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http://Quantumnetics.com/65  Download your free copy of the mysterious Kybalion at http://quantumnetics.com/kybalion     The Kybalion is well known to initiates of Western mysticism… It is little known outside those circles, but within and with
http://Quantumnetics.com/64  Zen teacher Brad Warner wrote a shocking blog post titled, "The Right Way To Kill Yourself." In the article he treats the position of Buddhism on suicide; Buddhism doesn’t, in fact, say much about suicide. He recoun
http://Quantumnetics.com/63  It’s amazing to me how many people defensively assert, “Intellectual knowledge is not enough.” But they’re right. In fact, intellectual knowledge is not even necessary - given the right situation. It's about more th
The practice of visualization causes lots of confusion, mainly because people imagine they’re supposed to “see” things as solidly as they do with their objective sense of sight. Relax. It doesn’t work that way. “Imagination” might actually be a
Rest at ease - you have psychic abilities. It’s a fact built into your autonomic nervous system. Yet most people aren’t aware of their latent abilities, so there’s a simple test you can take that will demonstrate to you that, indeed, you do.  
There’s so many ways psychic ability helps you in everyday life that the challenge is narrowing it down to twelve representative cases. Goes beyond seeing the past, present, and future to specific ways the use of your psychic powers aids your l
If you’ve ever wanted a survey of everything that the law of attraction is - and is not - how to work it - and why it sometimes doesn’t work you need to listen to this show with Law of Attraction expert Lorna Levy. You’ll learn such things as…
When a person begins to access their psychic abilities, they may not know it, but they’re a holographic psychic. The best illustration of this comes from the holographic film plate. Unlike a regular photo, when, if you cut off the bottom half,
http://Quantumnetics.com/57  It's not about LEARNING, It's about USING what you learn. I know you’re educated… And I hear you say, “I know that.” No doubt, at one level you do… But are you LIVING this stuff? That’s what makes the difference. Le
Psychic phenomena is a natural concomitant of the structure of the holographic universe, the single, unified, quantum potential field that contains all things and is the ground of all being. Perhaps that’s why experts assure us that potentially
Infinite potential beckons before you. That’s not just motivational rah-rah - it’s solid quantum physics. There’s not just one future for you - there’s a multitude of possible futures… One aspect of quantum physics calls this the many worlds th
The Quantum Age is not new and revolutionary. Those resisting it are simply old fashioned. It’s been around a looong time. For instance… The first double-slit experiment, which discovered the wave-particle duality, as well as deconstructed one
Outgrowing orthodoxy can be a painful experience. You’re following the call of the soul and of commonsense, and family, friends, and society line up against you. Yet, driven by an evolutionary call, you can’t be denied. And you can’t be an emis
http://Quantumnetics.com/52  Chemistry is directly descended from the medieval alchemists who sought in the laboratory the secrets of transmuting substances. It helps to remember that alchemists were early scientists, though their science was c
http://Quantumnetics.com/51  They showed another psychic getting busted on the news last night. How ignominious. Without mentioning any names… She deserved it. And, thanks to the modern miracle of YouTube, her shame is broadcast all around the
http://Quantumnetics.com/49 The Grail represents the summum bonum of the knightly medieval spiritual life. Few knights even aspired to the grail. And the best knight in King Arthur’s court, Lancelot, couldn’t achieve it. Parzival (also known as
http://Quantumnetics.com/49   Quantum physics gives us the conceptual framework for quantum manifesting, but the truth can be spoken in language anyone can understand: We get what we’re looking for. The secret is out. The fact that the observer
http://Quantumnetics.com/48  Contrary to what you may have been taught by well-meaning people, eternity is NOT an interminably long stretch of time that begins when you die. Awake! You are living in it now! Truly, since eternity encompasses ALL
http://Quantumnetics.com/47 There’s a new science in the human potential field you can use to transform everything about your life. Quantumnetics, a scientific spirituality, aligns with science, and calls the underlying force which is the groun
It feels different; and it doesn’t. It feels different; and it isn’t. I’m talking about the state of consciousness we are in when we are receiving, perceiving, or stimulating the flow of psychic information. Sure it feels different! It’s called
People don’t normally just wake up, express an interest in psychic phenomena, and become practicing psychics. Like with any complex subject, there is a process involving interest, time, and effort. That being said, I have a lot to say about the
It can be confusing when first trying to figure out what, “Thoughts are things,” means. The irony of that is that, scientifically, thoughts are as much things as any thing is, though they happen to be “immaterial,” as judged by the 5 primary se
You are NOT your body. You are soul who has a body. A body is clearly an instrument of consciousness. We call this quantum self your “plenum person,” recognizing physicist David Bohm’s breakthroughs in identifying the “plenum,” the fullness, or
Admittedly, this is a big stretch for those trained in conventional thinking who never got themselves to question it… Every person is made of the element of Divinity. Even conventional religion has the little children memorize, “God is omnipres
It’s easy to fall into a complacency. It’s easy to be ignorant. It’s too easy for the human species to be arrogant… But, analogically, it’s happened before. Are we to assume that we’re the only intelligent life form in creation when there’s bil
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