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Make An Accessible Podcast With The Right Equipment & Environment

Released Wednesday, 21st August 2019
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Equipment and the environment where those tools are deployed have massive implications on your ability to make that podcast episode accessible.
Accessibility improves your podcast’s listen-ability for everyone. And that’s the goal, right?
It starts with the right equipment, like microphones and DAWs. But talking about equipment without also understanding the environment where that equipment will be used is a fool’s errand. You’ll waste money. Or you’ll keep using the same free or cheap stuff you have access to. 
Neither of those bad decisions will help you make more accessible audio content.
What I am advising is that you use equipment designed for the task at hand. Equipment specifically designed to produce podcast episodes instead of capturing the sounds of a band in a garage. 
Choosing Equipment dedicated to and designed for the job at hand is always the best choice. 
Once you have the right environment and the right equipment for the show you’re making, you have the best chance at making accessible audio that anyone can hear. 
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Tomorrow I’ll get even more specific, now that I’ve laid the groundwork. Yes, I’ll talk about some plugins and processes you can actually put in play to your podcast production right away.
Speaking of accessibility, here’s where you can find a re-written in-depth article based on the audio of the episode: https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/make-an-… (https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/make-an-…)
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