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On today’s episode of UBARadio, we are pleased to announce our first giveaway of the year! Answer our Question of the Week on a voicemail and you could win a prize valued at up to $50.
#QuestionoftheWeek : What is the long term impact that you think cultural appropriation and exploitation will have on the Black Community if we continue to let it happen?

Deadline to participate: Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Step 1: Go to http://unitedblackamerica.org/call

Step 2: State your name and where you are calling from then answer the question

Step 3: Listen to the next episode to see if you won!

Here is what we build on in this episode! :

image  How racists use ‘dog whistles’ to speak to white supremacy without letting you know

image  How Nike has appropriated Marcus Garvey’s name and the RBG banner to sell ‘Black History’ shoes

image  Why I believe the H&M controversy is fake outrage

image  Why anthropomorphism is the WRONG way to look at African “deities”

image  ….and why the future of ‘Black Consciousness’ is ‘Collective Consciousness!”

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Saturday, January 27th 2018