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Episode from the podcastProbing Ancient Aliens

Secrets Of The Exoplanets - S14E22

Released Tuesday, 18th May 2021
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Do extraterrestrials live on recently discovered exoplanets? What is the most current technology being used by astronomers to find new Earth-like exoplanets orbiting in the goldilocks-zone of stars throughout our galaxy? Are Keplar and TESS finding Exoplanets on a daily basis? How many earth-like exoplanets exist with known data collected today? How will the upcoming James Webb Telescope change the way we gather information about earth-like exoplanets? Did the Annunaki actually come from Planet X / Planet Nibiru by way of a massive 3600 year elliptical orbit that only gets close to Earth for a few decades then heads back out into the vastness of space? We don’t know, but our plucky Ancient Astronaut Theorists sure think they do! Let’s proooooooooooooobe into the season 14 finale of Ancient Aliens: Secrets of the Exoplanets!