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Look Ma... No Hands, No Feet with Steve Conant
Presence Podcast Episode 12Imagine getting zapped with 27,000 volts of electricity one day while you were going about your daily activities, and waking up a couple of minutes later realizing you are still alive.  Now imagine being in the hospital for the next 120 days, in massive pain, and being told the news you are going to have to have each of your extremities cut off one at a time.How do you think you would respond to life losing both of your hands AND both of your feet?I had just finished up meditating at Fairmont Park in Salt Lake City one day, and was walking back to my car thinking about upcoming Presence Podcast episodes. I saw Steve Conant getting around fabulously on his prosthetics, with a smile on his face, and wanted to know more. Hearing Steve tell his story about how he talked to himself after his accident was one of the most inspiring moments in my life. Thank you Steve for being willing to share your dance here in the now on Presence Podcast with all of us! Support the show
Unmasking the Man with Dr. Daniel Ellenberg
Presence Podcast Episode 11Man up. Don't be a sissy. Never cry. Don't let 'em see your weakness. Real men_____________... What kind of an impact has male conditioning had on society?In this Presence Podcast Episode we examine: How are men affected? How are women, boys and girls affected? What can be done? Dr. Daniel Ellenberg, as a Counseling Psychologist, has been unmasking the man for over four decades. Every man, woman, boy, girl, and every person regardless of how they identify, would benefit greatly by caring to deeply understand his insights. - Kenn Presence Podcast wants your input and feedback.Please send email to: kenn@kenn.meSupport the show
The Anatomy of Complaining
Presence Podcast - Episode 10 Is it a bad thing or a good thing if we complain? Let's take a closer look.Why do we complain?What does Presence teach us about our complaining?How does it affect us psychologically?How does it impact others?If you are a complainer, this Presence Podcast episode is for you. If you frequently hear the complaints of others, this episode is for you.Love, Truth, and Beauty transcend all of our head storiesIt is always now& Love can only be felt with your PresencePresence Podcast is here for you. Please share your feedback, and ideas for improvement.Support the show
The Seven Day Surrender Challenge
Been telling yourself you want to start meditating, but haven’t known where to start? Tried meditating before, but couldn’t stop the thoughts from racing around in your head?Trying to heal from trumatic experiences?Having a hard time putting your ego in check?Feeling too busy? Easily agitated?Wanting crystal clear vision of your life purpose?Each minute of the Seven Day Surrender Challenge is evidence-based and has been carefully designed for effectiveness. Day 1: 36 min.Days 2-7: 27 min.(198 minutes laying the foundation to a whole new you)Perfect step-by step start to meditation for beginners...New tools and techniques for the advanced. Combining thousands of years of experience and techniques, with NEW insights, because it works. Beginners will find this guided Surrender Lab Session an easy way to be helped step-by-step, getting started into their own mindfulness practice. With that said, and from what I’ve learned collaborating with many others now, even if you are very experienced with meditation, Surrender Lab can add additional tools, techniques, and insights for you to become increasingly present as well.  Show notes and other Presence related episodes can be found at: PresencePodcast.comEmail at: kenn@kenn.meYou can also follow or message on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @kennsullivan  If you are searching, search "Kenn Sullivan" or "Presence Podcast Kenn"Welcome to Surrender Lab. [WARNING] DO NOT DRIVE AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE AT THE SAME TIME. (Includes 27 minute seated private meditation)Like I’ve mentioned in earlier episodes, I call it Surrender Lab because in my experience, Surrender is the most useful word I’ve found that helps to uncover the very best of what life has to offer. And Lab, because in the lab we can experiment and become a little more aware by observing how everything is always changing, and then as we observe...when we learn tools that can awaken the powerful observer inside, we find ourselves feeling more balance and peace of mind by simply becoming increasingly self-aware, seeing a little more clearly, and respecting everything AS IT IS.Surrender Lab is the most natural, effective, and efficient way I’ve learned about Presence. It is a combination of various forms of meditation with thousands of years of experience, combined with my own experimenting with techniques as well. If you are really serious about getting the most out of life with mindfulness, based on my observations so far, I would recommend you commit to doing this particular 27 minute meditation every day for seven days straight as part of establishing your personal practice. It keeps getting deeper each time you do it. Once you’ve done this for at least 7 days consecutively, you will be prepared for the next level in Surrender Lab where we dive deeper into re-programming our subconscious to align with the ideal life we’d like to create for ourselves. For those who’ve struggled staying consistent before, I am confident you’ll see why building this foundation is critical, and can become a beautiful part of your practice you really look forward to. Here are some recommendations as we get started. Any level of participation in Surrender Lab will give you major benefits, but, If you decide you’d like to participate fully, and follow all of the recommendations, in my experience, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the benefits you will receive will be in direct proportion to your level of commitment. Just like you hear elite athlete’s and personal trainers talk about… It’s in the last inch, the very edge of your comfort zone, you tend to get the biggest gains and real results …the real reason you are doing this to begin with.  If you want to get maximum benefits for yourself like me, you will go much fSupport the show
