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PT034: The Tech Tools We Use to Run Our Small Business

Released Wednesday, 22nd July 2015
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Starting your own business can be stressful and confusing, especially if you don't have the right tech tools to get you off the ground. Fred and Jeremy share Tortuga's tech stack - the products we use now to beef up our webpage, dazzle you with this podcast, communicate with each other, and communicate with you!

In This Episode

  • 04:35 Tortuga updates

  • 05:05 The Essentials

  • 05:30 Gmail, Google Calendar, & Google Docs

  • 07:29 Dropbox

  • 10:35 Asana

  • 14:20 Shopify & Shipwire

  • 18:20 Wordpress

  • 21:06 Mid Tier Products

  • 21:22 Helpscout

  • 22:57 Klaviyo

  • 25:20 Google Analytics & KISSmetrics

  • 27:57 Skype, Google Hangouts, & Slack

  • 28:56 LastPass & Meldium

  • 30:59 Less Common Tools

  • 31:13 Virtual Post Mail

  • 32:42 TextExpander

  • 33:50 Photoshop

  • 34:54 Skitch

  • 35:45 Audacity & Call Recorder (audio) Premiere Pro (video)

  • 38:00 Word to the Wise

People On This Episode

Links from This Episode

  • Gmail - Google owned email service; once you have a domain name, set up personalized email addresses for members of your team

  • Dropbox - Sync and share files with your whole team

  • Asana - The best way to share, create, and update tasks without email

  • Shopify - The platform we use to run our online store

  • Shipwire - The fulfillment center we use to ship and stock our products

  • Wordpress - What we used to create our blog

  • Helpscout - Help desk for handling customer emails

  • Klaviyo - Tool we use to send and manage mass emails, like our newsletter

  • Google Analytics & KISSmetrics - Web analytics tools; tracks activity on the webpage to help you see what about your website is most effective and what could be changed

  • Skype & Google Hangouts - Calls, group calls, & video chatting online

  • LastPass & Meldium - Helpful password apps; LastPass helps create unique passwords that you don't have to remember; Meldium allows multiple users to use apps without having to know the passwords

  • Virtual Post Mail - View and manage your postal mail online

  • TextExpander - Customize text shortcuts to save you time and keystrokes while typing

  • Photoshop - Software for editing photos

  • Skitch - Use photos to communicate your ideas

  • Audacity & Call Recorder - Great tools for recording audio, we use these for podcasts

  • Premiere Pro - Video editing software

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