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After many trials and tribulations Rose and cobalt have finally made it to the Indigo Plateau. All that's left is to find out which one of them will be the next champion. It can't be that simple, can it? Find out in this long awaited episode of
After having been waylaid twice on their way back to the Pokemon League, Rose and Cobalt... get waylaid again. Something's happening on Route 2 that pokemon ranger Bjorn needs their help with! Special guest Martin joins Jake, Josh, and Alan in
Rose and Cobalt's journey to the Indigo Plateau is stopped once again by someone looking to test their mettle. And they're up against someone who really know what they're doing. Will joins Jake, Josh, and Alan in this monster of an episode! Wil
Breaking their tradition, Cira doesn't want to spend Candlenights with Rose, Cobalt, and Victor. It seems she has her own plans for the night. Unluckily for her, she has a few guests of her own."Candlenights" is a registered trademark Big Giant
After escaping the triple secret Rocket hideout, Rose and Cobalt find themselves back in Pewter and meet one of Victor's old friends. And he needs their help with a big project of his. Rept joins Jake, Josh, and Alan in this acion packed episod
 Rose and Cobalt accompany Cira to Adriana's secret location, a place they've been so close to on several occasions. They want answers and Adriana has them. Join Jake, Josh, Alan, and special guest Shannon in this aggressive episode of Pokemon
Rose and Cobalt are stopped en route to the Pokemon League by someone wanting information they don't even know they have, leading them to a movie night with consequences they aren't ready for! Join Jake, Josh, and Alan on this revealing episode
Rose and Cobalt are finally back at the Celadon City Gym to get the real badge and go on to the Pokemon League! But the leader Vinka is a lot more trouble than she looks. Will they defeat her and take the badge? Or will they suffer a most digni
Rose and Cobalt are trying their darndest to get back to Celadon City but this darn train keeps having problems! So Victor suggests they go to the Pewter Museum to kill time and to see his Aunt Patricia. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this detour
Rose and Cobalt are delayed in their trip to Celadon when the train doesn't show up on time. So a mysterious stranger invites them to challenge another Trial! Who is this Jay, and what could their trial be? Punch join Jake, Josh, and Alan in th
Rose, Cobalt, and Victor have to go back through some familiar places to get to Celadon for their rematch. Some places look different in the light and they'll see some things they missed the first time through. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this
Rose and Cobalt Are almost to the Indigo Plateau! They just need to get through Victory Road first. How have the dangers evolved over the past 20 years? What secrets do the caves hold? Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this triumphant episode of Pok
Who says you can't go home? Rose, Cobalt, and Victor leave New Cinnabar Island to go to Victory Road, which lands them right back where they started in Pallet Town. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this homecoming episode of Pokemon World Tour Unit
Pokemon World Tour United is back baby! And for our big return Rose and Cobalt are taking on the New Cinnabar gym! Janine and Locke join us for a roaring good time!Janine is on twitter @janinejuliet and Locke is @YamsLockeOther Music: Pokemon R
We're still on a bit of a hiatus, but we wanted to do a little q&a to answer some questions y'all have about the show, and to explain what's going on with our extended break.Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjoshEmail: PWTpodcast@gmail.comTwitter:
It's a Jenny family Candlenights! Cobalt, Cira, and Victor go to Rose's house for Candlenights dinner and learn what goes on at the Jenny homestead during the holidaysCandlenights is a registered trademark Big Giant Head LLCPatreon: patreon.com
Rose, Cobalt, and Victor enjoy a nice night at the beach.Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjoshEmail: PWTpodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @PWTpodcastShop: teepublic.com/user/heyjakeandjosh
Rose, Cobalt, and Cira found themselves back in Mt. Moon after escaping the secret lab. But how'd they get there and how do they get back? Maybe a friend can help out...Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjoshEmail: PWTpodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @PWT
Rose, Cobalt, and Cira are trapped within the secret lab in the pokemon mansion on New Cinnabar Island. Outside is at least one Rocket and inside is the key to solving a long buried mystery. Shannon Manor joins Jake, Josh, and Alan in this bott
They've made it underground, but Rose, Cobalt, and Cira need to find their way to the Pokemon Mansion. But the ruins of Old Cinnabar might have other plans for them and the old ghosts that haunt the mansion don't go bump in the night.Patreon: p
Rose and Cobalt have a plan to break into the reserch center on top of the entrance to Old Cinnibar. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Fortunately, Cira is there to pull their butts out of the proverbial volcano! Shannon Manor joins Ja
Rose, Cobalt, and Victor exit the Seafoam Islands and take a ferry to New Cinnabar Island! But Cobalt, you see, he's hungry. And so are the wingulls...Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjoshEmail: PWTpodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @PWTpodcastShop: teepu
As Rose, Cobalt, and Victor make their way through the Seafoam Islands they discover another trial hidden away in the icy cavern. And the trial captain Bobby (Special guest Tanner Vogelgesang) wants them to put their skills to the test! Join Ja
After decompressing on the beach Rose, Cobalt, Cira (special guest Shannon Manor), and Victor spot something watching them from the nearby caves. So of course they go confront it. What do they find in the caves? And how does it relate to Cira's
Cobalt, Cira, and Victor have landed at the Seafoam Islands and were immediately confronted by Cira's dad Jericho. But he doesn't seem to be his usual jovial self. Why is he here? And what does he need to talk to Cira about? Listen in for the a
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