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Melissa Guller, is a course creator, podcast coach and host of Wit and Wire. She is also the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable. In this episode we talk about 2021 podcasting projections, how to overcome rookie mistakes and how to stay focused on your own strategy when “shiny new digital and social media tools” seem to be popping up everywhere. Melissa is big on analytics and has a unique take on strategies to succeed in the ever-changing podcasting landscape.   What we learn:   2:11 Why we’re feeling optimistic about podcasting in 2021 3:19 The difference between being a teacher and a podcast host 10:19 Why you don’t have to have a huge audience to crop it from your podcast 12:35 Rookie mistakes: what does your podcast make you an expert in? 12:59 Knowing who your ideal listener is 19:29 The pressure to do more than you possibly can, even when you don’t need to 23:09 Choosing between good advice and good advice 24:35 Getting distracted by the new developments in podcasting 37:11 Why you don’t have to have your podcast perfect the first time   Want to connect with Melissa Guller? www.witandwire.com IG @WitandWire https://www.instagram.com/witandwire/ Resources and Links Mentioned:  Media Hosting with Libsyn: Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT. www.libsyn.com Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/   Credits: Production: Bright Sighted Podcasting  Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Melissa Guller Editor: Steve Kuzj  
Román Jáquez is an award-winning filmmaker and course creator. On this week’s episode, we tap into the psychology behind audience engagement, how to overcome the fear of creating your own course (or podcast); and lastly, we share the different learning styles of adults and how to employ them in your course to engage your participants.  Interested in launching your own podcast? Have a friend who's been talking about it? Help them start with the support of a podcast coach. Learn more here
This week we spotlight the biggest takeaways from four of the most-downloaded episodes of Podcast Coaching with Christine. You’ll get industry expert advice from the Senior VP at Edison Research, Melissa Kiesche, and secrets to growth from VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, Rob Walch. Next up, you’ll learn the legal issues every podcaster should know with Entertainment Lawyer at Twin Cities PBS, Maggie Armstrong. Last but not least, LaunchPodMedia co-founders, John Dinkel, and Dee Kei Waddell, teach us how to game podcasting analytics downloads to grow their productions, so you can too.  What we learn: Episode 1: Rob Walch 1:47 Why you should start a podcast “It could be someone who wants to promote their brand, someone who wants to create their brand”  There’s approximately 600 Million bloggers vs 600,000 podcasters:  that’s a 1000:1 ratio. Room to grow. 10:57 Why media hosts are important and RSS Feeds “Apple does not host any podcasts, they don't host a single media file. To get it in Apple Podcasts you have to first host your file elsewhere and have an RSS Feed”  Your “RSS Feed,” supplied by your media host, like Libsyn, is the treasure map of your content on the internet Episode 2: Melissa Kiesche  17:55 Understand your audience “If you are going to try to start a podcast you need to understand the audience you’re trying to reach: 19:19 Traditional podcast advertising  “People that are looking to grow their business through advertising. There’s a bunch of different ways to touch podcasting. The obvious way is through traditional advertising.”  Episode 5: Maggie Armstrong 14:12 How to protect your brand and when to talk to a business lawyer “If you want to make sure your brand is as protected as possible, getting a federally registered trademark is the highest level of protection.” 42:22 Publicity rights and podcasting Public figures have the right to control their own publicity..what their name is used for. If you have someone on your podcast that is a public figure it is advisable that you have a conversation, potentially in writing. Episode 9 LaunchPodMedia 7:10 Bring value to the conversation “The biggest mistake a lot of beginning podcasters make is that podcasting is contributing to a conversation and you need to bring value to the conversation that your audience wants to hear about.” 26:41 Importance of RSS Feed, keywords and SEO  “Not use the automatic RSS Feed, Google is tracking the automatic transcript generated by your show...then you can usually beat out advertisements at $16 a click. Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest:  Melissa Kiesche, Maggie Armstrong, Rob Walch, John Dinkel and Dee Kei Waddell Editor: Laura Veloso Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles
