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Do you know the minimum wage in your state? Saru Jayaraman does. As co-founder and president of One Fair Wage and director of the Food Labor Research Center at UC Berkeley, Saru and her team are fighting in support of the Raise the Wage Act, which would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and get rid of the $2.13 minimum wage for tipped workers. Saru joins us to talk about the ongoing campaign. She also explains the connection between wages, food stamps and sexual harassment and why a higher minimum wage is better for everyone. Plus, find out why Callie Flynn thinks Tove Ohlander of Tove by Design is the Bombe. Thank you to Käserei Champignon, the makers of Cambozola cheese, for supporting this episode.
Jasmine Cho has one of the most unconventional jobs in the food world: She’s a cookie activist. What began as a way to spotlight overlooked trailblazers in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities has expanded to include people of color making a difference in the world, from poet Amanda Gorman to organizer Stacey Abrams to first responders in Jasmine’s hometown of Pittsburgh. She painstakingly recreates their images in royal icing and shares her creations on everything from social media to exhibitions organized by the Smithsonian. Jasmine joins us to talk about her activism, her book, Role Models Who Look Like Me: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Made History, and how it feels to have the mayor name a day for her. Thank you to Cypress Grove, the makers of Humboldt Fog and Little Giant goat cheese, for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.
When rent negotiations with her landlord were going south, Chef/owner Angie Mar knew it might be time to say goodbye to the historic New York City restaurant space that changed her life. So what did she do? She returned the keys, walked away, and rented the space right next door. Angie joins us to discuss her decision to close The Beatrice Inn, the challenges of 2020, the future of fine dining, and more. As Chef Angie’s fans know, she’s a bit of a glamour puss, so we also asked her a few questions about her fashion faves and her beauty routine. Tune in to learn more about this colorful and creative personality.Thank you to Catbird, the finest fine jewelry, for supporting this episode.
Eden Grinshpan is the author of Eating Out Loud: Bold Middle Eastern Flavors for All Day, Every Day, a spirited cookbook that captures her appetite for life and great food. The always lively Eden joins us to talk about her book, plus the journey that took from high school in Toronto to culinary school in London to hosting Top Chef Canada, with stops in India, Israel, and NYC along the way. Get ready to be inspired by Eden’s adventurous spirit, and get her take on tahini, homemade versus store-bought pita, shakshuka, and more.Thank you to Catbird for supporting today’s show. Catbird’s mission is to make beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy now through forever. Visit for more. At the end of the show, learn why Cherry Bombe intern Grace Reynoso thinks Shirley Raines of Beauty 2 the Streetz is the Bombe.
Mashama Bailey is the chef and co-owner of The Grey, one of the most important restaurants in America today. Located in Savannah, Georgia, in what was once a segregated Greyhound bus station, The Grey is the subject of a new book written by Mashama and her business partner, John Morisano. Titled Black, White, and The Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant, it is a unique memoir that came about after tough conversations concerning racism, life, and the real meaning of partnership. Mashama joins us to talk about her book, as well as a new virtual restaurant project with Intersect by Lexus, which brings Mashama’s signature dishes to New York City.Thank you to Catbird for supporting today’s show. Catbird’s mission is to make beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy now through forever. Visit for more. 
For our final podcast of 2020, we thought it would be nice to speak with the most positive entrepreneur we know, Emshika Alberini. Driven by her sense of adventure and curiosity, Emshika left her family in Bangkok and struck out on her own in the U.S., journeying from au pair to celebrated restaurateur. She’s faced heartbreak and unspeakable loss, yet she has never lost her belief in the power of love and kindness. Today, Emshika is the owner of Chang Thai Cafe in Littleton, New Hampshire, and the creative force behind the By Emshika beverage line. She was named to the Cherry Bombe 100 in 2018, and has won numerous accolades for her work on behalf of the New Hampshire business and restaurant community. Emshika joins us to talk about her family, her 2021 resolutions, and the power of positivity. Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.
If we had to pick a person of the year for Cherry Bombe, it would definitely be Paola Velez. She is the co-founder of Bakers against Racism, a global bake sale that raised almost $2 million this year for causes related to Black Lives Matter. It was a tremendous feat that galvanized the baking community around the world. For her day job, Paola is the executive pastry chef at Compass Rose, Maydan, and La Bodega Bakery in Washington, D.C. She is also the cover girl of the most recent issue of Cherry Bombe Magazine. Paola joined us earlier this summer when Bakers Against Racism had first launched and she was still working at Kith/Kin restaurant in D.C. She was candid about her journey through the industry and the challenges she has faced along the way. Tune in to hear how her passion, drive, and sense of self-worth have won out time and time again. Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting this episode. Stay tuned to hear why baker Abena Anim-Somuah (@baking_beanss) thinks Adrianna Adarme, the blogger behind A Cozy Kitchen, is the Bombe. 
