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Think most podcasts are downloaded before playing? Think again
Visit https://podnews.net/update/downloads-vs-streams for all the links, and to subscribe. Only 14% of podcast listens on Apple Podcasts are downloads, according to new data from Simplecast: the rest are streams. In comparison, on Overcast 87% of podcasts are downloaded first. "Podcasts apps ought to default their audio delivery to streaming", says the company. The Podcast Editors Community have revealed the results of a survey into the industry. The average charge for producing an hour-long podcast was around US$105; and the best thing to increase your price as an editor is to be effective on social media, and to go to events - but not too many. The full survey results can be found when signing up to more information about the Podcast Editors Conference; or you can watch the full webinar. A new podcast app, Podcast9, has launched, built to "help listeners who want to learn effectively from the podcasts they hear": the product has some smart ideas including automated transcripts and shareable playlists. The founders say that they've suspended more development until 2020, though. It's iOS only. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$19Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Stats — Free WordPress Site & Pro Podcast Stats with Every Blubrry Podcast Hosting account. 30 days free Promo code blubrry005 Or use your own WordPress site and PowerPress Plugin to Post - Upload - Publish from your own Site! Includes Phone and Email Support.Sign up for a free podcast summit by women! — Register for the Get Your Podcast Started Virtual Summit Sept 21-23. Enter a draw to win over $300 to use towards your podcast!After criticism, Pocket Casts has reversed an earlier decision and will give lifetime access to their web app to people that had previously bought lifetime access to their web app. It was originally offered as a one-off payment of $9 - in a changed business model earlier this week, users were offered three years of Pocket Casts Plus instead, but will now get access for life. Podcasts on Megaphone were unavailable for three hours yesterday morning (US time), after what the company called an unusual surge of traffic. Everything's fine now. InsideRadio reports on the positive effect that joining iHeartRadio had on Disgraceland in terms of downloads. (For noting: InsideRadio is owned by iHeartMedia). Luminary have unveiled their Fall podcast lineup, including six new podcasts. Headliner is a great way of sharing audio clips of your favourite podcasts; and we've added a Headliner button on our podcast pages (like The Feed) to make it even easier. Search for your own podcast, and look for the 'H' icon! Thank you for helping us reach over 10,000 subscribers. Here's to the next ten thousand! Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Mysterious Circumstances is a detailed and well researched investigative podcast that dives deep into all things unsolved including true crime, mysteries, conspiracies, and paranormal activity. Tune in to get your fix of mysteries. They’re using Spreaker Prime to earn money and cut their hosting costs. Dropping In launches on Monday: a podcast from Omega Institute. On each episode longtime public radio journalist Karen Michel drops in on classes and conducts intimate interviews with the great thinkers, creative talent, and social visionaries who teach there. (Transistor) Sports podcasts are almost as popular as true crime podcasts. So... what would happen if you managed to produce... both? Sports Criminals highlights professional athletes who thought they could get away with anything, including blackmail, theft, prostitution and even murder. The first few episodes focus on Oscar Pistorius. (Parcast / Megaphone) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Acast, Podcorn, Libsyn, Himalaya, Spotify for Podcasters, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Entale, Global Story Network, Knit, Flick, Evergreen Podcasts, Luminary, Simplecast, Megaphone, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, Xperi, All In Media, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Podfront, Somethin'Else, PODSquad, Lemonada Media, Synth, Rebel Base Media, Pacific Content, The Roost, The Venn, Podcast Design Studio, audioBoom, Podcast Ad Report, Podcast Websites, RockWater Industries, Dante32, Should This Exist, NPR, Podcast Success Academy, Heartcast Media50, myTuner, TeePublic, Captivate, radio.com, Bababam, Poductivity, Whooshkaa, iHeartRadio, Podcast Guests, podcast.co, Headliner, Castbox, Audioburst, Auxbus, EverythingWithPodcasting, Oxford Road, Benztown, SpliceCast, Ad Results Media, Gimlet, Sonic Influencer Marketing, nlogic, Podcast Partnership, Trebble, Weird Tales Radio