In this episode we learn how to ditch the comparison game, show up as your authentic self on Instagram and connect with your ideal client. It’s all about how you show up not how much content you produce or followers you have. Carolyn Stine, an Instagram Coach and Content Strategist, explains how to channel the right mindset for a successful business or podcast. What we learn: 2:44 How to be authentic on Instagram  3:57 Have the right mindset to follow through with your strategy 5:39 Being niche to speak to your audience  7:50 Finding your ideal client 8:41 How to combat the comparison game: Less what more how  12:40 All about the journey 15:16 People connect with people 16:46 Finding your mission  18:45 How you show up  19:10 Have a diversity of mediums...with boundaries  23:33 Women showing up as themselves 27:24 Holding a masterclass as a way to share your personal style 28:46 How to host a masterclass for free 30:41 Give it your all, no matter the size of the audience  31:25 It’s not about the masses 36:41 On the imposter syndrome, self-doubt, relatability and mindset work Want to connect with Carolyn Stine? IG @carolynbstine https://www.instagram.com/carolynbstine/ Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Carolyn Stine Editor: Laura Veloso Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles      
Jessica McKinley, a business and certified life coach and host of The What’s Happyning Podcast creates a safe space for discussion on the feelings behind starting a new podcast, when you want to give up, and how to channel negative thoughts into actions for positive growth. In this episode, we learn to give yourself permission to fail, how your circumstances do not equal your results and the benefits of separating facts from thoughts and emotions in your podcasting journey.  What we learn: 11:40 When there’s no right or wrong answer 13:55 Give yourself permission 16:24 From podcast listeners to international clients 17:08 Jessica McKinley’s podcast 18:10 Emotions in business  20:52 When podcasters want to quit 22:54 We’re creating our own stress 25:07 Our circumstances do not equal our results 27:52 Emotions aren't something that happened to you, they are something that happens when we choose a certain thought 30:01 Open conversations about women and making money 33:35 Thoughts are not true and separate facts from thoughts 38:06 Analyze the thought 38:17 Thoughts create feelings 42:34 Our brain is taking action to prove itself true 45:34 Step into awareness and write down the thought Want to connect with Jessica McKinley? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatshappyningwjess/?igshid=1p5hqvyenzsdo Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-whats-happyning-podcast/id1499375904 Website: https://www.whatshappyning.com/ Friday Feels Email: https://mailchi.mp/7cf8198ae793/whatshappyningfridayfeelsemail Jessica’s Links: https://campsite.bio/whatshappyningwjess Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Jessica McKinley Editor: Laura Veloso Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles
Stephan Spencer, host of Marketing Speak and Get Yourself Optimized shares his SEO expertise. In this episode, you’ll learn the three most common SEO mistakes podcasters are making and how to master them. Spencer breaks down the benefits of episode transcriptions, optimizing your RSS feed and utilizing the number-two search engine: YouTube.  What we learn: 5:12 What is SEO and what does that mean for podcasters? 13:40: Transcribing podcasts for each episode 14:47 Untapped opportunity digging into your analytics  26:18 Relatable and attainable testimonials  29:12 How Spencer got a $3,000 bike for free because of his podcast 33:01 Name dropping and how download numbers aren’t everything 35:16 When an interview turns into a networking opportunity 35:43 It’s not about how many know you but who you know to interview. Turn your podcast into a business 37:21 Mistakes that podcasters make with SEO: Missing out on Transcriptions 40:13 Optimizing your RSS Feed with titles  44:36 Spencer talks about the SEO tools he utilizes 48:40 Another mistake podcasters are making? Not leveraging YouTube Helpful Links: Otter AI Transcription Service: https://otter.ai/login Descript AI Transcription Service: https://www.descript.com/ Paid SEO Tools: Moz Keyword Explorer: https://moz.com/explorer Ahrefs Content Gap Tool: https://ahrefs.com/content-gap SEMrush: https://www.semrush.com/ Free Tools: Google Trends: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US Answer the Public: https://answerthepublic.com/ Asked: https://asked.com/ Also Asked: https://alsoasked.com/ Want to connect with Stephan Spencer? Stephan Spencer’s Website: https://www.stephanspencer.com/ Marketing Speak Podcast/Website: https://www.marketingspeak.com/ Get Yourself Optimized Podcast/Website: https://www.getyourselfoptimized.com/author/stephan-spencer/ Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Stephan Spencer Editor: Laura Veloso Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles
