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The Cat in the Prat

Released Wednesday, 7th August 2019
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Episode 22 - released, by pure coincidence, on International Cat Day - features Elizabeth, Ben and resident Pratcat Asimov for a look at one of Pratchett's oddest books: 1989's humorous examination of all things feline, The Unadulterated Cat.

Cats these days just aren't a patch on the ones you used to get: untameable aloof outdoor beasts who are more likely to trap you in a neighbours' house with a broken leg (long story) than to sit nicely on your lap and purr. The Campaign for Real Cats has had enough of modern, "fizzy keg" cats, with their bows and bells and posing. This is the Campaign's guide to identifying, understanding and appreciating honest-to-Bastet real cats.

Pratchett teams up with cartoonist and illustrator Gray Jolliffe to give us a tongue-firm-in-furry-cheek guide to the world of cats in one of his rare non-fiction works. It's the kind of thing you buy the cat lover in your life for Christmas, full of chapters detailing the types of cats, their names, the games they play and "advice" on how to deal with them. Are you a cat lover? Did this ring true for you? We'd love to hear from you - and to hear your cat stories, and any real cats you've identified in fiction! Use the hashtag #Pratchat22 on social media to join the conversation.

Guest Asimov lives with Liz and is our resident "Pratcat". He was previously audible in the background of #Pratchat10, "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Broomstick" and #Pratchat18, "Sundog Gazillionaire". No doubt he'll crop up in future episodes too. You can follow his adventures on Instagram at @asimovthecat.

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In September we return to the Discworld - and its most real of cats, Greebo - as we head to the opera for Maskerade, the 1994 book which brings the witches to Ankh-Morpork! Our guest will be teacher and opera singer Myf Coghill. We'd love your questions - send them to us via social media using the hashtag #Pratchat23.

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