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Episode from the podcastProbing Ancient Aliens

The Forbidden Bible - S16E5

Released Tuesday, 9th November 2021
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Why was the book of Enoch removed from the original Christian Bible and considered “Apocrypha” forever after by the western world? Why does the Ethiopian Bible contain all the excised chapters INCLUDING the Book of Enoch? How was Enoch an immortal, chosen by God to travel the galaxy with his caste of angels and then made his messenger and archivist for all the information under the son? Did Noah’s Great Flood actually happen, and was the real reason God flooded the planet NOT to kill the wicked sinners of humanity...but to SAVE humanity from the wicked giants - the Nephilim - that were terrorizing them thanks to angel / human hybrids corrupting the gene pool with these undesirables? We don’t know, but our plucky Ancient Astronaut Theorists do! Let’s proooooooooooooobe into Season 16, Episode 5 of Ancient Aliens: The Forbidden Bible!