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PATREON PEEK: 'Q: Into The Storm' Review Discussion

Released Tuesday, 26th October 2021
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Sorry for another missed regular episode - We promise this will be the last one for a while! Joey was in Nebraska for a family wedding, but we'll be back on track next week <3

Original Patreon description:

"WARNING: This post was posted while having no clothes on!

Not that you're downstairs mouths are in a tizzy - you're BRAIN will be in a tizzy as you try to absorb us Probing Deeper into the HBO miniseries that attempts to make sense of the rise and...fall (??????) of "Qanon" aka just "Q" to his (or her!) faithful. If nothing else, this is a holistic look at just how quickly millions of people can form a new religion / cult / political party when the conditions are just right in the world. It also aaaaaaaall leads back to the conspiracy of all conspiracy theories: The Cabal / Pizza Gate / Illuminati / Baby Eaters / Adrenochrome / Small Men with Brittle Bones in Wheelchairs Obsessed with Curry Rice."