A Science and Medicine podcast featuring Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad
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jens17 reviewed this podcast on Jul 11th, 2018
"Brilliant produced. Best podcast ever. "
keanex reviewed this podcast on Jun 14th, 2018
"An interesting and insightful podcast about a plethora of varying subjects, Radiolab is an excellent podcast for the curious. "
Liz6938 reviewed this podcast on Jun 8th, 2018
"Radiolab does a fantastic job of storytelling on unusual topics. This is for people who are curious and want to learn more about our minds and our world. "
thejeshgn reviewed this podcast on May 25th, 2018
"Its a must listen podcast, thought provoking and interesting."
Ntust8 reviewed this podcast on Mar 29th, 2018
"Start from the beginning and go through. An amazing experience. Fascinating information and enthralling sound artistry."
athytee reviewed this podcast on Aug 29th, 2017
"My favorite of them all. This 'cast is what got me hooked!"
Honquepod reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2017
"Informative to the point where you imagine Sir David Attenborough just nodding in respect."
Mike reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"Forest, trees"
NestorBurma reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"Rather heavy handed with sound effects but otherwise very good"
thisisdonovan reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"Consistently excellent. Potentially the best podcast being made. They're fairly liberal in what passes as science content though, but still it's fantastic."
Tarazan074 reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Consistently fascinating!"
fomer reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"This show can be good and can be... too filled with noise in both the sound effects and the host's droning about matters that they frequently do not seem to understand with any type of depth."
arjun.bahuguna reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Great stories, but sometimes the delivery creates mountains out of molehills to keep the audience engages. Still one of the best produced audio-shows I've heard"
MateBoy reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Probably the first podcast I truly fell in love with. It continues to amaze and intrigue me with each episode."
PodcastPlaylist reviewed this podcast on Jun 4th, 2017
"Possibly my least favorite very popular podcast. Yes, they have audio editors that like to chop things up and have quick edits... but the hosts interrupt a lot and can be quite condescending. Also, the topics feel very surface and for the amount of time spent, I would hope for more detail. Best episode: Speedy Beat"
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