Learn how to maximize your data to increase listener engagement, how to network effectively during online conferences, and how to "level up" your sound design, in this week's episode. Host Christine O'Donnell and guest co-host Heather Chiles, recap the world’s largest podcasting conference:  Podcast Movement Virtual. For two weeks the biggest names in podcasting were involved in expert panels, networking events, and seminars.    What we learn:  1:34 How Podcast Movement turned an in-person conference into a virtual two-week production due to COVID-19  8:35 How to network at a conference remotely  “I had a few people message me and say I’d love to connect with you and network that way because it was almost like a DM saying this is what I do I would love if you would check out my podcast if you want to send me anything please feel free to as well.” 12:44 Why you should care about your podcast analytics and what to do with them.  20:25 Erica Mandy of The Newsworthy interviews Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban  24:43 Sound design and editing tips and copyright free music 29:15 Smart Passive Income's Pat Flynn marketing seminar and the importance of sharing your story on other podcasts 31:25 Pat Flynn’s advice: one: many, one: one, one: you and what that means for you and your podcast Helpful Links:  Free Radio: www.freeradio.org Composer - Kevin: www.incomptech.com Stitcher: www.partners.stitcher.com Podcast Movement: https://virtual.podcastmovement.com/ Swapcard: https://www.swapcard.com/ Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/   Want to connect with Bright Sighted Media’s Intern Heather Chiles? Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Digital Publication: www.thebeacontoday.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-chiles/   Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host and Editor: Christine O'Donnell Guest and Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles
“How do I make money with my podcast?” If you’ve typed this question into Google, this is where you get answers Founder of True Native Media, a podcast representation agency that specializes in podcast advertising, Heather Osgood reveals how podcasters book advertisers. In this episode, Osgood reveals tips to increase your downloads and other ways (besides advertisements) podcasters are turning a profit. What We Learn: 1:45: What a typical day looks like for Heather 3:00: Value of having Advertisements in Podcasts   5:00: Podcasters plugging products versus social media influencers doing so 7:00: Monetizing with smaller vs. larger advertisers 10:25: Standard amount of downloads that qualifies you to work with AD companies/Ensuring working with AD’s is a win-win situation 14:35: If you don’t have many downloads, there are other ways to monetize! Sell your own products Creating Live Events Patreon Affiliate Relationships/complementary  products 19:50: Transitioning from no AD’s on your podcast to having AD’s/soliciting 23:00: How to perform a successful AD read on your podcast 26:10: How to increase your podcast downloads in order to reach the threshold where you can start to consider dabbling with AD’s 30:00: Selling AD’s through players or even through True Native Media 33:25: How do journalists do a host read AD read without actually endorsing a product? 35:55: Advice for a Podcaster who is currently struggling Helpful Links:  Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Want to connect with Heather Osgood?  Website: https://truenativemedia.com/ Heather’s Podcast: https://truenativemedia.com/podcast-advertising-playbook/ Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Heather Osgood Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler 
Cherie Rickard is the host of Real Girl Talk, she’s an Adversity Recovery Specialist and an author. In this episode she shares tips on how to book your DREAM interview guest. She shares an outreach template and the importances of knowing how valuable you are.  What We Learn:  4:50 Focusing on the people that are for, not against you  5:56 Facebook Live to Podcast? Real Girl Talk 11:12 How an Instagram story gets people to listen to your show.  11:47 Cherie Rickard names the handful of celebrities she’s had the chance to interview for Real Girl Talk  12:26 On the time she interviewed a former Pussycat Dolls member for her show 12:50 How to level up  13:27 It’s okay to be picky 26:17 Cherie Rickard starts with Instagram and lands the interview 26:45 Create a template email, reach out and find what they want to promote. 27:38 Flexibility is key  33:55: Know your value Helpful Links:  Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ https://tunein.com/ Want to connect with Cherie Rickard? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realgirltalkpodcast/ Website: https://www.cherierickard.com/ Podcast: https://realgirltalk.libsyn.com/   Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Cherie Rickard Editor: Laura Veloso Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles    
