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Million-Dollar Producer Shares Updates on Year 2 Listing and Wholesaling Probate Real Estate

BonusReleased Wednesday, 26th August 2020
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“There isn’t anybody we can’t help, that we can’t monetize.”

David Pannell is one of the top-performing Probate Investors/Probate Agents in the country.  Combining the Probate Mastery approach with the dedicated prospecting strategies he developed in a decades worth of converting FSBOs and Expireds, David consistently converts probate leads at high rates and leaves lasting impressions on the people he helps.  His skill set has him out-competing iBuyers, Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers in his market with ease.  Listen now or navigate using the timestamps below:

Note: To watch this interview as a video and see the marketing pieces David shares, jump over to YouTube or the official episode webpage  
  • 0:00 Introductions: See More: David’s 2019 Interview On Year 1 in Probate https://alltheleads.com/probate-real-estate-pillar…
  • 1:47 The #1 Thing I Learned About Using an ISA for Investment Deals
  • 3:10 This is Our Best Lead Source: 47 Transactions, Two Producers, 4000 Leads.
  • 3:35 How David Leverages his Probate Book as A Story-telling Piece.
  • 4:44 The Best Way to Hire an ISA for Probate: See More Role Play Playlist David used to design his training.
  • 6:17 EVERY Probate Lead Can Make You Money.
  • 7:15 David and Chad discuss his live follow-up call with Betty: https://alltheleads.com/probate-expert-live-probat…
  • 9:29 Consumer Psychology: How David designed His Key Marketing Piece.
  • 10:48 The Marketing Sequence of A Top Producer in Probate: David shares his marketing pieces and schedule.
  • 12:26 Segmenting Lists: Social Variables vs. Property Variables. See more: https://alltheleads.com/probateplus Probate Plus+ Property Fields
  • 14:28 Navigating Listings, Investment, and Wholesale deals . See More: https://alltheleads.com/probate-leads The complete probate leads system
  • 16:00 The 80-20 Rule: How to Leverage Time, Generate Revenue, Reinvest, and Scale.
  • 20:50 Work-Life Balance and How To Retire Early Through Probate Real 
  • 27:47 Building a Real Cash Buyers List and Segmenting It. 
  • 38:41 Building Your List of Attorneys
  • 39:39 Becoming THE Probate Expert In Your Market

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