tim’s lifelong health and weight issues that caused him to balloon to almost 400 pounds in his late 30s.  Tim shares the life transforming moment when he learned about the benefits of a plant-based diet, his switc
John Corry and Lee discuss John’s extensive and diverse professional background in cable and feature documentaries, including his critical roles as producer of the feature documentaries Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation.  John also shares 
Dr. Barnard and Lee Fulkerson discuss how and why he founded the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, what its goals are, and some of its notable accomplishments.  Dr. Barnard reveals what PCRM is working on now, the obstacles faced
Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Lee Fulkeson discuss the role played by academia in the production of ‘science’ that’s biased towards the food and drug industry.  Dr. Campbell shares a personal experience he had with this kind of bias when he served
Dr. Esselstyn and Lee Fulkerson discuss the doctor’s background as an Olympic rowing champion and how that affected his approach to his career, and especially how it helped give him the perseverance to press onward in the face of tremendous obs
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