This week’s episode features Carl Houde. Carl is the founder of The Podcast Engineer, a company that offers editing and engineering services for podcasters. Within his business, Carl relies upon his technical skills in order to work on podcasts during their post-production stages so that his clients have content that is professional and worthy of publication. Tune in to learn about how Carl's editing and engineering background helped him find his place in the podcasting field. Additionally, Carl will provide advice regarding whether it makes sense to invest in an editor or if you should take the lead in editing podcasts yourself. What We Learn:  2:20:  Carl’s Business: The Podcast Engineer 3:40: Carl’s Own Podcast: DIY Podcasting 6:05: Struggles of Being a Podcast Business Owner 8:30: Is The Podcasting World Oversaturated? 12:40: Tips on How to make one’s podcast sound good 17:05/20:35: Investing in an editor to join your team v. Editing your Podcasts Yourself 17:45 Editing Software Options 24:50: Incorporating Music into One’s Podcast 26:55 Difference between Podcast Editing and Podcast Engineering 28:05 Using Effects and How A Studio Work Helpful Links:  Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Want to connect with Carl Houde?  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepodcastengr/ Website:https://www.thepodcastengineer.com/ Carl's Podcast: https://www.thepodcastengineer.com/diy-podcasting Credits: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Carl Houde Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler 
Courtney Friel is a journalist, podcaster, author and now she has a movie in the works. This KTLA News Anchor and author of Tonight at 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News “keeps it friel” in this episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine. In this episode, she shares the raw truth about what it takes to create a book proposal, how to balance a professional career with a very personal part of yourself and strategies to handle the fear of putting yourself out there. Check out her podcast: Keepin’ It Friel: Conversations on Recovery. And, find her book on Amazon.  What We Learn: 7:15 Courtney Friel talks about how she came out about her sobriety on social media  8:22 Courtney Friel talks about how Netflix’s Ozark, Zero Gravity Management wants to make her movie. 9:24 Getting a call on her 40th birthday that a movie is in the works based upon her book. 9:41 Now is the time, during quarantine, to work on yourself and passion projects.  12:57 Talks about the changes she’s faced with her podcast, Keepin’ it Friel: Conversations on Recovery, due to studio shutdowns amidst the pandemic. 20:09 Courtney keeps it Friel on the challenges of publishing a book and the possibility of getting scammed.   25:29 Courtney Friel talks about the painstaking process of trying to work with a publisher. 36:19 On addressing addiction recovery and her support from KTLA 39:33 Courtney Friel talks about her unwanted invitation to Donald Trump’s office. 42:56 Courtney Friel gives advice to people that feel afraid to speak up about their story. CREDITS: Production: Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles Editor: Laura Veloso 
Anna Keenan is the host of the Self.Made.Sister podcast and the Regional Marketing and Philanthropic Manager at Kendra Scott. In this episode, Anna shares her launch story, her growth strategies, and her perspective on giving back, which is integrated into her work ethic. Anna emerged into podcasting after being one of Christine’s podcast coaching clients. In this episode Anna and Christine talk about working together, starting businesses and balancing "mom-life." Listen to the end for more on "Potty-Casting"  What We Learn:  2:30: Introducing Anna Keenan 6:00: How Anna ’gave birth’ to her Podcast 14:10: Achieving Success with her Podcast 15:50: Proudest Part of her Podcast 17:30: Biggest Struggles during her Podcast Journey 20:45 Marketing Strategies for Podcasting 24:00 Scheduling Time to Work on Her Podcast 32:20 Using Social Media Takeovers as Part of her Brand 34:15 Anna’s Professional Success using Pinterest 41:00 Anna Giving Back, All Inspired by her Work 49:00: The Importance of Data Review to Keep Track of one's Business Helpful Links:  Connect with Anna Kennan:  https://www.selfmadesister.com/about Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com CREDITS: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Anna Kennan Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler
