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Pop Culture Confessions: A Show About Movies We Missed

A TV, Film and Comedy podcast featuring Amanda Johnson, Ryan Powell and Hannah R
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Episode 54 - American Pie
Hannah somehow made it out of the late '90s without ever watching a young man do bad things to a pie! Unfortunately for her, that blissful ignorance is about to end. Join us to see if American Pie holds up or if it's too problematic for these adult '90s kids to endure.
Episode 52 - Boogie Nights
It's about to get ribald up in the No Shame Zone.
Episode 51 - Friday
Hannah has never seen Friday, so join us as we go Behind the Memes and discover the context for our favorite reaction GIFs.
Episode 50 - Steel Magnolias
Ladies and ladies, start your weep engines. It's time for our first TRIPLE confession, which just so happens to be approaching the 30th anniversary of Steel Magnolias!
Episode 49 - Jerry Maguire
This week we're watching a movie that both Amanda and Missy skipped, even though it has not one, not two, but THREE memorable catchphrases. (More catchphrases = better movie, if you believe the science.) Anyway, it's Jerry Maguire and you should listen to this episode.
Episode 48 - Slumdog Millionaire
The trio tackle Slumdog Millionaire this week! Are these opinions their final answers? Computer-ji, we are about to find out! And happy one year anniversary to the PCC crew!
Episode 47 - Hot Fuzz
As it turns out, newly minted Edgar Wright fan Ryan has never seen Hot Fuzz. Does it hold up? We're ready to serve as Judge Judy and executioner for the second installment of the Cornetto trilogy, so join us to hear our verdict! Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popcultureconfessions/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pcccast
Episode 45 - Alien
Two out of three Confessionauts have never seen Alien (singular, not plural), and they're ready to enter H.R. Giger's beautiful dark twisted fantasy for your amusement.
Episode 44 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
This week we had a real surprise: Ryan, aka the guy with a Star Trek tattoo, shocked us all by admitting he's never seen The Wrath of Khan. Follow us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter
Episode 43 - Thelma and Louise
Icon of feminist cinema or overwrought cheesefest? We're debating Thelma & Louise, because Amanda has shockingly never seen it. Before the Girl Power Council revokes her membership, let's jump in the time machine and see how this movie holds up!
Episode 42 - The Karate Kid
Two out of our three Confessionistas have never seen The Karate Kid! Join us on a trip to the magical land of Karate Valley, where all boys are blond (except one), headbands are Ultimate Fashion, and the economy is 100% karate-based.
Episode 41 - The Fast and the Furious
Sonic isn't the only one who's gotta go fast -- the car boys (and car girl) of The Fast and the Furious can't get enough of that sweet, sweet go juice. But Ryan and Amanda have never seen it, so they only understand slow! Join us as we watch this movie and try to figure out why it has 27 sequels.
Episode 40 - Heathers
What if Mean Girls, but also murder? Amanda has never seen Heathers, so join us as we travel back to the era of Peak Winona and break down this quirky comedy about teen sociopaths.
Episode 39 - Rocky
One third of the Confession Crew is on maternity leave, but we managed to steal a guest host from the past (don't ask) and she's got a secret to reveal: Missy has never seen Rocky! Join us as we revisit this tale of punch-drunk love and introduce Missy to the handsomest, dumbest man in Philadelphia. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @pcccast
Episode 38 - Waterworld
It may be one of the most dragged movies in history, but Hannah loves Waterworld, so in solidarity Ryan and Amanda are gonna power through it. Spoiler: it's not quite as bad as all that. Stay 'til the end for a confession to end all confessions, plus some time paradox nonsense and a shocking twist!
Episode 37 - Scarface
Is Scarface the ultimate dude movie, or can two Millennial women learn to love Tony Montana and his zany adventures? Join us as Amanda and Hannah watch Scarface for the very first time. This should go well.
Episode 36 - The Dark Crystal
This week we're watching another beloved, divisive piece of '80s childhood nostalgia... what could possibly go wrong? Join us as we introduce Hannah to Jim Henson's wildest fever dream: The Dark Crystal!
Episode 35 - Dirty Dancing
Ryan and Hannah are very confused RE: babies and why they do not belong in corners -- that's why we had to watch Dirty Dancing, so they'd know the truth. Join us as we watch this '80s classic about sexy dancing (that's secretly a pro-choice parable).
Episode 34 - Full Metal Jacket
War is hell, but also kind of cool maybe? This movie isn't sure. Anyway, Amanda's never seen Full Metal Jacket and R. Lee Ermey is VERY DISPLEASED. Let's help her get her rear in gear and finally watch it!
Episode 33 - The Green Mile
Uh oh, Hannah just confessed she's never seen The Green Mile! How are we going to goof our way through this one? It gets a little dark, but we did our best to lighten the mood with some tone-inappropriate bathroom humor and only a moderate amount of crying. Join us, won't you?
Episode 32 - Legally Blonde
In honor of Galentine's Day, we're watching everyone's favorite feminist lawyer comedy, Legally Blonde! Ryan confessed that he's never seen it -- will his opinion bend in a positive direction, or will this movie make him snap? Join us to find out...
Episode 31 - Reservoir Dogs
This week Amanda confesses she's never seen Reservoir Dogs! Who are these dogs, and why do they hang out by the water? Why is the poster made of cardboard? Why are they all wearing suits to do crime? She has no idea. All she knows is that it's time to fix the problem, and Hannah and Ryan are here to help.
Episode 30 - Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
Jump in the Hot Box Time Machine for a trip back to 2004 to watch Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle! Not only has Hannah never seen this stoner classic, but she double-sinned by *lying* about it to her friends. Join us to help her atone, and to finally settle the eternal fight about which regional burger chain is the best.
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