Show, Content10x, DAX, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, Media Masters, Auscast Network, Alitu, StatsRadio, Creative Zombie Studios, StreamGuys, Alternate Thursdays, echowave.io, Podiant, Chartable, She Podcasts, Stakhanov, Jim Harold Media LLC, Cleanfeed, autopo.st, Veritone One, Messy, Horse Radio Network, Lower Street, TopPodcast.com, Adopter Media, Podknife, The Podcast Exchange, Podbean, Podcast Movement, BG AD Group, Midroll, ART19, Pippa, Revolver Podcasts, Sonix, Stitcher, Resonate Recordings, The Talent Squad, School of Podcasting, Cadence13, Podigy, Wondery, Blubrry, Margarita Noriega, adswizz, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Triton Digital, Audience Insights Inc, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Love Sport Radio, Edison Research, Richard Dally, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us
Descript’s Podcast Studio launches: we try it out
Visit https://podnews.net/update/descript-tryout for all the links, and to subscribe. Descript has released Podcast Studio, a podcast editor that works like a word processor. It's free for the first three hours of transcription - and today's episode of Podnews's podcast is edited using it: see me trying it out for the first time on YouTube. (Opinion: it's astonishing). Descript has also launched Overdub, a way for you to "correct your voice recordings by typing", using artificial intelligence to reconstruct your voice. It's worth giving the demo a go. It's a carefully-designed tool that only works on your own voice, not other people's - so you can't use it for deepfakes of the US President saying ludicrous things, for example. Infinite Dial South Africa was released yesterday, covering "major metro commercial population" in the country. Just 10% of metro South Africans listen to podcasts per month (33% of US; 22% of Australia). Breaker, a social podcast app, is now available for Android users in beta. It will import your subscriptions from other podcast apps, and is free. Here it is on Android, and on iOS. Listen to Podnews in Breaker. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$19Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Stats — Free WordPress Site & Pro Podcast Stats with Every Blubrry Podcast Hosting account. 30 days free Promo code blubrry005 Or use your own WordPress site and PowerPress Plugin to Post - Upload - Publish from your own Site! Includes Phone and Email Support.InBox has returned with Season 2! — Audioboom Original podcast Inbox challenges guests to offer up access to their digital correspondence and allow their personal lives to be mined for comedy gold. Each week, hosts Nicole Drespel (Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer) and Matt Stroup (Emmy Award-winning sports TV writer) look over the shoulders of comedians, performers, actors and anyone willing to explore all the buried treasure of embarrassment their inbox has just waiting to be discovered!Wisebuddah and Acast have announced the winner of the UK’s first ever podcast talent competition, LaunchPod. Surer and Saredo Mohamed, from On Things We Left Behind, will now have an entire series professionally produced, launched and marketed. What's the best microphone for podcasting? 1,372 podcasters have contributed to this WhatPods survey - the one we use is #7. PodcastGuests is celebrating over 15,000 users. The service launched three years ago and connects podcasters with expert guests for their shows. Maggie McGuire, the CEO of Pinna, an ad-free children's audio network, talks to Podcast Movement. They advertise themselves, though: "We’re running advertising across audio networks including Spotify, Pandora, and NPR, and across podcast networks like Megaphone and Midroll." Amy Eason, a podcast producer at CNN, describes how they use 'audiograms' - short visual clips of podcasts - on social media. Podcast Revenue Podcasts are great for advertising because people trust the voices they hear, says Sophie Harding in Mediatel. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Gone Cold is a true crime show that explores unsolved homicides and missing persons cases throughout the state of Texas, aiming to provide the victims and their families with a voice. They’re using Spreaker Prime to earn money and cut their hosting costs. Morning Brew, a popular daily newsletter, has launched its first podcast, Business Casual. It's a new weekly show, hosted by business editor Kinsey Grant, starting next week: Morning Brew itself claims 1.5m readers (and we were getting excited about hitting 10,000). (ART19) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Podcorn, Acast, Spotify for Podcasters, Evergreen Podcasts, Flick, Knit, Simplecast, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Megaphone, Luminary, Global Story Network, Entale, Libsyn, Himalaya, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, All