Camille Finan is a business builder, professional carpenter, and host of the Remodel Your Life Podcast. In this episode, Camille Finan gives us an inside look into the world of monetizing your podcast and marketing yourself to solve real-world pain points, strategize the way you direct your audience, and improve your business. Want to learn more about all the things you can do to improve your business and make money in the trades? Listen to Camille Finan speak and teach on October 24th/25th at a free virtual summit, Build Your Craft, while getting the chance to win one of 2 $500 gift cards.  What We Learn:  13:22  - The difference between capturing your audience versus directing them towards something that solves a problem.  20:01 - Camille dives into the inspiration behind the Remodel Your Life podcast.  29:00 - Camille discovered a method of monetizing her podcast that worked best for her. 30:58 - Camille discusses her first viral sale: “How to use a spray gun for $27” and turned it into a $40,000 success.  40:23 - Camille breaks down the process of automation.   Helpful Links: Email Marketing Platform: https://convertkit.com/ Course Creation: www.teachable.com Timer application: https://www.deadlinefunnel.com/ Camille’s Podcast: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/ Camille’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Love-Story-Cabinetmakers-Designing/dp/1940716535   CREDITS: Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Steve Kuzj Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles Editor: Laura Veloso 
Steve Kuzj, A 3 Time Emmy-Award winning news reporter and professional voice over artist, shares what it takes to improve your voice for your podcast. He breaks down how to find the best place to record, techniques to improve the sound of your voice, and how to get rid of bad habits such as saying “like and “um.” Steve also talks about how to be your natural self while recording and why it’s important to review your performance. What you'll learn: 3:10: Audio Quality of Your Podcast 5:00: Audio Peaking and Clipping 8:15 : The Best Space to Record Audio 9:45: Using Your Voice Professionally and Avoiding Bad Habits 13:30: How to Sound Natural on Your Podcast 15:30: Steve Answers Your Questions 17:35: Last Thoughts from Steve Helpful Links:  Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting with Libsyn when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ Want to connect with Steve Kuzj?  Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveKuzj Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevekuzj/ Website: http://www.stevekuzj.com/ CREDITS: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell Guest: Steve Kuzj Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler 
Podcasting industry leader and monetization specialist Doug Sandler shares what to do when life gets in the way of a “perfect” podcast recording, in this week's episode. Plus we go over the top 3 struggles of podcasters today: growth, becoming a leading influencer, and monetization. Doug has more than 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur and leader. his book, nice guys finish first is a #1 ranked Amazon best-seller.  and he’s the host of  The Nice Guys on Business podcast,   What you’ll learn:  1:00 – Podcast Saturation, Advice to New Podcasters, Making Money 7:47 – A week in the Life of Doug’s podcasting business  12:47 – Doug’s Podcasting Journey 21:23 – Most do most podcasters struggle with today? 22:40 – How to grow a community 30:53 – How to make people see you as an expert 42:43 – What to do when life gets in the way of a “perfect” podcast recording Links from this episode:  Doug’s Free Gift: turnkeypodcast.com/toolkit 1 Month+ FREE Libsyn Media Hosting when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Instagram: @TheChristineOD   Editing by: Laura Veloso
Laura Cathcart Robbins talks about her “big break” into the podcasting world. She shares how she “got published,” her secrets to pitching, how she handles rejection and how her first paid speaking gig.  Laura is a writer, recovery thriver and survivor. She’s also the host of the popular podcast: The Only One In The Room! Which is a podcast for anyone who has ever felt alone in a room full of people. She shares vulnerable accounts from people who are eager to connect.   1:45: USPS, Elections, COVID-19 stresses; General check-In  “There is great inquiry right now, and the people who were, you know, either borderline or struggling in a normal year, are really having a difficult time right now.” 4:00: Christine gave birth to her new baby!!!! “I had a kid in quarantine!” 4:45: How Laura started her podcast “Across the board, all of these people identified with that feeling of what it feels like to be the only one in the room. And, so the idea of this podcast came out of that.”  12:45: Laura’s thought about the progress of her podcast’s success “Since he built that studio, our downloads had tripled because we started producing more content as well”  “We’re not at the number of downloads that we’d like to see weekly to attract the caliber of advertisers that we would like to attract...but someone who launched a year a change ago, yeah, we’re rocking right now”    17:00: Monetizing in Podcasting “And I was riveted by how many of them entered into podcasting with a step-by-step plan to make money by the end of the first year {...