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Arsenic and Old Clays

Released Monday, 7th October 2019
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In episode 24, meteorologist Nate Byrne joins Elizabeth and Ben for a Discworld tale of murder, golems and nobility in 1996's Feet of Clay.

Two old men have been murdered in Ankh-Morpork, but they're not the worst of Commander Vimes' woes. His best Sergeant is six weeks from retirement; his worst Corporal might be the Earl of Ankh; his newest recruit is an alchemist with some pretty strange ideas for a dwarf; and someone has poisoned the Patrician, though he's damned if he can figure out how. And somehow, the golems are involved...

Following on from Men at Arms (from way back in episode one!), Feet of Clay evolves the Watch - and its leader - even further, and introduces some of Pratchett's most memorable supporting characters: Cheery Littlebottom, Wee Mad Arthur and Dorfl the golem. It gets a bit deep on questions of artificial life, gender expression and identity, and is a heck of a mystery novel to boot. Did you figure out "whatdunnit"? Who's your favourite new character? And what do you think the Pratchat coat of arms and motto should be? Use the hashtag #Pratchat24 on social media to join the conversation and let us know what you think!

PS - we recorded this just before the casting announcements for The Watch television series, so don't be disappointed when they don't come up! We'll find a place to discuss them in the near future.

Guest Nate Byrne is a meteorologist, weather presenter and science communicator. He presents the weather for ABC News Breakfast, which means he gets up very early and had been awake for around 14 hours when we recorded this episode, making his jokes and insights even more impressive! You can find Nate's writing for the ABC here, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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