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Loneliness has been increasing across all ages even before the pandemic. It’s especially noteworthy among seniors, and it can dramatically affect health. An expert geriatrician who has studied the effects of loneliness and the leader of an orga
As much as 16 percent of the population suffers from trypophobia, which makes them uneasy at the sight of holes clustered together, as in a honeycomb. Two experts and a sufferer discuss this phobia, which can be remarkably debilitating.
A study suggests recovery from concussions might take twice as long as we thought. Then, researchers say they have a solution for "Zoom fatigue." Next, a study finds cannabis use may hurt men's fertility. Plus, new research finds that certain k
Heart disease is often preventable, but how people look at it often keeps them from doing as much about it as they could. Often this is a result of myth and misinformation. An expert physician discusses some of the most harmful of these myths.
Government reports say more than 265 million healthcare records have been stolen, lost, or improperly disclosed in the last decade. It may create a financial risk, but it could also mean your health conditions and secrets are all over the inter
With the Delta variant of COVID-19, far more Americans are worried about getting infected. Then, American children and adolescents now get two-thirds of their calories from ultra processed foods. And finally…it’s good to be productive… but if y
Nail biting is an extremely common habit, but some people bite their nails so badly and so often that they suffer damage to their hands. Experts discuss why so many of us are driven to bite our nails, what can be done to stop it, and the damage
Entertainer Britney Spears claims in court that her conservator father won’t let her remove birth control. It’s merely the most celebrated recent case of something most people find surprising: forced sterilization still exists in the US, usuall
A new study shows that naps don't make up for lost sleep. Then, research finds that people who have someone they can count on to listen to them have brains that age much slower than others. Next, a study suggests that for teens, a close, suppor
Scientists are developing 3D printing technology using human cells to build human organs. The technique could be used to grow organs for transplant, relieving the long waitlist. Experts discuss.
Schools that just a couple of months ago imagined opening free of great pandemic worry are now facing a Delta variant that’s even more contagious than the original. Yet last year’s experience is telling experts and administrators that school ca
A look at the top medical headlines for the week of September 5, 2021 including: Growing up in poverty physically changes the brain… which makes it much more likely poor kids have cognitive and behavioral difficulties later. A study showing alm
Many people in prison have a mental illness that keeps them from following the rules of society. Prison, its rules, and often its punitive intent may be the worst place for them, especially since treatment is often lacking there. A noted prison
A look at the top medical headlines for the week of August 29, 2021 including: A study showing that a person’s risk for old age illnesses can be accurately predicted years earlier based on chronic inflammation in the body. Then, the key to an e
Heart disease is the number one killer in the US, but a well known cardiologist says if everyone would follow a plant-based, oil-free diet, heart disease could be eradicated. Yet many cardiologists won’t prescribe such a diet, fearing it’s so d
Swinging small children around by their arms may be fun, but it can lead to a very common injury, “nursemaid’s elbow,” an elbow dislocation, and each instance makes the next more likely. Physicians who treat it—and have experienced it in their
A look at the top medical headlines for the week of August 22, 2021 including: Some people still have fears of the Coronavirus vaccine. Then, Do you get migraines? Eating fish might be the solution. And finally… your sense of taste may be keepi
A new CDC report shows that suicide among veterinarians is much higher than in the general population. Experts discuss the unique stresses that affect these professionals, including financial, compassion fatigue, euthanasia, and online harassme
One of the most popular searches on Google is for symptoms and what they mean. It’s created a much more well informed patient population, but one that may panic at the least pain or discomfort. Two experts discuss how to think of symptoms and h
Adoption and how it is carried out have well-studied psychological effects on adoptees. However, how birth mothers are affected by giving up their child is less well studied. Birth mothers have historically been shunned and stigmatized, and oft
A look at the top medical headlines for the week of August 15, 2021 including: Scientists have finally found something good about having a cold—it makes you less likely to be infected by COVID-19. Then, childhood exposure to lead may affect you
Climate change has been discussed as a serious issue impacting future generations. However, the recent rash of extreme weather worldwide, which has killed hundreds, is making scientists wonder if we have reached a turning point more quickly tha
Some people have an unusual merging of senses, where they routinely see colors in sounds or numbers, see time visually, or have other perception differences. Artists sometimes have synesthesia, and researchers are beginning to study it to see h
A look at the top medical headlines for the week of August 8, 2021 including: A new study shows that antibiotic exposure early in life could alter a child’s brain development. Then, the stress of the pandemic has led to a sharp increase in teen
Hospitals are now required to post prices for many procedures on their websites, including cash prices and what insurers pay. The intent of the federal rule is to allow patients to shop around, putting pressure on hospitals to compete on price.
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