} which was exactly the opposite of the way that I entered into podcasting”   20:00: Booking speaker gigs “If you’re fortunate enough to get a gig without pitching yourself, to just post, you know, as you can” 23:30: Public Speaking “I pitch everything. Any time there’s an opportunity, I pitch myself for it.”  26:30: First time Laura has an article published “Friday, I sent it to Jessica, Saturday I rewrote, Sunday I pitched it out, and Monday,  it went live at HuffPost” 31:45: Struggles in Laura’s Podcasting Journey” “The biggest demographic of people who listen to podcasts are white men, and mainly they listen to other white men and I find that to be, at slivers of time, discouraging” 33:50: Dream Guest and Podcast Networking There are so many people I would love to interview." 35:30: Laura’s Tips for New Podcasters “So the newsletter I think is important, the website is very important, the Facebook group” LINKS:  Libsyn: Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ CREDITS: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell  Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler  Laura’s Website: https://theonlyonepod.com
Denise Aquino and Patricia Destine launched their podcast, Rowing in Color, in March. Shortly after, their downloads exploded. Now they are sharing how they’re dealing with the newly found success, how their brand is sparking dialogue on the important issue of race in the rowing world, and they reveal the strategies they are using to collaborate with other communities to continue to grow their podcast and make a real impact on people’s lives.   Time Codes 2:00 - History of Rowing as mostly a White sport “A lot of white folks within the sports are having this awakening [...] wait there is something missing here.”   10:00 - Downloads blowing up in their first week!  “I remember there were a few days I had to charge my phone 3 or 4 times that day cause I was corresponding with so many people at the same time.”   17:00 - Planning their podcast before officially launching it “We threw around the idea for maybe a year [...] before putting it into action."   21:30 - Advice to people who want to get their voice heard via podcasting “Don’t veer off course or change the way you set up your podcast because the conversation is not a trend."   28:00 - The struggles involved in being a podcaster  “They (the audience) cannot see your face, they cannot see your body language, they just hear your tone [...] and that quickly can just be a turn on or turn off for them listening.”   31:00 - Webinars and Community Aspect of podcasting “We connect people who have felt alone within the sensitivity, within the sport of rowing where there are so many blind spots.” “[We] give folks not just a voice but also a safe space and a sense of community.”   38:00 - The Learning Curve within Podcasting “The biggest thing is that [...] this is not about me per se. This is about this person telling their story.”   44:00 - Advice/takeaways for podcasters “Your audience will always be there as long as they sense this drive of (you know) this person really cares about this topic.”   LINKS:  Rowing In Color's FREE Resources: http://www.rowingincolor.com/christine/ Libsyn: Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting when you use the code: BRIGHT.  Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ CREDITS: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell  Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler   
JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist, Podcast Coach, and the host of several podcasts including People’s Choice Awards nominee Spirit, Purpose & Energy.  In this episode, we dive into how to make your podcast your number one way to find new customers, the importance of REALLY getting to know your audience (customer) over time and how you should focus on making an impact in your audiences lives...before you even think about selling them a product. TIME CODES/SHOW NOTES:  5:00: JJ’s story and getting into the podcast world and “Fit 2 Love”  “You don’t know by Movement Monday  that I’m an expert in Biomechanics and Anatomy” 8:15: Beta Test Group (made up of friends and clients) where she made ‘a few audios’  “And to date, that is my number one lead generation and giveaway to get people into my ecosystem” 11:00: (Podcast as) “Your Zone of Genius” “Because since it’s such an intimate medium, people are listening in their ears […] it becomes a relationship” 15:00-Confidence and Comfort being herself on the podcast   “I knew that I wanted to be me. I just had to find the value in what me meant.” 