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Presidents Are People Too!

A Society, Culture and History podcast

The Audible Originals series Presidents Are People Too! recasts each of the American Presidents as real-life people, complete with flaws, quirks, triumphs, scandals and bodily ailments. Hosts Elliott Kalan, former Daily Show head writer, and American historian and author Alexis Coe talk to experts, comedians, journalists, actors and re-enactors to better understand the men memorialized on the Washington Mall and those all but forgotten.

Recent Episodes


Alexis and Elliott delve into the life of a handsome yet disappointing president, number 14, Franklin Pierce. They speak to a presidential grief specialist about how Pierce dealt with a tragic death two months before his inauguration, examine how the Kansas-Nebraska Act—an act that was meant to defu...

Not Enough Ratings

Alexis and Elliott get to know the all-American football star who stepped into office after Nixon’s resignation and served less than a full term, president #38 Gerald Ford. They examine his childhood, imagine his life as a pro-football player, explore his controversial decision to pardon Nixon a mon...

Not Enough Ratings

Alexis and Elliott explore the life of our oft-forgotten 21st president, Chester Alan Arthur. Author Esther Crain explains why Arthur was the quintessential Gilded Age New Yorker, Elliott digs into a complicated relationship with NY senator Roscoe Conkling, and Alexis investigates his involvement in ...

Not Enough Ratings

Alexis and Elliott attempt to get closer to the man behind the marble facade: our first president, George Washington. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis explains what made Washington a myth, even in his own time. Reid Mitenbuler, author of Bourbon Empire, sheds light on Washington’s su...

Not Enough Ratings

This week, Alexis and Elliott get to know the sensitive soul behind our portly 27th president, William Howard Taft. They talk to historian H.W. Brands about Taft’s public break from his mentor, Theodore Roosevelt, and journalist Alexandra Robbins takes us back to Taft’s days as a member of Skull and ...

Not Enough Ratings