Lovingly Leaning into Loss with Doug Smith
In most ways, Doug Smith had to start life over again at the age of 60. His approach to dealing with life's difficulties and very personal loss is inspiring. Peak into the mind and experiences of this beautiful man I am pleased to call my good friend.Is it possible to find real peace again after being devastated with heartache and loss?Does anyone else write your personal narrative for you?Is selfishness a bad thing?Does sexuality matter?Is it possible everyone and everything is here to help you become more aware of who you really are?Note from Kenn:I am always looking for additional truth and would love to hear about your experiences, and ideas for helping this podcast reach as far and wide as possible. I would also love to know who you would like to hear from next. I am so thankful the podcast has taken off like it has. It is to your credit. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. I am hearing so many touching stories about how this information and these stories about Presence and more mindful living is having such a profound and balancing impact in people’s real day to day life. If you’ve liked what you’ve heard about Presence, will you please take a moment now to subscribe, review and share with those you feel may be receptive to connecting as well? Please reach out if you are interested in helping yourself or your organization benefit by attending an upcoming Surrender Lab Session or Retreat. Or, if you are interested in knowing how you may be able to help support the cause of Presence in any way, please send an email to, or you can also go to Obviously only if you feel all the work I am putting into this podcast is adding real value to your life, would you also consider clicking on the donate button on the site, if you would like to help with the goal spread the cause as far and wide as we collectively care to make it go. Even though I genuinely love what I am doing, it does take a lot of traded time to put all of this kind of content together for you, and I can promise you ever ounce of your support will be put to very good use.See you again amigo, right here, right now. I hope your present moment is absolutely beautiful!Love, Truth and Beauty transcend all of our head stories. It is always now.Everything is what it is.We are all in this together, and we are all each other’s teacher.We are more than we think, andand Love can only be felt with your presenceSupport the show
Leveling Up with My Son Morley
My oldest son Morley (Mo) now 20 is undoubtedly one of my most influential mentors in life so far.We've been through a lot together, especially as each other's accountability to presence partners on our dance here inside of the now. We used to have a deal with each other that if we didn't think the other person was being present, we agreed to honor three taps on the shoulder as a gentle reminder. Among many other key life lessons, Mo helped me learn and work to accept just how often I was listening to react instead of listening to understand. I am forever grateful for the precious time we were able to work so closely together before he officially spread his wings and left the nest.I thought it would be powerful for you to peak into the mind, of one of the wisest people I know. Because he has been so influential on my life, I thought you may have interest in hearing his refreshing and grateful perspective on what this life has in store for those who surrender to what is, and let go of the need to be right. Presence is something he and I are both trying to respect more fully. I hope your present moment is amazing and that you enjoy Leveling Up with My Son Morley!Mo now works as a Media Director, doing mostly Badass videography, in South Florida. He was my full-time business partner at Persuasion Digital Studios for a couple of years.  See you again amigo, right here, right now. I hope your present moment is absolutely beautiful. Love, Truth and Beauty transcend all of our head stories. It is always now.Everything is what it is.We are all in this together, and we're all each other’s teacher.We are more than we think, andand Love can only be felt with your presenceLooking forward to connecting: kenn@kenn.meSupport the show
The Awakened Heart of Awareness with Dr. Michael Sapiro
If you become increasingly awake and aware to reality, what reality are you becoming increasingly aware of?Is there a natural cure for Anxiety?What does it mean to have your own back?In this crazy world, is it possible to really feel safe?Could you use a dose of therapeutic relief right now? What does the NOW really hold in store for those who enjoy learning something new?In this EPIC episode diving deep into presence, learn from Clinical Psychologist and former Buddhist Monk Dr. Michael Sapiro, PsyD talk about what he has learned working with Christians, Atheists, and everyone in between. Personal transformation can be tough work, but can also be aided by an integrated approach to therapy. What does it mean to truly love yourself?Support the show
