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Time to talk about one of the four no-no topics - politics! Except for way more fun because it's narrowly focused on the CARTOONS! In this week's episode, Tessa and Becca (mostly Tessa) spill the tea on political cartoons and their long tradition of integrating pop culture. They also wonder how many criminal johns are named John, how far IS Alaska from Russia and whether the Midwest accent is THE accent everybody wants! You won't want to miss this one! Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share.
Let’s face it - Justin Timberlake and Michael Bolton are icons and the group at the center of today’s discussion has worked with them both. A no spoilers spoiler: this Pop Culture shaping crew is responsible for defining comedy in the Age of the Internet and their songs have the Emmy wins and Grammy Noms to prove it. Forget everything you think you know about .......(stop reading to avoid spoilers) The Lonely Island. Pop in those earbuds and press play for this can’t miss episode! Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share.
Baba Yaga. Boogeyman. Highly trained assassin. You may or may not know him, but your girl Becca loves him - he's John Wick. On this week's episode of PCSS, the ladies discuss the John Wick action movie franchise. They dive deep into the wild world of assassins, fan theories, and if Keanu Reeves is hot (or not). You don't want to miss it!  Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. 
Happy 4th of July! Today, we eat hot dogs, enjoy fireworks, and celebrate our country's 243rd year of independence. Tessa and Becca discuss the 1996 classic sci-fi action film "Independence Day", as well as independence days around the world. You'll hear all about the rousing speech by President Bill Pullman, the greasy pole of Indonesia, and where you can get your fill of ice cream. Note: this episode is best listened to while eating a hot dog or holding a sparkler.  Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share.
Hey, good-looking, whatcha got cookin'? Well, whatever it is, you better film it overhead! That's right - this week the ladies of PCSS take a deep dive into the world of Tasty videos. You know, the ones that your Aunt Susan tags you in all the time. We'll chat about how Buzzfeed is taking over the world, the power of advertising and even throw in references to some of our fave old shows - Cougar Town, Community, and Happy Endings. You won't want to miss us dish on Tasty!    Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share! 
Once America got a taste of reality TV we couldn’t let it go. Candid Camera opened the doors for the entire genre of reality TV and more specifically hidden camera comedy. Hoodwinking unsuspecting bystanders has turned into a an array of shows ranging from Punk’d to Scare Tactics. The possibilities are limitless and unfortunately so are the consequences. Join Becca and Tessa this week as they take you through the art of the hidden camera.   Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat.
Becca and Tessa are talking about the Netflix sensation taking the world by storm: The Circle. TBH it feels like it blew up on the internet faster than we could keep up. But keep up and binge watch we did to bring you our thoughts! SPOILERS ABOUND - listen at your own risk. <3   Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat.
Yas queen! On this week's episode of PCSS, the ladies discuss the 2004 Bravo series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and the 2018 Netflix reboot "Queer Eye." Topics of conversation include the evolution of gay representation on TV and in the broader culture, the power of vulnerability, and which Fab Five guy is the eye candy of each series. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll grow - it's the Queer Eye episode you've been waiting for! Note: you will probably only cry from laughter.   Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat. Thanks!
In this episode of Pop Culture Sh*tshow, Becca and Tessa talk bingeable TV with an emphasis on the critical darling and fan favorite, Bob’s Burgers. From Tina’s awkwardness to Louise’s chaotic tendencies and Gene’s eccentricities rounding out the middle, the two discuss the entire family and what makes them so relatable. You’ll also hear what Becca has in common with Tina; hint: it’s complicated. Share your show ideas with us at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com. You can also connect with us on Instagram @popcultureshowpod and Twitter @pcss_pod. Hit us up on social and subscribe! If you enjoyed the show, leave a review but if you hate us, don’t rate us!
In this minisode of Pop Culture Sh*tshow, Becca and Tessa dip their toes into the terrifying first two films of The Purge series. They also offer free advice to black market auction attendees: just stay home - it can only end badly for ya! Tune into the next episode where the ladies wrap up The Purge franchise with a very special guest - their very first!   If you’ve got your own hot takes on The Purge films, send them our way to popcultureshowpod@gmail.com. You can also check us out on Instagram @popcultureshowpod or on Twitter @pcss_pod. We’re also Facebook official - you can find us at Pop Culture Sh*tshow. And if you’re a fan, join our group “Welcome to the Sh*tshow!” for extra content. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to rate, review, and keep on listening for more! And if you hate us, don’t rate us ;)
Spooky season - or spoopy, as Becca likes to say - is finally here and nothing gives us the frights like a good old fashioned ghost story! Turns out we aren’t the only ones that love them. Ghost stories go way way back to the OG 1st century AD. Travel through time with us as we explore centuries of spooks on this week’s episode of PCSS! ALSO - you'll hear a legit wild TRUE LIFE ghost story from our very own Tessa Betz.  Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat. 
Is there anything more fun than sitting down with friends and watching a spooky movie in the spoopy season? Of course not! That's why Becca and Tessa (and a fun special guest!) sat down together to watch the reviled (and now cult classic) feminist horror film Jennifer's Body. The ladies discuss why the movie was panned when it was released, get into some ~film theory~ and analysis, and that *very* instructional kiss between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. You won't want to miss this!    Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat.