In Media, Xperi, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Somethin'Else, Podfront, podcast.co, Synth, iHeartRadio, The Roost, TeePublic, NPR, Podcast Success Academy, Whooshkaa, Should This Exist, The Venn, Heartcast Media50, audioBoom, Lemonada Media, Captivate, Podcast Ad Report, Podcast Guests, PODSquad, radio.com, Bababam, Pacific Content, Podcast Design Studio, Rebel Base Media, Podcast Websites, Poductivity, RockWater Industries, Headliner, Dante32, myTuner, Audioburst, Castbox, EverythingWithPodcasting, Auscast Network, Content10x, Benztown, DAX, SpliceCast, Chartable, Podiant, Media Masters, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, Ad Results Media, StreamGuys, Auxbus, Gimlet, Trebble, Podcast Partnership, Oxford Road, Alitu, Sonic Influencer Marketing, nlogic, Alternate Thursdays, StatsRadio, echowave.io, Weird Tales Radio Show, Creative Zombie Studios, She Podcasts, Messy, Adopter Media, Podcast Movement, Podknife, Stitcher, Podigy, Stakhanov, Cadence13, The Podcast Exchange, School of Podcasting, Horse Radio Network, The Talent Squad, BG AD Group, Wondery, autopo.st, Jim Harold Media LLC, ART19, Veritone One, adswizz, Margarita Noriega, Revolver Podcasts, Blubrry, Sonix, Midroll, Podbean, Lower Street, TopPodcast.com, Resonate Recordings, Pippa, Cleanfeed, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Love Sport Radio, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Edison Research, Audience Insights Inc, Richard Dally, Triton Digital, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us
The Pocket Casts podcast app is now free
Visit https://podnews.net/update/pocket-casts-free for all the links, and to subscribe. Pocket Casts, a popular podcast app, is now free on Android and iOS. The company has also launched a way of playing your own files within the app, and has launched Pocket Casts Plus, an optional subscription for additional features, the web player and desktop app. Pocket Casts was US$3.99; if you bought the desktop/web app (a one-off $9 fee), you'll get Plus free for three years. While positive about the mobile app, reaction on social media from those that bought the desktop app (which we imagine is a small minority of users) has been negative - noting that the previous $9 was clearly marked as "no monthly subscriptions" and would be payable "just once". Owen Grover, the CEO of Pocket Casts, told Podnews that: "We will continue to monitor sentiment closely to ensure we get this right. All of this is new for us too and we appreciate the passion and loyalty of our users, many of whom have been with us for many years." He's speaking at OzPod on Thursday 3rd October in Melbourne VIC, Australia. Opinion: It's the app we use, and is by far the best podcast experience on Android: so good, we bought it twice. It's here for iOS, and here for Android; the iOS version is awaiting an update to be approved by Apple. Listen to us on Pocket Casts UPDATE: within 24 hours, the company said that everyone who bought access to the desktop/web apps will get Pocket Casts Plus for life. The Daily from the New York Times, which launched Feb 1 2017, has hit a billion total downloads, the company has announced. The Daily now achieves more than two million downloads per episode. Spotify has announced the results of their second 'Sound Up' Podcast Accelerator for Women in Color. Christina Orlando, Janae Burris, Shayla Martin and SK were each awarded US$10,000 to fund their own podcasts. Meanwhile, Paul Vogel, Spotify’s "VP and head of financial planning & analysis, treasury and investor relations" (imagine the business card) said in a conference that podcast audiences on Spotify increased by 50% from Q1 to Q2 2019, and that it has a positive effect on user retention and churn. Amazon has announced Amazon Music HD, which, for $5 extra per month, will offer HD songs in lossless FLAC format at "16 bits 44.1kHz sampling", and "million" of songs in ultra HD ("24 bits at up to 192kHz sampling"). The Verge points out that most phones have a maximum of 24-bit 44.1kHz sound chips anyway, and you're unlikely to hear the difference using Bluetooth headphones. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$19Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Stats — Free WordPress Site & Pro Podcast Stats with Every Blubrry Podcast Hosting account. 