23:00- Positive/Negative reviews from listeners “You’re unstoppable for the people who are right for you”  26:00 Archiving “I needed to archive my information … Creating content that would be used over, and over, and over again” 29:30- Relying on information for her from her clients to create and build her podcast as a business  “I know make courses based on what they tell me they need” 35:00-  Monetizing and strategy “Sometimes it’s about finding the right message, finding the right brand, finding the right offers” 38:00- Podcast as a “product” “You’re not standing at a booth selling a product … you’re building a relationship” 41:00- Podcast Membership and Podcast Sales “Do not start a membership until you have a high level of engagement” “You don’t want to be making up what you think your people need”  Helpful Links: JJ's Podcasts: http://jjflizanes.com/podcasts/ 30 Day Manifestation Challenge: https://jj-flizanes.mykajabi.com/30-day-manifestation-challenge Work with JJ: https://jj-flizanes.mykajabi.com/work-with-jj   Libsyn: Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting when you use the code: BRIGHT. https://libsyn.com Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https://brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/ CREDITS: Production:  Bright Sighted Host: Christine O'Donnell  Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler   
Elsie Escobar has been podcasting for more than 13 years. She's an inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame and is a leading woman in the podcast space advocating for independent podcasters.  She’s a rockstar podcast producer & co-host of two shows about podcasting:  The Feed - The Official Libsyn Podcast and She Podcasts, the podcast for women about podcasting and new media from the woman's point of view which has the largest woman only Facebook Group for women podcasters.    Timecodes: 10:13 caring for “your podcast baby” 20:32 Elsie's powerful statement 21:33 Elsie's challenging times in her life around the election and finding the right coach for her. 23:42 “Nobody was going to give me the power, the control, I had to take it. “ 25:28 “having the courage to tell the world how you want them to talk about you.” 2933 an exercise in owning your expertise. It's such a challenge 30:32 “be really honest about your capacity as an expert and your ability to deliver that truth to the world.” 31:45 “If you can't live up to [the label you want] right now, chill, wait, grow into it!” 35:35 “When I'm [speaking up], I'm doing this for them, because they may not have access to the room, to the conversation to the....and if I diminish myself, I"m actually affecting all of them… That keeps me from feeling selfish.” 41:52 “I wrote stuff, but I never said it using my voice. There’s a difference in saying it.“   Helpful Links: Elsie’s Website: http://elsieescobar.com/ She Podcasts: https://www.shepodcasts.com/ Libsyn: Sign up on the 2nd of the Month for 1 Month+ FREE Media Hosting  when you use the code: BRIGHT :https://libsyn.com   Streamyard: Create Professional Live Streams: https://streamyard.com/ Produce your show with Bright Sighted Podcasting: https:// brightsighted.com Follow Christine on Instagram: @TheChristineOD: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/
Amplifying amazing black podcasts that taught me something. I highly recommend the following podcasts/ episodes.  1619: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/23/podcasts/1619-podcast.html The Nicole Walters Podcast - Season 2, Episode: “Fight or Flight”: https://nicolewalters.com/fight-or-flight/ Code Switch - Episode: “A decade of watching black people die”: https://www.npr.org/2020/05/29/865261916/a-decade-of-watching-black-people-die Pod Save The People with Deray -Episode “Keep the Fight”: https://crooked.com/podcast/keep-the-fight-with-justine-barron-and-amelia-mcdonell-parry/ There’s more I look forward to listening to and learning from in the weeks to come. Please share your suggestions and takeaways with me in my inbox podcastcoachchristine@gmail.com.  Thank you for being here.  Now,  I hope you listen, learn, and act!  One of the best ways to act is to donate:  Here are the number of organizations you can donate to and learn from. Advocate for Policy to end police violence fully joincampaignzero.org Act for George Floyd https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2020/05/29/george-floyd-death-donations-resources-justice-petitions/5282539002/ Fight for Breonna Taylor Fightforbreonna.org Sign for Tony McDade https://www.change.org/p/black-lives-matter-activists-justice-for-tony-mcdade Volunteer as a Legal Observer https://www.nlg.org/legalobservers/ MORE RESOURCES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AIj0xvLAlelj1p2zwazRNNwQFMkKSlum-sgI1bce8aY/edit Please take a look and if you’re able, donate. If you’re not able, take a moment to listen, learn and perhaps find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation whether that’s with yourself or with a person of color...because it’s in that discomfort where we all grow.  And that is something positive we can all cling to. 
