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PT028: Inside Mizzen+Main with Kevin Lavelle

Released Wednesday, 10th June 2015
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Gentlemen, are you tired of burning holes in your dress shirts with the iron? Or burning a hole in your pocket from dry-cleaning bills? If so, your problem is now solved! Fred and Jeremy interview Kevin Lavelle who started Mizzen+Main, a company who took performance fabrics to a new level with their moisture wicking, wrinkle-free dress shirts; something we think would be a great addition to any gentleman's travel wardrobe. Listen to Mizzen+Main's success story and how the right advertisement can make all the difference.

In This Episode

  • 05:58 Meet Kevin Lavelle

  • 07:00 Scratching your own itch

  • 10:28 The Story behind the name

  • 12:18  The "Aha moment"

  • 14:34 Any co-founders?

  • 17:10 Mizzen+Main as travel clothing

  • 19:51 Travel as an influence

  • 22:48 Tim Ferris effect

  • 30:32 Advertising with other podcasts

  • 31:13 Word to the Wise

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