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Pope Hyginus, or Inigo (insert Princess Bride reference here), is said to have held the papacy in a time of relative peace. But is that true? How recent, or short was this peace? In this episode, we will discuss Hyginus's life, heretics, and church hierarchy, which he may or may not have had anything to do with. Also, Deacon Dad. Thank you to Ryan Stitt of the History of Ancient Greece for the intro and matrimonial congratulations! You can find his podcast at www.thehistoryofancientgreece.com
What is a Pope? What does a Pope do? What is an average day for a Pope? These questions answered, and more, in the second half of our series introduction!
Welcome to Pontifacts; ranking all the Popes from Peter to Francis! In this light-hearted, only slightly blasphemous podcast, Bry and Fry go through the lives of the Pontiffs, and rate them based on our very valid and not subjective at all categories, to determine which Pope was the popiest Pope that ever Poped. In this episode, we introduce our concept, our ranking rounds, and discuss how to become a Pope!
Eleutherius has been claimed as a symbol of national identity, but not at all in the way you would think! In this episode we will discuss what part he plays in a weird stepbrother syndrome, his thoughts about food, and whether or not he had something to do with a mythical English king.
Anicetus led a life that was "so blameless, that he was a model to every one of Christian perfection" - at least according to his biggest fan from the 1800s. In this episode, we discuss his positions on new heresy, his famous friends, and try to figure out just why Father Francis loves him so much.
Telesphorus started his life in a very different way than the rest of our earlier popes, but this may have made him the perfect candidate for the time. In this episode, we'll discuss where he might have come from, and why he is the Hallmark Card Pope of the Holidays.
Sixtus I, or Xystus has a short episode of shortness, but he still managed to make a few contributions that make for interesting discussion! This week, we'll discuss apostolic letters, no-touchy, and nicknames for bald people. Make sure to note the announcement of the Summer scheduling change!
Pope Alexander I was the first pope to have connections in the imperial court - and this would have significant impact on the Roman Christian world, especially for Alexander himself. This week we will discuss his early life, the conversions of his papacy, and the debate over where he ended up in the end.
Evaristus 'dat pope guy' suffers from a lack of information and sources, but there is still fun to be had! In this episode, we discuss his intense commitment to church ordinations, his distinctive facial expressions, and whether or not it is better to be nommed, or beheaded.
Pope Clement I arguably has one of the most interesting lives of the early popes, and not just because of the fan fiction written about him! In this episode, we tackle his fantastical life story, his dramatic legacy, and how he is still relevant in 2018.
Pope Anacletus... or Pope Cletus... or both? Our third pope has contributed quite a lot to the confusion of the early papal orders. In this episode, we'll examine his lasting contributions of the papacy, and decide once and for all if he is one or two people. Side Note: Fry's audio is a bit warbly in this episode; chalk it up to growing pains of the new podcast!
Our second and lesser known Pope, Linus, had a big act to follow. But he was a talented preacher that drew many converts to the church, and irritated whole cities. In this episode we look at his life, his lips, and ask the question: Is he worthy of a papal bull?
Our first Pope, St. Peter, is the rock on which the Catholic Church was built – but was this a wise decision? In this episode, we discuss Peter’s life and death, his habit of being a two-faced douche who wrecks parties, and whether or not we think he can defend his circular friends at the end!
Surprise! We have a bonus episode to share Bry's Papal Audience experience, and for our exciting announcement - WE ARE NOW ON PATREON! If you'd like to support the show and ensure tons of popey goodness for a long time to come, while being spoiled with bonus material, check us out at https://www.patreon.com/pontifactspod   Official summary from Bry's Papal Audience:https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2018-08/pope-francis-general-audience-summary.html
Pope Soter was not a SOTE, and we can say that with relative certainty because we can actually talk about his personality! In this episode, we discuss his life, penance, marriage, papal alms, and ask ourselves if being the goodest boi is bull-worthy. Stay tuned at the end for an important segment of Popewatch.
This episode is about Pope Pius I! Or at least, it tries to be, while also touching on all the major figures of second century Christianity that outshone him, including his own brother. We'll discuss Pius's life and contributions, and decide whether or he is an overshadowed gem, or a needle in a haystack. Shepherd of Hermas translation: http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/shepherd-lightfoot.html
The Catholic Encyclopedia says: "If we knew more of Callixtus from Catholic sources, he would probably appear as one of the greatest of the popes." Instead, the sources we have are from his greatest critics. But is that a bad thing? His enemies have so much to say! In this episode, we discuss Callixtus's adventurous life, his scandalous policies, his cemetery, and determine whether he was a Saint, or a massive sinner.
Pope Zephyrinus was 'a simple man, without education', or so we are told. In this episode, we will discuss Zephyrinus's life, his policies, and determine whether or not to take salty sources at face value.
Pope Victor will instigate a lot of firsts for the church, and definitely leaves his mark on history. But is this to his benefit? In this episode, we will discuss Easter, AGAIN, the Pokemon evolution of Jesus, and whether or not Victor sacrificed babies.
After Sisinnius's sudden death, his brother Constantine was the perfect fit to succeed him as pope - he was attracted to the Eastern culture, he had a rapport with the Imperial family, and he had a streak of luck like we haven't seen in a long time.  In his episode, we discuss weaboo-ing, vinegar blinding, and sneaky murdering.    https://vurbl.com/station/6kQLp2NkIIO/
Sisinnius would have made a great pope. In his episode, we discuss the growth of the Eastern influence in the Roman church, the state of the Aurelian walls, and gout. 
Two Johns in a row! This one got the more unfortunate nickname...In his episode, we deal with John's gamble against the revenge driven Emperor Justinian No-Nose, regulations for clerical dress, and a possibly-definitely made up scandal Fry is not on board with. 
Pope Salty Eye lived up to his name better than we could have ever hoped. In his episode, we discuss the unexpected arrival of the Exarch of Ravenna, the unexpected arrival of the Lombards, and the very expected arrival of Wilfrid of York. We also teach Fry's child how to use 'salty'.  (Narrator:"But Bry did not get her bad rolls, and her D&D character ended up insta-killed that very evening!")
We're extremely pleased to announce that Pontifacts is now a part of the Agora Podcast Network! Visit the Agora website: https://www.agorapodcastnetwork.com/
Pope Sergius had to contend with a lot of chaos! He had to overcome jumped up influencers to win the papacy, and fend off aggressive Imperial threats in order to keep it. In his episode, we discuss a double antipapcy, the Maronites, and all the issues with the Quinisext Council.With a special appearance from our podcast mascots. 
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