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Episode from the podcastProbing Ancient Aliens

The Relics Of Roswell - S15E2

Released Tuesday, 8th June 2021
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Is there still debris from crashed alien spacecraft in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico - left over from the infamous 1947 crash that started the entire extraterrestrial government coverup and altered the course of human culture and history forever? What is the debris of the crashed UFO’s at Roswell made of? Does the government secretly have the alien bodies found at Roswell at a secret underground facility like Area 51 or S4? Is the government actually lying about the Roswell crash and still sticking to the classic “weather balloon” story that Marcell was supposedly forced to share with the public? Does Linda Moulten Howe actually own a piece of off-world spacecraft debris? We don’t know, but our plucky ancient astronaut theorists sure think they do! Let’s proooooooooooooooooooooobe into Season 15, Episode 2 of Ancient Aliens: The Relics of Roswell!