Practicing Presence in Prison
I'm in Prison... What are my options? The Adam Butcher StorySupport the show
Life Lessons with Noah Rasheta
Are the stories you tell yourself real?How do you deal with your most sensitive emotions?Is there such a thing as good and bad?How do you define love?Gettin' real with Noah Rasheta who is willing to get vulnerable. Noah hosts the popular Secular Buddhism podcast. you aren't already subscribed, I would highly recommend starting with episodes one through five. I love and respect this man so much. You can also follow him on Facebook.'m sure most would agree Noah is doing his part to make this world a more Loving, Honest, and Beautiful place. <3Thank you so much for leaning into our dance here in the now with such kindness and courage Noah.All the love,Kenn Sullivan Follow and subscribePresence Podcast WebsiteKenn Sullivan on FacebookKenn Sullivan on InstagramKenn Sullivan on TwitterIf you know someone, you feel would be interesting for listeners to hear from, please take a moment and reach out to me. Support the show
God vs No God - and the Winner Is
Ever since leaving Mormonism five years ago, I still get asked every now and then, "Do you believe in God?" or, “So now what do you believe in Kenn?” For a couple of years, I thought about it every day, and on a lot of the days, most of the day.  In this episode, I share what I’ve come up with, as my answer for far. Kenn's email kenn@kenn.meKenn's Experienced Truths1.     IT IS ALWAYS NOW. Everything is AS IT IS no matter what we believe. 2.     Everything and Everyone is connected and interrelated, and impacting everything else.3.     The physical existence is a playground for creation, and is for discovering who we really are by having experience.4.     Our mind / our ego / our judge helps us create, and to have experience, but our suffering begins when use the ego for individual identity.5.     By surrendering our intellect for acceptance of everything ‘AS IT IS’ in the now, we are liberated from all self-sabotaging beliefs. 6.     Everything and Everyone and is ALWAYS CHANGING.7.     Increasing observation helps us see our positive or negative impact on EVERYTHING.8.     Experiencing presence always trumps thinking about experiencing anything.9.     Surrendering to the reality of what is right now, we discover the best of what life has to offer internally.10. In the now, accepting what is real, we are finally able to let go of our insecurities, anxiety, depression, cravings, insanity, violence within, etc. and discover the essence of our being.11. The ability to project time can be useful yet it is a psychological illusion. Life is like a dance of experience IN THE NOW, rather than a journey along a timeline.12. Believing in our version of history, or hoping for future fulfillment are both self-sabotage, resistance to truth, and perpetuates suffering and violence within at some level.13. We have the power to choose to accept our circumstances, walk away from them, or attempt to change them. Our power to choose only resides in the now.14. Suffering is a choice. When we resist WHAT IS, we choose to suffer. It is not good or bad, just a choice. We stop suffering when we choose to stop.15. Complaining under any circumstances is resistance to the reality of what is and causes suffering.16. When we shrink from pain, it increases. We gain balance, peace of mind, and learn to transform agitation into activation by lovingly leaning into the edges of our comfort they physical, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual, etc. 17. ANY resistance to full honesty—‘being truth’, is self-deception and leads away from love, and toward the choice to suffer. Love is experienced in direct proportion to complete honesty.18. Gratitude is a tool to accept the truth EVERYTHING can be used to help us become increasingly conscious, and points toward expanding into BEING LOVE in the present moment.19. Love ONLY exists in the now, and we always have access.20. Life is whole, complete, and full of love right now.21. Everything really is OK with everyone, right here, right now. Individual perceptions filter and resist this reality which keeps our mind / our ego / our judge focusing on differences instead of our interrelationship, and wholeness. 22. We gain wisdom by making our mind / judge / ego the Co-pilot, instead of the Pilot.23. We access TRUE LOVE to the depth, breadth, and magnitude we discover it internally.24. We have more potential, value, and worth than our minds ever ‘think’ we do.25. There is beauty ALL around, visible only when it is witnessed within.26. Choosing to spread love has a wider-experienced positive impact than any other choice.Support the show
Naked Truth - Part 1
