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A weekly Comedy podcast featuring Christopher W. Reynolds
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We went to Ushicon's Block Party. We opened up a copy of "DOOM: Knee-Deep In The Dead" by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. We all got immediately George-d. No. we aren't sure what that exactly means. Maybe you can figure it out from our rea
Alright, we've held back long enough. Let's talk about the sequel of the perennial classic FLCL [Classic]: FLCL Progressive. Okay, so it sucks! But listen as four anime fans try to find at least one good and only one bad thing to say about eac
Merry Holiday! In the celebration of this hellscape pissyear almost being done, we're going to talk about a GATDANG SUPERHERO of an anime: Gainax's classic FLCL Classic! ******************************* Intro and Outro: Inro: B005 by Monroevil
This one was the first Garbo Film Class recorded, but we wanted to save this one for almost the end of the year. 2020 was a garbage fire. Stand up, cross those gat-dang arms, and aim for the top in 2021! Here we talk about Aim For The Top: Gunb
Okay, time to go around the block again and look at an English dub of the main source material behind Robotech: The Untold Story, and entire reason that there are OVAs in the first place! We watched Megazone 23 Part 1, so join us to enjoy our t
I couldn't fit the whole episode name in the soundcloud field for it, due to Baha Blasting. Chapter 12 of EverWorld and side effects of the mentioned drink are provided. Thanks, delivery driver for 7NOW, for bringing me exactly what I didn't as
Okay, so there was storm conditions. Bad News: CW was participating over a cellphone. Good News: It adds to the emotional state of today's story: Johnny The Town Tamer by everyone's favorite religion founder, L. Ron Hubbard! It doesn't go how y
Modern Youth listen to film analysis podcasts, share these podcasts, comment, like, and enjoy these podcasts. Modern Youth understand that this episode isn't about Megazone 23 Part 1, because Robotech: The Movie: The Untold Story is it's own th
We recorded this before the actual lockdown started, thinking that there was some sort of way that things wouldn't be handled in an absolutely pathetic way. Enjoy this exploration of some bizarre Isekai bullshit involving mugging, accidents, Th
We finally watched and talked about the (soon to be thawed) Clone High! Does it hold up, or is it just stuffed up someone's nose for a laugh? ************************* Intro and Outro: Inro: B005 by Monroeville Music Center Link: freemusicar
I checked twice, every KYOJI has indeed been replaced. This time, we're covering Mobile Fighter G Gundam episodes 13-16, where the Shuffle Alliance are introduced, there's a Bezerk reference, and more shenanigans. Quick update: Episodes of PRø
No seriously, if there is a Master Asia, what would Master Italy or Master Australia be like? Explore that with us as we enjoy episodes 9-12 of Mobile Fighter G Gundam! ************************* Intro and Outro: Inro: B005 by Monroeville Mus
What could Mr. Gundam be planning? Will it involve DEEP HURTING? Only this recap of Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 5-8 will reveal the truth. Ready? GO! ************************* Intro and Outro: The Spellbreaker and Left on Deimos by Tri-T
Join the gang from Garbo Book Club and PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS as they explore the most G of Gundam series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam! This podcast covers episodes 1-4. ************************* Intro and Outro: The Spellbreaker and Left on Deimo
What's the most stuck up and pretentious word you can think of for "brick wall"? Well, K.A. Applegate used a thesaurus to find the answer to that question for you in this week's exploration of chapters 8 & 9 of her (not so) hit series EverWorld
Oddly enough, the giant tooth of a war god revealing his lineage at a shrine dedicated to defeating said god was not the ultimate issue. Shout-out Spotlight: GUN&SLINGER by Nevyn Holmes: tinyurl.com/SlingGun Leafpunk by J. Kap: tinyurl.com/le
Even more video game manuals this time, as we decide once and for all which of these manuals is the most and least Garbo! Featured Games: - Terranigma - Chrono Cross - Kameo - Clayfighter 63 1/3 ***********************************************
Even classic video games aren't safe from the Garbo treatment! Join us in the first of a two part special to find the most and least Garbo Video Game Manual! Features the games: - Mega Man X - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - Baldur's Gate: Dark A
Time for an archive version of our first live episode ever: our appearence at Okashicon at Home during... Okashicon at Home! The group takes on the challenge of tackling "Banini: The Legend of Alec" (and only get partway through) using the Ban
LET US VENTURE FORTH! This time, three new people show up. Also, there was a ...um wait, something is wrong here. Didn't they leave the The Blancmange & Thistle a while ago? What is HAPPENING?!? Shout-out Spotlight: Monster Care Squad Kicksta
Okay, so this one is a little of a test. We've recorded a reading of the first third of the script to Bucky O'Hare Season 2 Episode 1: Chains of Command by DJ Clawson. We use weird voices, and CW makes a Christian Slater impression. Let us kno
Let's see where almost all of the Ars Nova Advertising Guild heads off to when they decide that the pacifistically cursed inn isn't worth their time. Will they rescue their gravel-napped compatriot? What are their thoughts on the album art of t
Well, time to get Fade-Folded. Also, we skipped chapter 6 due to depictions of child abuse, and won't be featuring it in Garbo Book Club in any way. Check out the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality here: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-ra
In this episode, the fledgling Ars Nova Advertising Guild is attacked by a bizarre stranger in a suit of black armor, Cyrus fails to make a Warhammer 40k joke, and a being made of gravel is kidnapped for sale at a sphere that's all about that g
What it says on the tin! Just letting you know about an upcoming cool thing and a lack of episode this week.
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