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WOW ITS BEEN A HOT MINUTE HUH!!!! We finished recording Poddity High(as we like to call it) in early 2020, jumping on the fact that a lot of us were working from home in order to complere the finale sessions. That was uh..... well over a year a
Hey Duellists, have you heard the good news? No? Well then, you're going to simply HAVE to duel me so I can indoctrinate you into my cult - but before we do that, we have to watch a divorcing couple build and unbuild a house through Duelling.
The longer this show goes on, the harder it becomes to explain. Yeah, the main character got so hungry that he hallucinated a clip show of his own life. Yeah, he got sentient cards that he designed himself that were launched into space. Don't w
Cassidy joins us to talk about how Zane got his groove back, but oh no! His groove's all sick and twisted now! Sean Schemmel continues to delight and disgust me in equal measure with his vocal talents. Watching: Episodes 64-65 (S2 E12-13) of Yu
Fallon joins us this week to discuss wine recommendations and bad southern accents! There's a weird dolphin man, we finally get to see a third teacher at Duel Academy, and Kaiba makes a cameo to get people to do spec work. Watching: Episodes 62
Have you heard of Bucky? The guy who showed up in a mysterious mask, nearly killed one of the main characters, only to be later revelaled to be a childhood friend of another main character? That's right, its Bucky, the teen pop idol! Join your
There goes my hero... Watch him as he directly attacks me and eradicates my remaining life points! Watching: Episodes 57-59 (S2 E5-7) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Argyle | Audrey | Dan | Special Guest Riley! Edited by Max Check out Riley's games! Twitter |
We finally get to meet the infamous dino duelist that everyone's so excited about. Syrus gets owned probably. Watching: Episodes 55-56 (S2 E3-4) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Argyle | Dan | Max Edited by Argyle Twitter | Discord | YouTube Support the show on
We're back for our second year at Duel Academy! Crowler is in charge now, possibly permanently based on what language is being spoken, and he's brought his tiny French husband with him, just in time for Chazz to play a duel where nobody wins! W
Joke's on the other hosts, since I'm editing this I get to objectively say that GX is better than DM! If any of the other hosts read this message, no you didn't! Tune in to hear us talk about our favorite characters, themes, and facts from the
Pod of Greed is here to give you a break from real life finals to talk about anime finals! Our dad is back with a special offer for the koala boy. Zane and Jaden make number go up and we clap like the trained seals we are. Remember to eat your
Hey there, duelists! It's that time of year again! This is a short announcement for our 3rd annual Cup of Greed tournament! Tune in to hear all the specifics, but for the tl;dr - It's a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament We'll be using the September 2008
Things get batshit this week as Jaden and the gang have their big season 1 boss fight against an old man in a spider tank! Also, Chazz gets horny and Atticus is more wild a character than anyone could have predicted. Watching: Episodes 47-49 of
Mr. Yuki, I don't feel so good... You'll never believe who we're dueling this week! Certainly this fun new villain hasn't been blatantly telegraphed for the last several episodes! Just don't act too surprised when you open that coffin... Watchi
The Shadow Riders plot takes another break to throw a school festival full of fun, food, and cosplay! Alexis also meets a figure from her past who's... honestly kinda boring. Nothing of consequence happens! Pod of Greed and KaibaCorp do not end
We recorded this on the day Prince Phillip's death was announced. Can you tell? Watching: Episodes 40-41 (S1 E40-41) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Argyle | Audrey | Dan | Max Edited by Dan Twitter | Discord | YouTube Support the show on Patreon! A Noise Spac
There's only one monarch I support! Tune in this week for quite possibly the most contrived set of episodes we've ever seen, but you know what? We deserve it. We've earned this. When you have to bear the emotional burden of dedicating years of
Hey there puzzlers! Welcome to yet another episode of out middle-of-the-road Phi Brain podcast! Tune in this week to hear us discuss tag team puzzles, rude boy temper tantrums, 15/10 heckin' good boy pupperinos, and becoming le jocqeuer! Watchi
When we all sat down to record this episode, we didn't realize that it would be far and away the most sexually horny episode of Pod of Greed we've yet recorded (to my knowledge), but the heart of the cards works in mysterious ways! Tune in to h
Son! Boys! Allowed! I believe this is what is referred to as a "cultural reset." The trifecta has finally arrived, and the world is better for it. We now live in a post-Ojama Trio world, and the future is looking bright! Watching: Episodes 34 &
SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO GIGA FOR DRAWING THE COVER ART FOR THIS EPISODE! PLEASE SUPPORT THEIR WORK! BUY PARADISE KILLER! Disclaimer: There was an issue with Dan's audio in this recording, and while he's perfectly audible it's a little unpleasan
Remember that feeling in high school when you got called to the principals office and the whole class was like "OOHHHH YOUrE IN TROUBLE" but then when you got there all the principal actually wanted was to give you a boring admin task to do lik
If Kaiba didn't own OSHA itself, I'd draft a formal complaint about Duel Academy. This place is a deathtrap of the highest order! At least this week we get actual, real lore for pertaining to the YGO universe! ...the yugiverse? The dueliverse?
Duelists, we have a bonus episode for you! We all woke up early on a Saturday morning to design personalized t-shirts for our $10 patrons! We've posted the audio of this momentous occasion, but if you'd like to see the full video, you can becom
Special guest Morg joins us to discuss the climactic reunion of Jaden and Chazz Princeton in the School Duel! We talk about shitty brothers, knock-off digimon, and hot old ladies. Chazz it up! Watching: Episodes 25-26 (S1 E25-26) of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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