30 days free Promo code blubrry005 Or use your own WordPress site and PowerPress Plugin to Post - Upload - Publish from your own Site! Includes Phone and Email Support.Audio Editing Made Easy! — Make great-sounding productions without tweaking every fade for an hour ... Get your 90-day Hindenburg Journalist PRO trial and special Podnews discount today!SCOUTERS — [AUDIO DRAMA] Two brother's travel the solar system fulfilling competitive bounty's in an post cyberpunk world for the highest bidder. Their next case? A low level drug smuggler and their only lead is seven hundred thousands miles from earth. Do they really have what it take to be a bounty hunter? Podcasts in a hotel room: iHeartRadio has done a deal with Hilton hotels, putting podcasts, live radio and music into hotel rooms. Podcasts are booming in Brazil, with the announcement from TV network Rede Global that it has launched a new set of podcasts, which all instantly made Apple's trending chart. The "PodVader" Jay Soderberg has been announced as Executive Producer for Locked On Podcast Network, a daily local sports podcast network. Jay most recently worked with Voxnest and BlogTalkRadio. Revolución Network, a Latinx podcast network, has launched in Miami FL, USA. The network consists of 23 podcasters. (hat-tip Vía Podcast) The Infinite Dial South Africa study is being announced in a webinar at 8.00am New York Time today, and will be available online shortly afterwards. This will be the first study for the country, and follows similar work in the US, Canada and Australia: the studies are designed to be as comparable as possible. Those iTunes "Shows in English" pages we've mentioned in the past few days? Yep, also appearing in Russia (благодарю вас, Ilya). If you missed out on our early-access code for Podchaser's new 'social feed', they've just given us 50 more. Use the code 'podnews' over here if you want in, and follow Podnews here. (Oh, and Podchaser ratings are now in RadioPublic too). Hindenburg Journalist 1.81.2282 is out. Among other new features, it supports importing Rødecaster 14-channel files, and BBC folk can relax: it understands Startrack files now. JAR Audio explain the process of working with creative agencies to produce branded podcasts. Podcast Revenue Visualmodo, a web design company, writes an article on how to make money with your podcast. PodReacher interviews 25 podcast hosts who try to make their business grow using podcasting. Evo Terra notes that live, host-read ad buys, the current gold standard of podcast advertising can't scale, and is worried about the podcast ad bubble bursting. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Word Balloon Comics Podcast is hosted by Chicago pop culture expert, John Siuntres, where he interviews the creative minds behind comics, TV, film, novels and animation. He’s using Spreaker Prime to make hosting and advertising easier. The first podcast from a street? Shaping the Future by Regent Street is a new podcast to celebrate the 200th anniversary year of Regent Street in London, which "has hosted and helped shaped so many of the cultural milestones over the years". It's hosted by novelist and journalist Elizabeth Day. (Mags Creative / Simplecast) Glamour and iHeartRadio have launched She makes money moves, which "explores the relationship women have with money." It's hosted by Samantha Barry, the Editor of Glamour. (iHeartRadio) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Podcorn, Acast, Luminary, Global Story Network, Simplecast, Spotify for Podcasters, Knit, Entale, Megaphone, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Libsyn, Flick, Himalaya, Evergreen Podcasts, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, All In Media, Xperi, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Podfront, Somethin'Else, Lemonada Media, myTuner, Headliner, Podcast Success Academy, PODSquad, Dante32, TeePublic, Synth, radio.com, iHeartRadio, RockWater Industries, Pacific Content, Rebel Base Media, Podcast Ad Report, The Roost, The Venn, Poductivity, NPR, Podcast Guests, audioBoom, Bababam, Should This Exist, Captivate, Heartcast Media50, Podcast Websites, Whooshkaa, podcast.co, Podcast Design Studio, Audioburst, Castbox, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, nlogic, echowave.io, Chartable, EverythingWithPodcasting, Sonic Influencer Marketing, Auxbus, Podcast Partnership, Oxford Road, Creative Zombie Studios, Weird Tales Radio Show, Auscast Network, StreamGuys, Ad Results Media, Benztown, StatsRadio, Alternate Thursdays, Podiant, Content10x, Gimlet, Trebble, DAX, SpliceCast, Alitu, Media Masters, She Podcasts, Podcast Movement, Podigy, BG AD Group, Margarita Noriega, Jim Harold Media LLC, Blubrry, Midroll, Pippa, Lower Street, School of Podcasting, Revolver Podcasts, Veritone One, Cleanfeed, TopPodcast.com, Stitcher, The Talent Squad, Sonix, autopo.st, Adopter Media, Stakhanov, Resonate Recordings, ART19, Wondery, Messy, Horse Radio Network, Cadence13, adswizz, Podbean, Podknife, The Podcast Exchange, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Edison Research, Love Sport Radio, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Richard Dally, Triton Digital, Audience Insights Inc, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us


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