Let’s raise a glass because today’s guest is a world-renowned wine expert—the trailblazing Jancis Robinson. A wine critic, correspondent, and columnist with more than 100 awards to her name, Jancis is the author of the Oxford Companion to Wine and the force behind Jancis, an online resource about all things wine that she launched 20 years ago. Jancis joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about her remarkable life and career, from her time at Oxford to helping select wine for the Queen of England to her recent glassware collaboration. They also talk about how issues such as sexism and sustainability are changing the world of wine.Thank you to Kerrygold and the Wines of Sicily for supporting today’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe.Plus, find out why Anna Goldberg, the co-founder of Dough Dealer, thinks Abena Anim-Somuah (@bakingbeanss), baker and founder of the #5BlackBakers hashtag, is the Bombe!
Jenna Lyons is joining us to help bring a little style and flair to your holidays. One of the most influential women in fashion in the 21st century, Jenna was the creative director and president of J. Crew, dressing everyone from Michelle Obama to movie stars. Today, she’s the star of a brand new HBO Max series, Stylish With Jenna Lyons, and she launched her own beauty line, Love Seen. Jenna and host Kerry Diamond talk Christmas trees, holiday movies and music, and Jenna shares her advice on pivoting, picking yourself up, and believing in yourself. Tune in to hear more!Thank you to @WinesOfSicily for supporting our miniseries. Ask for Sicilia DOC at your favorite local wine shop.
Sarah Kieffer is the baking talent behind the viral pan-banging cookie recipe and author of the brand new bestseller, 100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen, with Classic Cookies, Novel Treats, Brownies, Bars, and More. Not sure what this pan-banging is all about? You’re in luck, because Sarah breaks it down for us. She also talks about some of the popular recipes in her book, from the tri-colored Neapolitan Cookies to the classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and shares her journey from teenage baker to blogger in search of a subject to celebrated baker and cookbook author. Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting today’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe.Plus, find out why Van Nguyen, founder and personal empowerment coach at Revival You, thinks Linh Kieu, founder of YEM Home, is the Bombe!
Need some December decorating ideas? Or creative ways to make your virtual celebrations memorable? Darcy Miller, party expert, illustrator, and author of “Celebrate Everything: Fun Ideas to Bring Your Party to Life,” has you covered. Don’t miss our interview with Darcy on “New Ways for the Holidays,” our Radio Cherry Bombe miniseries about helping you make the season special. Darcy is one of the most creative entertaining experts around and she chats with host Kerry Diamond about great, and affordable, ideas for making everyday moments extraordinary. Tune in to hear more!Thank you to Wines of Sicily for supporting our miniseries. Ask for Sicilia DOC at your favorite local wine shop. 
It’s always cause for celebration when there’s a new Yotam Ottolenghi book! His latest, Ottolenghi Flavor, was recently released in the U.S., and Yotam and his co-author, Ixta Belfrage, join us from the Ottolenghi test kitchen to talk about this love letter to vegetables. Yotam considers Flavor part of a trilogy, along with his two previous bestsellers, Plenty and Plenty More, and he explains why. He and Ixta share the recipes they love, weigh in on the book’s most popular recipe, and explain what each of them brought to the collaboration. Host Kerry Diamond also chats with Yotam about his recent documentary, Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles.Thank you to Kerrygold and 100 Cookies by Sarah Kieffer for sponsoring today’s episode.Plus, find out why Alaina Chou, host of the Gourmand podcast, thinks pastry chef Caroline Schiff is the Bombe!
If the holidays are the Super Bowl for bakers, Erin Jeanne McDowell might just be the MVP. If you’re baking a pie this holiday, or just love all things baking, don’t miss this episode. Erin is the author of the brand new The Book on Pie, which just hit The New York Times best-seller list, and she is here to talk all things dough, crust, fillings, toppings, and more. Erin also shares some of her favorite tools for pie-making, explains how to cut and serve a pie, and even gives a style tip or two. Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.Plus, tune in to hear who Maggie Tang, the co-founder and co-host of the Gourmand podcast, thinks is the Bombe!
It’s a Berry Cherry moment on Radio Cherry Bombe today! Kate Berry, the executive creative director of Domino Magazine, joins us to talk “New Ways for the Holidays,” our new miniseries about helping you make the season special, no matter how, where, and with whom you’re celebrating. This designer, mom, and all-around creative pro shares her wealth of entertaining information and inspiration plus lots of tabletop decorating ideas with host Kerry Diamond. Kate also worked for Martha Stewart, so we talk about her time with the ultimate entertaining guru, and we hear what’s new with the crew at Domino. Tune in for more! Listen wherever you get your podcasts or via link in bio. Thank you to Wines of Sicily for supporting our miniseries. Ask for Sicilia DOC at your favorite local wine shop.
