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00065 - Unraveling The Universal Laws Of The Mysterious Kybalion

Released Thursday, 16th June 2016
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The Kybalion is well known to initiates of Western mysticism… It is little known outside those circles, but within and within the Illuminati, it needs illumination.
We present a brief, easy to understand survey of the universal laws and a few other pertinent points.
It was written by three mysterious and never discovered initiates to reveal the laws / principles of the Universe. Thanks to the advances of science there’s been vast, vast strides in the knowledge of the common person, but it was not so in 1912, when the book was published.
What has remained a tough nut for modern readers is the concept of “mentalism.”
An Alchemical Text The Kybalion is an alchemical text. The purpose is to provide the means and the motive to use the knowledge the book reveals to effect positive change in your life.
Despite Carl Jung’s efforts, the world at large little understands what alchemy really was and is. Though the outer, stated, science and art is about turning base metals into gold, the inner art is about transmuting the imperfect human self into a more perfect self.
The three initiates say you will be able to “use Law against Laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph.”
The 7 principles are:
  1. Mentalism
  2. Correspondence:
  3. Vibration
  4. Polarity
  5. Rhythm
  6. Cause & Effect
  7. Gender
Mentalism = Consciousness As a point in clarification, due to the changing fashions of language, most modern readers will feel more comfortable substituting the word and concept of “consciousness” for “mentalism,” which was the fashionable word then.
Though cutting edge quantum physicists now say what the three initiates say - and they were saying what the ancient Egyptians said, it’s been, and remains a challenge for the person on the street to grasp a universe made of and inside of consciousness.
Quantum Physics On Consciousness David Bohm introduced the now well-accepted conception of the holographic, multidimensional, nonlocal universe to science.
Physicist Amit Goswami says,
"Consciousness, not matter, is fundamental. Both the world of matter and the world of mental phenomena, such as thought, are determined by consciousness.... Consciousness is the only ultimate reality."
He goes further, saying,
"Everything (including matter) exists in and is manipulated from consciousness." (Amit Goswami)
The Kybalion Goes Further
The Kybalion says: The Kybalion goes further then modern, observational science, telling us we can use that consciousness to create our worlds:
"The great work of influencing one's environment is accomplished by Mental Power. The Universe being wholly mental, it follows that it may be ruled only by Mentality."
And just to make sure you didn’t miss it in the details… The final paragraph of the entire book states clearly:
"If the Universe is Mental, then Mind must be the highest power affecting its phenomena."
That’s the proper order, because when you change your self, then the world you live in changes.

Download your free copy of the mysterious Kybalion at http://quantumnetics.com/kybalion
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