Yay - you're looking forward to a day off from work and stuffing your face on Turkey Day! And also spending $300 on a plane ticket and maybe three days trapped with your dearest (and most annoying) loved ones. Wondering how you'll survive Thanksgiving? Becca and Tessa have got you covered with some tips, including stretchy pants, buffers, and board games. Remember the chant - Rate. Review. Subscribe. 
Whew, these times is wild, fam! Are you on the "travel and if I die, I die" side of the Coronavirus or the "hunker down forever, goodbye to humanity" side?! We won't tell you which we are (but Tessa is going to Disney next week). On this week's ep the ladies talk all about the pop culture pandemic flicks we know and love - Outbreak, Contagion, World War Z etc., and what they got right and wrong. Take a listen now that you're working from home! Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat.
Have you ever wondered how many ladies Joey Tribbiani or Chandler Bing dated over the course of 10 years? Well, we've got the answer within! That's right - Becca and Tessa are talking about dating on sitcoms and the unrealistic expectations it gave us all. Also - spoiler alert that one Golden Girl blows all of the friends out of the water!    Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. Repeat. 
Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! We know you’ve been Netflix bingeing and we need to talk….Did Carole kill her husband? Why did Joe own an EMT jacket? Are we really gonna ignore Doc’s sex cult? Like the rest of you, Tiger King left us with some big big questions and we are here to share our reactions, some facts the docuseries didn’t cover, and of course, some hot memes in today’s episode of PCSS. Enjoy! Rate. Review Subscribe. Share. Repeat.
Have you ever wondered how celebs stay so GORGEOUS and DEWY as they age? Is it the insane amounts of money they have? Could it be that they are all in a wild cult committed to human sacrifice in the name of good skin? HOW do they do it? On this week's episode of PCSS, you are going to find out. Becca and Tessa chat all the most beautiful celebrities named Jennifer (and more) and how in the hell they keep their skin so damn youthful.  Rate. Review. Subscribe.
Lenny Bruce isn’t just a fun character on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! He was a real-life comedic trailblazer that pushed boundaries to open doors for the beloved art of stand-up. On this week’s episode of Pop Culture Sh*tshow, Becca and Tessa sit down with DC local stand-up comedian Molly Fratz (IG: @mollyfratz) to learn all about the wild history of stand-up comedy and its influence on popular culture! Rate. Review. Subscribe.
Remember the days of Tom, top friends, and profile skins? Before Facebook ruled the school, MySpace was the place to be! Join Tessa and Becca as they explore the early years of social media where they put their teenage angst on display while daydreaming about unrequited love interests. Does your MySpace profile still grace the internet? Send us a pic at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com and we’ll feature you on our social media! Look for your feature by following us on Instagram @popcultureshowpod, Facebook via our page Pop Culture Sh*tshow, and Twitter @pcss_pod! Give us a s/o on social and subscribe! If you enjoyed the show, leave a review but if you hate us, don’t rate us! For past episodes and more visit our website popcultureshowpod.com!
No whammy, big money! Tessa and Becca are breaking down game shows - from the tax burden, to how we know we could play them better than the contestants, and how maybe they are a little like MLMs (look it up). Listen and play along!  Make us proud - Rate. Review. Subscribe.
When Harry Met Sally is a fall film favorite and romantic comedy classic that inspired the sitcoms and romcoms you love to ask the question - "can men and women really be just friends?" Becca and Tessa discuss their own trials and tribulations with the opposite sex and why this movie is required viewing.     Hit us up! Email: popcultureshowpod@gmail.com Instagram: @popcultureshowpod Twitter: @pcss_pod Facebook: Pop Culture Sh*tshow
We all enjoyed Neopets as kids (except Tessa apparently)! But did you know that the beloved creatures of Neopia have a dark secret? Well... Scientology is here to ruin your childhood.   Episode 2 is a wild ride with some childhood memories, Australian cereal, and hot takes on the Scientology empire! Do you have a hidden Scientology connection? Share with us at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com. You can also connect with us on Instagram @popcultureshowpod and Twitter @pcss_pod. Give us a s/o on social and subscribe! If you enjoyed the show leave a review but if you hate us, don’t rate us!
New Year, Same (but admittedly slightly more tidy) Us! That’s right - the ladies of PCSS are hopping aboard the KonMari train - choo choo b**ch! We talk about folding your underwear and whether an ice scraper from your boyfriend counts as a gift or an errand. We’ll let you be the judge of that. Now go find something that doesn’t spark joy and THROW IT OUTCHA LIFE! YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK, UNDERWEAR WITH HOLES, THE END PIECES OF BREAD - THROW. IT. OUT. Rate. Review. Subscribe. KonMari.
Don't open your eyes and don't make a sound - this week Becca and Tessa are back from vacation and talking Bird Box and A Quiet Place! We'll ask the hard questions - how do they poop on the boat? Why would you have a baby with scary noise-hunting aliens everywhere? How can we keep dreams alive in a post-apocalyptic world? All that and maybe a little more in this episode.   Rate. Review. Subscribe. Or the Pochantas wind monster will get you. 
Tessa and Becca are doing the... Jailhouse Rock! Well, sorta... if you’re curious about toilet knocking and the American Criminal Justice system then have we got the show for you. Listen as we explore the "Real Housewives" level drama in the Netflix documentary series "Jailbirds" and the deeper issues surrounding the American justice system. Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share. 
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