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Hey y'all, More audio from the recent past that feels like the distant past! We have arrived, at long last, at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There's Pride! There's Prejudice! There are, you guessed it, people who eat brains!  Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all,   More audio from the recent past that feels like the distant past! We have arrived, at long last, at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There's Pride! There's Prejudice! There are, you guessed it, people who eat brains!    Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all,   We're back, for real this time! Time-travel with us to January, when we recorded this episode with friend-of-the-show and costume expert Emma Fraser, who, by virtue of her whole lived life, is actually qualified to weigh in on the quality of Renee Zellweger's accent. It's a gem. Next up: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies & Matt Smith Jumping Really High When He Dances. Next episode coming at you fast, since we're playing catch-up.   Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all, Here's part three of our Bridget Jones's Diary extravaganza! At the end of this episode, you'll hear us say that our next episode is Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but SIKE it's actually a BJD costumes episode. After that, though! Zombies! They're coming to get you, Barbara!  Many thanks to the great Caroline Siede, our guest for this episode. We think it's one of our best, and that's no coincidence—it's because Caroline is very, very good at her job.   You can read her excellent column on BJD, the first in her series When Romance Met Comedy, over at The A.V. Club. 
Hey y'all,   Here's part two of our Bridget Jones's Diary extravaganza, The One In Which We Talk About Emergency Fuck Protocols. This is a good movie! We liked talking about it so much that there are two more proper episodes still to come, plus a bonus episode; it is many thousands of words and only about a quarter of them are "fuck."  We hope you had a wonderful holiday/December, and that you're being kind to yourselves and using proper breath support whilst belting in your living rooms.    Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all, Happy Holidays to those who celebrate and a Very Merry Almost 2021 to those who don't! Enclosed within is our gift to you, in a matter of speaking: The first of four (five, for Patreon members!) episodes on the rom-com classic, Bridget Jones's Diary. Listen on for our thoughts on patriarchal bullshit, the devious hotness of asshole Hugh Grant, and paddle-pools.  This podcast, and thus all of you, have been such a huge and wonderful part of a shitty year. Thanks for listening. We hope you're well and safe, and so are those you love. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Ugggggggggggggggh, this is not a good movie. It's not even really a Pride and Prejudice adaptation. But we had a great time talking about it all the same, especially because we were joined by a dear old friend—the goddess, the legend, the reality television almuna, Elise Mayfield. Elise's audio cut out in the last few minutes, but she had just made a joke so good that we couldn't excise that section entirely — you'll know when you get to that point. Elise is the Development Manager of Birmingham's Red Mountain Theatre Company, and she's also the co-host of Terrific New Theatre's interview series Who's Zoomin' In? You can follow her on Instagram; she is the fuckin' best, and yes, her hand pies are good. Back next week! Happy holidays! Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine 
Hey y'all, Well, something had to follow our beloved BBCPPAE, so it may as well be the 1940 Pride & Prejudice Laurence Olivier/Greer Garson-starring adaptation, a.k.a. the one with the snack sleeves. Listen on for our thoughts on leftover Gone With the Wind costumes, Aldous Huxley, and sexy sexy archery. Next week is the 2018 Hallmark "adaptation," Christmas At Pemberley Manor. It's not good!  Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, It's the end of the road (for now, at least) for the 1995 BBC/A&E miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and we have thoughts. Consider this our farewell to Colin's calves (also for now—those calves are forever).  Next week, it's Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson's turn!  Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Please read these notes! You will need them!  As you'll hear, this episode comes with a visual aid. You can find Keenan's PowerPoint here. You can see a picture of a bourdaloue here. As for our amazing guests, you can find them on Twitter here and here.  Two other quick notes: First, you'll notice some weird audio things here. We had some tech issues but the episode was just too good to scrap over weird sound stuff, so please bear with us. We think you'll agree it's worth it. And second, since we recorded, Syfy Fangrrls, one of Emma's most frequent outlets, has sadly shuttered. (Media is dying, please buy a freelance journalist a donut today!) But you can still find her work, and the work of the other incredible writers who worked for that publication, elsewhere. Next time, we wrap up the miniseries as a whole. Thanks for listening! Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Are the shades of our podcast to be thus polluted? We reach the end of PPBBCAEnemesis, as it is properly known, and get in a few last dunks on poor Lydia. But never fear, this is not the end of our miniseries chat—two more episodes, and then we move on to the Laurence Olivier/Greer Garson film adaptation. Have a SAFE, EXTREMELY SAFE holiday. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all, Fuckin' Lydia. (Also, please go ahead and ignore all that chat about our 100th episode; as you'll already have gathered, we cannot count.) Thanks to special guest Jennlander Drunklynn for joining us! Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine
