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PT005: Core Purpose/Core Values and Location Independence with Travis Sherry

Released Monday, 2nd February 2015
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In the first half of this episode, Fred and Jeremy discuss the Core Purpose and Core Values of Tortuga Backpacks and why it's important to have them- not just for the success of a business, but in day-to-day life as well.

For second half of this episode, Fred interviews Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts. Travis is a travel-hack guru who loves to help people travel and work all over the world. (Our kind of guy!) Tune in for helpful tips about location independence from a man who is really living the dream.

In This Episode

  • 04:13 Announcement: Tortuga Airs are shipping!

  • 06:46 Tortuga's Core Purpose and Core Values

  • 09:16 Core Purpose: "Why do we do what we do?"

  • 13:35 Core Values: A company's day-to-day guiding principles

  • 15:40 Tortuga's 4 Core Values

  • 19:24 CV 1: Scratch our own itch

  • 21:13 CV 2: Prioritize the customer

  • 23:10 CV 3: Live (and work) on our own terms

  • 27:14 CV 4: Build and improve systems

  • 29:32 SOP's: Standard Operating Procedures and why they're important

  • 33:24 Meet Travis from Extra Pack of Peanuts

  • 35:40 Travis' new project: Location Indie, for people interested in travel and business

  • 48:31 How Travis made it all happen

  • 54:53 The advantages (or disadvantages) of working with a partner

  • 1:01:24 The 3 types of people who will benefit from Location Indie

  • 1:04:25 Find out about all of Travis' projects

  • 1:07:42 Word to the Wise

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Word to the Wise

  • Jeremy: 1. The 4-7-8 Breath - Breathing exercise to help you relax 2. Tara Brach Podcast for meditation

  • Fred: F.lux - Plugin for computer monitor backlight- designed to help you fall asleep faster

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