Love to feel in control?Easily agitated?Incessant thoughts racing around in your mind?Feeling Depressed?Feeling stuck in life? We aren't just talking about Presence here in this episode. Step into a brief Surrender Lab Session willing to surrender to your nakedness. It is ideal to listen to this episode when you know you will be able to sit or lay somewhere comfortable, and is most effective when you are able to close your eyes. There is a 7 minute Surrender Lab meditation session starting at about the 5 minute mark... If you are new to meditation, don't get discouraged by the tapping technique that I discovered after I had been meditating for a while. It is typically something that you will find distracting, at first. I found that the longer it is practiced, the easier it is to 'deagitate' more efficiently. My recommendation would be to either simply modify the practice by leave out the tapping, or pause the episode, and keep going until you are able to sense your awareness in some other place in your body, and remember the most important part of the entire experience, is to just experience the experience with presence, and your attention inside of your body as possible, sensing what you feel, instead of judging anything you think you maybe feeling... It gets much easier once you've experienced it the first few times. When I do a guided meditation in person, I provide various types of unexpected agitations, and ask you to keep going until you get to the point where you are able to focus somewhere else besides what is being agitated. This deagitation technique that seemed to come out of nowhere while I was meditating, has become one of the most effective parts of my Surrender Lab practice personally… and many other people have told them me that it is one of the most effective parts for them as well. The effects are felt throughout the rest of the day, as the agitations of life seem to be easier to deal with taking our awareness to wherever we want it to go, instead of feeling need to focus on the constant barrage of the external distractions.By surrendering what you think you are right about, you will discover, by experience (not thinking), all suffering is self-induced and optional.This specific technique is how I train myself to turn all potential agitation into my own activation, but it can be a little frustrating at first. Find more peace and balance, and most importantly discover:Love, Truth and Beauty transcend ALL our head stories of past and future. It is always now.You are more than you think.Love can only be felt with your presence.Gratefully...your friend,Kenn Sullivan kenn@kenn.meSupport the show
Presence: The Way to Love
Challenging past and future head stories; Lovingly Leaning into our edges; and Surrendering to reality one episode at a time. You've discovered the doorway...the only access point to life's ultimate hack. Presence is...The Way to Love.Transcript:You are listening to Presence podcast: episode number 1...Presence: The way to love. I am your host Kenn Sullivan. Today, I’ll let know what the Presence Podcast is all about and Why it’s here.  I am very grateful to be connecting with you here. The Presence podcast is produced every week for reasons I’ll share with you in a moment, and show notes are found at You can also follow me on Twitter @kennsullivan and also on Facebook. All links from each show will be found in the show notes.  So, why am I doing this?  Well, I believe in challenging head stories of past and future because I’ve discovered life’s biggest secret. I have found the doorway to love, and it’s not what I thought it was. I’ve discovered it is always now, and the only place love exists, is in the now. Our heads stories of past love, or future love hold us back from the actual love we have access to right now. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, I believe most of us want to feel more love.  I have watched myself become more grateful, cooperative, and loving the more I have surrendered my resistance and my head stories and continue learning to respect the reality of what is, rather than what I think any present moment should be. I found out that our true state of being... the essence of who we really are, is already whole and complete. As we little by little come to understand this truth, and see how often we’re really just skipping the now, it is completely possible to liberate ourselves from suffering.  I’ve learned that each of us has the ability to discover that all of our suffering is self-induced. It’s just acting as if we are captive to living in the illusion of our version of the past or future.  I’m doing this because I love creating and doing my best to do my part to make this world a more loving, grateful, and cooperative place by focusing on presence. Now, dive into the now, and find out what is here for us. At this very moment, you’re standing at the doorway to real lasting and undeniable love, right here, and right now. I know that’s a big claim, and I don’t make it lightly. I am not here to convince anyone of anything, rather I want to share what I’ve found to be the truth about love for anyone who cares about it as well. However you ended up getting here, this is the access point and way to love.  If you think, you’ve had love previously, and no longer do, then this podcast is for you. If you think you don’t have love in your life, and hope for a brighter day in the future when love will find you, waltz in and sweep you off your feet once and for all, then this podcast is for you. If you want to level up, or get something more out of life in any way whatsoever, the presence podcast is specifically for you.There is a very short list of people who know my story so far. I keep getting told that I should share what I’ve experienced so others can benefit as well. Up until this point I haven’t felt ready, and I’ve been trying to intentionally design my life so that time could come if that’s I indeed wanted to do. Those who know me best, know I care about Love, Truth, and discovering the Beauty in everything most, although I do have different and more useful definitions for each of those words now. In most ways, I’m just like you, Life is super hard, I mess up all the time, and I’ve dealt with so much shit in my life. 5 years ago, I dove head first into my fears and did the unthinkable. I left the religion I was raised up to believe was the one trueSupport the show
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