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Looking Widdershins

Released Tuesday, 7th April 2020
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For our thirtieth episode, Liz and Ben take a break from reading books and instead read your comments and questions, looking back on both Pratchett's work and their own.

Which one of Dibbler's schemes would you fall for? What's your least favourite Discworld novel? Are there any good Pratchett-inspired games? What line would you quote to sum up Pratchett's style of humour? We want to hear your answers to all the questions you asked us! Use the hashtag #Pratchat30 on social media to join the conversation.

You can find Elizabeth on Twitter as @elizabethflux, where you will find links to her articles and some very good puns. (Ben is flinching already.) You can also find her (and her impractical outfits) on Instagram as @elizabethtiernan.

You can find Ben and his projects via his web site benmckenzie.com.au, on Twitter at @McKenzie_Ben and Instagram at @notongotham. For creative story-based activities, check out the social media of 100 Story Building; they're on Twitter at @100StoryB.

Next month's episode we're returning to our original plan for this month: we'll be reading Pratchett’s 2012 parallel universes collaboration with Stephen Baxter, The Long Earth, the first in a series of five novels. Get your questions in via the hashtag #Pratchat31 by late April!

You'll find the full notes and errata for this episode on our web site.