Pop Culture Leftovers

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Pop Culture Leftovers Reviews

Awesomely fun podcast! Great information given about pop culture stuff and just a blast to listen to!
My favorite.
These guys are a blast!
This is not a podcast, it’s a lifestyle. If you like good info, crazy ****, latest news, great reviews, and wanna laugh your **** off in public with people looking at you crazy while doing it? This is the show for you. The banter between the hosts is great stuff. If you get offended or don’t like it? Gtfo because they wouldn’t want you there anyways. They’re not here to please anyone. They are here to talk about stuff they love and have a damn good time doing it. And that’s what it’s all about. Passion and a ton of f*cked up sh*t. That’s my kind of podcast. Subscribe to these guys and your life will get a bit crazier but for the better! Five stars all day.
You get 5 stars because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!you get 5 stars because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you! Dante of the Super Boob Tube Dudes podcast
Real people talking real crap about make believe stuff. Brian, Jake, Frank and the community around them are fan-friggen-tastic! Love it!
Recipe for success. Moist
Pop Culture Leftovers is the best pop culture podcast around. Brian, Jake, and sometimes Frank are so funny and entertaining to listen to, regardless of the subject they are talking about. I dont even care that they dont always get right into the advertised content. I also love that the podcast is so long every week. They are able to cover all of the awesome pop culture, TV, and Movie topics. If like things like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, or the CW-Arrowverse, this is the podcast for you!
This show is amazing and the hosts are incredibly fun to listen to. The show is addicting, these guys are well informed and add the perfect amount of borderline adolescence to the conversation and they don't care what you think. 5 stars all day long!!!!!!!!!!
A must listen to if you feel left out and need to talk to someone about something pop culture related. You don't talk but they do and it's good banter.
Amazing hilarious and authentic podcast of friends shooting the breeze and covering all things pop culture! Highest of Tupperware’s!
These guys are amazing! You know it's good when you can sink 4+ hours into listening and all you remember was how much you laughed along with the hosts! But they also deliver excellent and detailed news on all your favorite pop culture items. From red capes and batsignals to mutant sized escapades and "Porg-tastic" tangents! This is the place for nerds and geeks of all breeds! If you can handle the banter then enjoy chatter! (Warning...some ear-pussies may be damaged in the process.)
The best pop culture podcast out there. Hosts are great and very interactive with their fans. You must have a bit of a filthy mouth, mind and not be a sensitive pansy.
Great podcast with awesome banter between hosts
Brian and Jake (and sometimes Frank) are the coolest dudes and they put on one hell of a podcast. Anyone who likes anything pop culture, should listen, whether that be Marvel, DC, Star Wars or anything else. It doesnt sven matter if you like the topic they are covering, Brain and Jake are just great to listen to their concersations. And if you listen to this podcast and hear Brian say, 'this episode sucks,' dont listen to him, it is a joke and its never as bad as he thinks.
I like lamp. I also like PCL. Not as much as lamp, but darn close.
Solid, salt of the earth people who truly care for their fan base and never fail to stay true to themselves. The most passionate podcast hosts towards the geeky subjects they cover.
#1 Pop Culture Podcast in the world!!!!
This is my go to podcast. Super funny. Very knowledgeable on all topics PopCulture.
Best show on the internet!!
These guys make my mondays livable
Great Podcast. Funny. Everything you'd want in a podcast about tv, film, comics and much more
I've never listened, but I really want to
PCL is one of my go-to podcasts. It’s hilarious and entertaining! Check them out!!
I love their chemistry and Frank conversations about pop culture. Amazing community!