Hey y'all, Please read this, if you have a minute.  Our next episode was meant to be our take on the fifth A&E/BBC PP as adapted by Emma Thompson's nemesis. As you'll hear, things had to shift a bit. Don't worry! That's coming this week! But for now, here's our 100th episode. We recorded this Friday night the week of the election, and as you may recall, that week was a weird one, and we were all a little sleep-deprived and emotional. So this episode may not be quite as funny as you might expect, but frankly we all got swept away by how much doing this show has meant to us, not least because it gave us the chance to connect with so many of you. So forgive us our weepiness. We also, as is our way, prepared inadequately. (It's our brand, y'all.) As such, there are absolutely some people we forgot to thank. So please just know, from the bottom of our hearts, how much we appreciate all of you and the roles you've played in our lives, especially over the last year. Thank you to every person who ever guested on the pod, everyone who's ever donated or sent us a kind note or silly gift, who's come to a live show or told a friend or (and this is the big one) reached out when we were being idiots. It has meant, and means, so much.   Here's to another 100.    Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Friend of the show Keenan joins us to talk about the fourth episode of the BBC/A&E adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Without further adieu, please enjoy some wet-ass Darcy.  Take care of yourselves, dear ones. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Keenan)
Hey y'all, Friend of the show Scottie joins us to talk about the third episode of the BBC/A&E adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Our feelings cannot be repressed, we must tell you how ardently we admire and love having her on the show. Take care of yourselves, dear ones. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Scottie)
Hey y'all, Janine met Mr. Collins and we could not be more delighted. He's also got some shopping to do.  A few quick programming notes for our dear patrons: First, we're trying something new and doing a little Drunkcast lunch break every Friday at 1pm CST. Come hang out and say a quick hello! Second, we're going to keep doing our live watchalongs, so if you want to watch P&P episode 3 with us (a.k.a. MY FEELINGS WILL NOT BE REPRESSED), we're doing that at noon CST on Sunday. And third, uh, we're on TikTok now? Lots of love, and please vote and wear a mask and stuff, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Get ready to hear Allison tell stories you just heard a week ago because her memory is garbage and these episodes were recorded months apart! We get into the first episode of A&E/BBC's Pride and Prejudice miniseries and—spoiler alert—spend a lot of time talking about how hot Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are.    Programming note: We're recording our episodes on Sundays and doing a live watchalong first, so if ever you want to join us as we watch, we'll post a Crowdcast link on Patreon every Sunday. (Just imagine getting to watch Janine's face as Mr. Collins does his thing.) Lots of love to you and your elevenses, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, This episode was recorded near the end of July (and then life happened, you know how it is) so it is most definitely an artifact of the way, way back times of before October.  And not to overhype it, but Julie and I (this is Allison, by the way) both think this episode includes one of the best jokes we've ever made on the show, and spoiler, neither of us made said joke. Anyway, we hope it's even half as fun for you as it was for us. More to come soon. Lots of love, Allison (and Julie and Janine)
Hey y'all,   This week, Julie took a nap and Janine did some space stuff while Allison and special guest Jenna Pulkowski talked book shit for Outlander's fifth season. Should go without saying, but do not listen to this episode if you have not read the books and want to remain unspoiled!   Please join us for our season five dice-rollin' awards-givin' wrap-up spectacular, live on Sunday 5/24 at 1 p.m. CST. This event is open to all listeners, not just patrons, so feel free to "bring" a friend (or a "friend," no judgments.) Link here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/live-s5-party   Last, a brief CONTENT WARNING: there's a brief discussion of sexual abuse and sexual violence from roughly 42:30 to 44:10.   Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Jenna!)