Annabelle Desisto is the host of comedy podcast: Adderall and Compliments. She’s been featured in Forbes; has millions of downloads and is now a career podcaster.  She’s been producing episodes for more than 4 years and was an original member of the Dear Media Network  While her podcast focuses on rehashing shows on Bravo and E!, she also openly discusses mental health issues and the importance of getting help.  In this week’s episode, she reveals that she had her microphone for a year before she overcame her fears and recorded her episode — she explains how growing a community on Facebook led to her podcast growth and the roles Chrissy Teigen and Joan Rivers actively played in her journey!  Takeaways:  “Don't change your personality to be someone you think people will like. Don't play to the masses:  How going on medication saved and changed Annabelle’s life.  Performing in Live Shows Her podcast started as a way for her to treat her depression.  “I don't think there will ever  be a podcast I'm not self-conscious about.” What Annabelle says to herself when she gets hateful reviews How Annabelle got into standup Discovered by Chelsea Lately producer “All of my stuff that's been the most successful I never imagined happening.”  She helped co-host of Call her Daddy podcast get started Links Mentioned:  Listen to Annabelle’s Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/adderall-and-compliments/id1131997041 A&C Kitten’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1315269008528683 Christine's Website: https://christine-odonnell.com/  
“Why Do I Care?” That’s the question my Managing Editor asked me during the morning meeting on Day 1 of my first on-air reporting job in Augusta, Georgia.  It sounds harsh, right?  It felt harsh at the time.  I remember feeling a white-hot flash of rage fill my body as I prepared to defend myself for a battle. That feeling of rage quickly changed to embarrassment as I realized I didn’t have a good answer to her question.  Why would a single, smart, sharp woman in Augusta, Georgia care about the story I was pitching? Would she watch that story when it aired on the news?  For the life of me I can’t remember what story I was pitching, but it dawned on me during that morning meeting that my pitch was not worthy of my Managing Editor's attention…  And that was my first lesson in working to really understand my audience as a TV journalist.  And that’s a lesson I’m hoping to teach you.  LAUNCH Successfully → 15 Step Podcast Launch Checklist CLICK → Get A Shout Out!  Christine's Website: https://christine-odonnell.com/  
Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective, Podcaster, and Castbox.fm Marketer walks us through how to get your podcast featured on listening Apps. She shares how she’s already got sponsors for her new podcast without proof of listenership and walks us through a day in her life.  LAUNCH Succesfully → 15 Step Podcast Launch Checklist CLICK → Get A Shout Out!  TAKEAWAYS: What makes a good podcast: Insights from a super listener Content varies season by season Orient your listener Authenticity and transparency How Arielle’s Idea For A Podcast Collective Came To Be Why you shouldn’t go overboard with self-promotion on social media How to reach out to podcast app platforms to get your podcast featured How to overcome that feeling of being “intimidated” to reach out to others Creative ways to turn “Press Releases” in your inbox into sponsorship opportunities Arielle’s workflow to accomplish her newsletter and podcasting responsibilities Christine's Website: https://christine-odonnell.com/
For #GivingTuesdayPodcasts and to help those affected by COVID-19; I am sending love by sharing some podcasts you should be listening too. Click the following link for more on how you can give back: https://bit.ly/3fHo3jq Fool Me Twice: https://www.foolmetwicepod.com/ Self Made Sister: https://www.selfmadesister.com/ Remodel Your Life: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/ Have any recommendations for me? Did you enjoy these podcasts? Shoot me an email at: podcastcoachchristine@gmail.com  
Jules Hannaford is an author, independent podcaster and Webby Award nominee for Fool Me Twice. In this episode, she reveals the writing techniques that have her competing with the "big dogs" from Netflix and Luminary. Listen in for more on her writing strategies, transitions, and podcast structure.  Click to Download Jules' Sponsorship Package Template Fool Me Twice Website: https://www.foolmetwicepod.com/ https://www.PodcastCoachingWithChristine.com Please fill out THIS SURVEY so we can keep providing you value.       
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