We’re always thankful for Vivian Howard, the chef, restaurateur, author, and Emmy and Peabody-award winning television host. She just published another great cookbook, This Will Make It Taste Good, a unique series of recipes built around key flavor “heroes,” as she describes them. Vivian also has two new eateries in Charleston: the Handy & Hot coffee shop, now open, and Lenore restaurant, scheduled to open in December. She walks host Kerry Diamond through the particulars of the spaces and the menus. Vivian also shares what her Thanksgiving 2020 menu will include, from a deep-fried turkey to her mom’s pecan pie. Thank you to the folks at Kerrygold for supporting today’s shows. Plus, stick around to hear who Rani Cheema, culinary travel specialist at Cheema’s Travel, thinks is the Bombe. 
Get ready to swoon because Athena Calderone is on Radio Cherry Bombe! The EyeSwoon creator, author, podcaster, and entertaining expert is the first guest on “New Ways for the Holidays,” our new miniseries about helping you make the season special no matter how, where, and with whom you’re celebrating. Athena has one of the best eyes around, and she sat down with Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond to share her advice for simple and seasonal tabletop decorating solutions, putting together a menu, and how to zip up your holiday Zoom. Tune in to hear more!To learn more about Athena’s world, visit her new website you to Wines of Sicily for sponsoring the “New Ways for the Holidays” miniseries on Radio Cherry Bombe. Keep an eye out for Sicilia DOC at your favorite local wine shop. Thank you to Sicilia DOC winemaker Giovanna Caruso for sharing her story on what makes Sicilian wine perfect for the holidays.
“I’m never going to say I can’t do it. I’m never going to say maybe. I’m never going to say I don’t think I can. I can, and I will,” said Nadiya Hussain when she won The Great British Bake Off—and the hearts of everyone watching. Nadiya has become quite the phenomenon since her 2015 win, going on to film multiple TV programs, bake a cake for the Queen, and write two cookbooks in the U.K. One of them, Time To Eat, launches in the U.S. this week and it’s designed for busy folks like herself. It’s also the companion to her Netflix series of the same name. Nadiya chats with host Kerry Diamond about her meteoric rise, her mental health battles, her childhood, and more on the eve of Time To Eat’s launch. Tune in and learn why she’s beloved for so much more than just her baked goods. Thank you to the folks at Kerrygold for supporting today’s show.Plus, tune in to hear why Sarah Stribling, head of R&D at Greyston Bakery and sole proprietor of Sophisticated Sugar Cake Design, thinks Einav Gefen, the executive corporate chef for Unilever Food Solutions, is the Bombe!
Andi Murphy, a Navajo journalist, is one of the most important young voices in food media today. She is the host and creator of the award-winning Toasted Sister podcast, which aims to educate both Indigenous people and the mainstream about Indigenous food sovereignty, a movement she says is as personal as it is political. Andi joins host Kerry Diamond to discuss the meaning of food sovereignty and talk about some of her favorite Native chefs, farmers, and entrepreneurs. She shares her thoughts on the meaning of decolonizing Thanksgiving and suggests ways to have a more thoughtful holiday. Subscribe to Toasted Sister wherever you get your podcasts, and consider becoming a patron of Andi’s show on Patreon.Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting today’s show.Plus, find out why DeAndra Bailey, one of the pastry chefs at Compass Rose in Washington D.C., thinks that Tierra Taylor, a USPS postal worker in Maryland, is the Bombe!
Ina Garten is back with a brand new cookbook—and just in time! Called Modern Comfort Food, Ina timed its release a month before the election because she knew we would need some decadence and deliciousness right about now. But not even the Barefoot Contessa could predict how much we would need it and why! The result is updated, elegant takes on beef stew, chocolate cake, nachos, pizza, potato puree, plus fun cookies, cocktails, and much more. Ina joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about her book, her life under quarantine, her time working at the White House (not on state dinners—on nuclear policy and budgeting!), and her Thanksgiving turkey tips. Tune in! Thank you to Kerrygold, the makers of butter and cheese with milk from Irish grass-fed cows, for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.Plus, tune in to hear why Emery Lortsher, the chef and owner of The Blended Table catering company in Salt Lake City, Utah, thinks Jamie Erickson, the owner of Poppy’s catering and café in Brooklyn, is the Bombe!
