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A weekly Comedy, Science and Medicine podcast featuring Matt Kirshen and Andrew Wood
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Comedian, theoretical physics grad and mathematics enthusiast Dara Ó Briain (@daraobriain) joins Matt and Andy to discuss stages of mathematical rigor, Évariste Galois, Catalina bison, Dara's new obsession with astrophotography from his London
Science comedian Brian Malow (@sciencecomedian) joins Matt and Andy to discuss dressing up with Mitch Hedberg, stoned cavemen creating high art, Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, the world's first wooden satellite and a promising malaria vaccine. T
Bethany Black (@beffernieblack) joins Matt and guest host Nick Doody (@nickdoody) to talk about buying fireworks in France, being banned from all school trips, growing teeth everywhere, surprisingly useful destructive asteroids, the Chicxulub c
Theoretical physicist, futurist and author Michio Kaku (@michiokaku) joins Andy and Matt to talk about his new book The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything and its look at the fascinating history of humanity's attempts to merge t
Jess Phoenix (@jessphoenix2018), author of the new book Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life joins Matt and Andy to talk about all things volcano-related, her education and outreach organization Blueprint Earth, lava t
Comedian Dana Eagle (@DanaEagleTweets) joins Matt and Andy to discuss the latest on Desert Tony's health, the world's oldest computer, mechanical gears found in nature, sea slugs that survive self-decapitation, a change of heart from a former h
Comedian, author and now cryptic crossword setter Dave Gorman (@DaveGorman) joins Matt and Andy to discuss the world of cryptic crosswords, standup about math(s), cuttlefish that pass the marshmallow test, words that are their own antonyms, tes
Comedian and analytics consultant Sarah Dorfman (@SarahPDorfman) joins Andy and Matt to discuss asking a ton of whys, magnetic pole flips and killing neanderthals, trees showing pole flips, India's lake of skeletons, the first photograph ever,
Comedian, podcaster and author of the upcoming book The History of Standup Wayne Federman (@Federman) joins Matt and Andy to discuss the original location of Stonehenge, why its construction might not have been that hard, transparent wood that'
Comedian and podcaster Brandie Posey (@Brandazzle) returns to the show to talk about hosting celebrity karaoke and ending up on TMZ, more details on how wombat poop ends up cubed, a quick refresher on platonic solids, Brexit and bees, Wandavisi
Comedian April Richardson (@apey) of the podcast Why Do I Like This? returns to the show to chat about moving to England, the smallest reptile on Earth, hibernation in early humans, teaching spinach to send emails, Tiny Elvis and the Wilhelm Sc
Comedian/musician Eli Braden (@EliBraden) returns to the show to discuss stonks, the Robinhood fiasco,, The Hustler, Psycho Goreman, more dinosaur butthole developments, Colgate University, Perseverance's upcoming Mars landing and
Comedian and actor Marcus Brigstocke (@marcusbrig) joins Andy and Matt to discuss blowing things up in school, puckle guns, coordinated electric eel attacks, solving the mystery of butterfly flight, separating dire wolf fact from fiction and gi
Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek (@FrankWilczek), author of the new book Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality, joins Matt and Andy to talk about the work that earned him a Nobel Prize, as well as his book, which delves into the essential concepts that
Comedian Ed Byrne (@MrEdByrne) joins Matt and Andy to discuss spiteful octopuses punching fish, using AI to solve protein structures, why recycling doesn't happen as much anymore (and Taiwan's amazing waste turnaround), and Europe's plan for a
Author, podcaster and behavioral economist Dr. Peter McGraw (@PeterMcGraw) returns to the show to talk with Matt and Andy about behavioral economics, cognitive biases, hellish comedy gigs, the science of humor, The Philadelphia Incident, Peter'
Returning guest Alex Schmidt (@AlexSchmidty) of the podcast Secretly Incredibly Fascinating joins Andy and Matt to swap Jeopardy stories and discuss Doug the cat ruining equipment, grapefruit facts, The Ray Cat Solution to use glowing cats to w
Comedian Megan Gailey (@megangailey) joins Matt and Andy to talk about honeybees flying sideways, acoustic camouflage on earless moths, new moon rocks, meatless diets and brittle bones, the coolest dinosaur skeletons ever, fossil-hunting laws a
Producer and current Jeopardy champion Charlie Fonville (@charliefonville) joins Matt and Andy, whose four-day Jeopardy streak Charlie put an end to just yesterday, to talk about sharing the stage with the legendary Alex Trebek, the game theory
Comedian Alex Falcone (@alex_falcone) of the podcast Read It and Weep (and a great NASA rejection letter) joins Andy and Matt to talk about why Benford's Law doesn't apply to election data, Hamburglar voting irregularities, Andy's upcoming Jeop
Comedian James Austin Johnson (@shrimpJAJ) returns to the podcast after a seven-year hiatus to talk about dinosaur butts,  water on the moon, cell phone networks on the moon, shocking your tongue to cure tinnitus... and for some reason Presiden
Author Michael Marshall (@m_c_marshall) joins Matt and Andy to talk about his new book The Genesis Quest, which explores the century-long effort to understand how life began on Earth and the many interesting characters who dedicated themselves
Comedian John Hastings (@thejohnhastings) joins Andy and Matt to talk about the questionable comedy of Roy Chubby Brown, neanderthal genes and covid-19, water bodies under the surface of Mars, and using balanced rocks to increase nuclear safety
Comedian Gene Pompa (@genepompa) joins Matt and Andy to discuss methanol-fueled robot beetles, super long words, methylated alcohol, why the moon is rusting, smartphones knowing when you're drunk-walking and corn that makes its own mucus.
The gang's back together to celebrate 400 episodes of Probably Science! Erstwhile hosts Jesse Case (@jessecase) and Brooks Wheelan (@brookswheelan) join Matt and Andy to discuss counting magicians, Jesse's proximity to train tracks, Ig Nobel pr
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