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Liam Hemsworth. Diving boards. Accutane (a.ka. Isotretinoin). what do all of these things have in common? Nothing, except for the fact that we somehow weave all three into a rich tapestry that is THIS EPISODE! After taking some time to rest (jk
Hi Zitties! We took a week off from publishing, but now we're back with an episode on 🦠THE MICROBIOME🦠To cover this topic, we're leaning on the 2020 book Clean: The New Science of Skin. There's a vast ecosystem on your face that affects your
Doo doo doo doo! Today, we're talking about 🌱clean beauty🌿 and the overwhelming number of skincare products on the market that promise prettiness, hope and a "natural" lifestyle. To discuss this topic, we're leaning on the excellent research
Accutane, AKA Isotretinoin, is a controversial drug in the skincare world. WHyyyy? Well, it's a super-powered retinoid for treating severe acne, and it has some pretty wicked side effects. Ellen's enduring this treatment in real time after gett
CW: Discussion of surgery, injuries and a car accident.Scars: whether from a surgery or an accident, these physical reminders of trauma contain emotion, pain and history. In this episode, we chat with Liz Sexton, a dear friend and badass woman,
About a year ago, we recorded our first episode for Pretty Zitty, detailing our struggles with "problem skin." We sat on the interview for awhile, afraid to put our most personal and embarrassing stories out into the ether. But! Lucky for you (
In the words of Diddy, "It preserves my sexy."  Yep, we're talking about Proactiv, the famous infomercial skincare regimen. Truth be told, neither of us have actually used their products, but we nevertheless did a deep dive into their products,
Ever get a nice nine hours of sleep and STILL have dark or puffy under eyes? We feel ya. Fortunately, dark under eyes are apparently cool now according to Tik Tok, where youths are using makeup to get that sleepy, overworked look. We break down
Join us for a little skincare pop culture potpourri featuring Hannah's sister, Ivy 💛 We basically go on a ton of cute digressions that we PROMISE tie back to skincare, including Tik Tok, scarring, and why apricot scrub is great for sanding dow
It's 2021! Wow. Dang! So we're not necessarily thriving as we crawl into the new year with our few remaining shreds of dignity, but we have not lost hope that we can spark some joy in the new year with some SKINCARE GOALS. Because honestly? As
Here's the link to our Patreon, where we have bonus stuff for youuuuuu! "Oh you have [insert any health concern]? Have you tried drinking water?" Why, yes, we HAVE! In fact, we took it to the next level in this episode by assigning ourselves a
Want to throw us a couple of bucks a month to keep making a show you clearly LOVE? Click here! And if not, that's cool too, we love you for listening 💜 "Spots are in, but not on your skin!" 🙄 That's a quote from a 1965 ad for an acne cleanser
This is the part where we ask you to reach into your pockets and toss us some coin! If you have any. This is the link to our Patreon! Lol!CW: Discussion of diets and restriction (specifically, old-fashioned diets that were prescribed for acne).
This is the link to our brand-new, farm-fresh Patreon! Support us if you feel so inclined. We love you. In this episode, we chat about makeup coverage – from our first forays to our unprofessional tips and tricks. We also underscore the point t
It's the end-all, be-all for acne treatments. The drug you try after your dermatologist prescribed pretty much everything else already. It's ACCUTANE, also known as Isotretinoin. On this episode of the PimpleCast, we chatted with our pimple pal
What is the zest of life, you ask? Why, it's ZITS of course! In this delightful installment of our Skin Stories series, we chat with Karina Hillman. We cover the many varieties of pimples: backcountry acne, one night stand acne and acne that do
We’re going to give you vocab. We’re going to give you winter-weather tips. We’re going to give you a long spiel about a cult celebrity product that costs way too much money, and we know way too much about. Welcome to our cold weather, moisture
This week, we are sharing a lovely conversation with Virgo queen Jordan Ormond Foster as part of our skin stories series - a series within our that features conversations with real people who have struggled with their skin in some way.  We conn
Lights, camera, ZITS! In this special celebrity episode, Ellen and Hannah chat about their favorite celebrities who have been open about skin troubles. Plus, some shot-by-shot analysis of the iconic 2005 remake of Pride and Prejudice, featuring
This episode is all about MASKS! The skincare kind AND the global pandemic kind! Come hang out with us as we chat about the following things: Men's Warehouse, Sports Durst, where you come first, Origins is not cruelty free, Hannah's favorite DI
This episode is another installment in our skin story series, this time featuring the lovely guest Aubrey Seader. This episode is RAW and REAL about where we put our attention. Does putting negative attention on our skin help us? LOL no! It doe
Da da da da da! It’s sunny, and I’ve got a zit. It hurts, but it’s fine. I will deal with it. Yeah, it’s sunny! And I’ve got two zits. But guess what? I couldn’t even give two shits. Welcome to the summer skincare episode of Pretty Zitty! We ha
Does your Clairsonic sit in the bathroom closet, collecting dust? Did you buy a $70 serum that does nothing? Did you relapse from Accutane? We feel you. We’ve tried loads of products over the years. Today, we are talking about the skincare prod
This is our first episode in a series we are calling Skin Stories, where we talk to inspiring, everyday people about what it’s like to be in their skin. Our first guest is Taylor Ericson, a Chicago-based vocalist. 🎤  We can't help but wonder,
If you had to give your poop a letter grade, what would it be? If you're like us, you embody the try-hard spirit of Hermione and strive for A+ dumps. Well you're in luck – this episode of Pretty Zitty will give you the tips you need for healthy
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