It’s no surprise that Gaby Melian wanted to be a detective when she was a kid. The Bon Appétit test kitchen manager is super curious and loves nothing more than tracking down a hard-to-find ingredient. Her journey began in Buenos Aires where she grew up under the watchful eye of her mother and grandmother, two talented cooks who influenced her greatly. Gaby made her way to New York, worked as a nanny and in restaurants, then wound up at doing a work-study program at the Institute for Culinary Education, where her love of recipes, food, and education all came together. Gaby talks with host Kerry Diamond about her journey, her kitchen organization skills, what she throws in her stockpot, and more. Be sure to tune in!Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting our show!Plus, tune in to find out why Cara Chigazola Tobin, the chef and co-owner of Honey Road Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont, thinks Chloe Genovart of SoLo Farm & Table in South Londonderry, Vermont, is the Bombe!
Not only is Chef Nancy Silverton on our show, but it’s our 300th episode! We have a lot to celebrate. Tune in to hear host Kerry Diamond chat with the Cherry Bombe favorite about her new cookbook, chi SPACCA: A New Approach to American Cooking, how Nancy and her restaurants are doing during these trying times for the industry, and what’s up with her many projects. They also talk beans, bread knives, and recipes, with a special recipe-related treat at the very end of the show.Plus, hear why Sarita Gelner, the blogger and recipe developer behind from Madison, Wisconsin, thinks Chef Nina Compton is the Bombe.Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe this season and throughout the years.Fun fact: Nancy was also the guest on our 100th episode! Since we launched in 2014, Radio Cherry Bombe has featured the stories of hundreds of women in and around the food world. Thank you to all of our past guests, and to all of our amazing listeners around the world. Here’s to our next 300 episodes!
Mely Martínez was 18 years old when family members told her she had el sazón, meaning real flair in the kitchen. Mely has shared that talent with the world through her blog, Mexico In My Kitchen, which she started so her son—or, more specifically, his future partner—could have access to his mom’s recipes. Spoiler alert: Her son isn’t married, but no surprise, he is a good cook. Recently, Mely realized a big dream of hers with the release of her first cookbook, The Mexican Home Kitchen: Traditional Home-Style Recipes That Capture the Flavors and Memories of Mexico. Mely sat down with us to discuss her original supermarket shock when she came to America, tips for making tortillas from scratch, and other recipe highlights from her book and her blog. Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.Plus, tune in to find out why Anne Ryan Gareis, the owner of Tiger Bites Bakes in Williamsburg, Virginia, thinks Mashama Bailey is the Bombe.
It’s rare that a cake artist can claim a certain style all her own. But that’s the case when it comes to the Milkmoon Kitchen cakes by Azara Golston. Slice into one and it’s a festival of layers, geometric shapes, and bright colors. When you see one of her cakes, the first question that comes to mind is “How does she do it?” Well, Azara is here to tell us. She also confirms that she is the accidental creator of the fault line cake, those unique confections that look as if the cake cracked open to reveal a surprise inside. Azara also shares her ups and downs of 2020, with the highlight being the arrival of her baby boy. Don’t miss this interview with one of the brightest and most creative cake creators out there.Plus, tune in to find out why Christina Wong, the baker behind Baking with Chickens, thinks Joline Rivera, the founder and creative director of Kitchen Toke, the culinary cannabis magazine, is the Bombe!Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe.
“I’m not sure what it is with society where people with disabilities are always an afterthought,” says Lakshmee Lachhman-Persad. For Lakshmee, a digital marketer with 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, the issue hits home. Her sister Annie was born with cerebral palsy, so Lakshmee knows firsthand how difficult it can be for a person with disabilities to navigate a city, even one as major and modern as New York, which they call home. In response, Lakshmee launched Accessible Travel NYC, a consultancy and website to help those looking to enjoy what New York has to offer by providing information on restaurants, transportation, accommodations, and more. Lakshmee shares her family’s story and also gives advice for those looking to make their businesses, events, or websites more accessible to the millions of people in this country with disabilities. You can visit Lakshmee’s site at Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting today’s show.Plus, tune in to find out why Denise Yamaguchi, the CEO of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival in Honolulu, thinks Chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka of MW Restaurant in Honolulu is the Bombe!
This dynamic duo is taking the food world by storm. Sicily Sierra and Mavis-Jay Sanders, partners in life and in business, are the founders of Food + People, a packaged goods company poised for growth that focuses on quality food, great flavor, and simplicity in the kitchen. They’re also the hosts of the IG Live show Drink Tank on @blackfoodfolks, where you can find them serving up candor and cocktails every Monday night. On today’s show, hear Sicily and Mavis-Jay share the story behind their company, their journeys through the world of food, and the details on their Maison Yaki pop-up launching today in Brooklyn. (They had us at meatloaf burgers.) We also get the details on their meet-cute story, which involves pricy pudding, food trucks, and the city of Los Angeles.Find out why Jade Dee Atkins, the editor in chief of Pass The Spatula, the student magazine of Food and Finance High School, thinks Christina Tosi is the Bombe.Thank you to Breyers CarbSmart for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe. 
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