Hey y'all,   Woof, here we go. Early in the episode, you'll hear Allison talk about a safe jump-ahead point for anyone who might want to avoid our discussion of the sexual violence in "Never My Love." You can listen safely until the five-minute mark and then skip ahead if you want to avoid all prolonged discussion of the first half of the episode. If you jump to 33:50, you'll hit the section where we talk about the dissociative episodes (the "Never My Love" stuff); if you jump to 49:52, you'll skip to the battle in the woods and Claire's recovery. Any mentions past that point are fleeting, though we do discuss her recovery at length. You should also stop reading these show-notes now, we love you, you look super nice today, love that top, your hair is so shiny, you're doing great, we'll see you next week.   For the rest of you: There's a lengthy discussion in this episode about the show's history of sexual violence, and we wanted to mention that our list is depressingly and distressingly incomplete. The fact that it's difficult to remember every instance of sexual violence in this show is, frankly, bonkers. But we forgot Fergus in season two. We forgot Weeian in season three. We forgot Jamie in season three (biting or no biting, Geneva Dunsaney extorts sex from Jamie, so that's another one.) And sadly, we're pretty sure there are others. That's messed up. Our feelings about that are really complicated, so just know that if yours are too, you're not alone—and whether or not these stories are well-handled is a separate issue from when, why, and how often they're addressed. Anyway, however you feel about it, your feelings are valid.    Anyway, your hair is also shiny and your shirt is also super cute and you are wonderful just in general, we love you, and we'll be back next week for some season-overview chat. And here's the Brian Dennehy song we referenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqrtoFWglMY&feature=youtu.be.   Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine  
Hey y'all, This week friend of the show Ruth "I wrote a fuckin' amazing limerick about Murtagh in five minutes" McCormack joins Allison and Janine to talk about the Hot Pess episode to end all Hot Pess episodes (Hot Pessisodes?), Diana Gabaldon's "Journeycake." Come for the bad time traveling, stay for the SPERRRRRMS. Patreon friends — Look for another inthebooooooks on Crowdcast later this week. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Ruth!)
Hey y'all,   This is a bit of a weird one—some audio issues, some cat issues, some "Allison can't stop harping about book stuff" issues—but we think you'll like it as much as some folks like second breakfast.  Also, Patreon backers can look for an intheboooooooks Crowdcast - exact time TBD but it'll be Saturday.   Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all,   We feel compelled to warn you that Julie had a weird fan thing going on with her computer (overheating, or maybe too much friction) so the audio got a little out of hand. But that doesn't matter, because we wrapped our fingers around the opportunities throbbing through this episode and gently squeezed. Enjoy.   Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, We had some technical difficulties and thus ran short on time but still managed to have a lot to say about the return of John Bell and his sick new threads, Richard Rankin's astounding performance, and whether or not it's a good idea to assume your audience is stupid. (Spoiler: it's not!) Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn't, but there's no denying that "Famous Last Words" is ambitious in a way few episodes of this series have been, and that is an undeniable Good Thing. So here are our very mixed thoughts about it. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
Hey y'all, Back in February, when the world was, ah, super different, we headed to our favorite local bar, The Oasis, for a ridiculous live show. (For context, it was the week after the premiere.) We won't spoil it for you but suffice it to say it was quite an adventure and we had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially thanks to Michelle and the lovely people of The Oasis, who are always the best whether we've got microphones with us or not. (And they are not responsible for the obnoxious ringing sound you hear from time to time, that's on us—sorry about that.) To that end, if you've got a couple extra bucks and have ever had a pint from the O, you can support its terrific staff here. We'll be back to talking about what's actually happening in the show next week. For now, stay safe, pour yourself a nice drink, and enjoy. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine
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