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I’ve got a couple of big, epiphany inducing, points to share in this week’s episode, and I can’t wait for you to jump in. The first is a personal revelation that I’ve had that will be impactful for anyone who makes or takes a digital course: Co
Successful entrepreneurs are typically go-getters, but too much go-getting can cost you everything you're supposed to be working for. This week, I'm giving you 5 reasons why taking time off can not only help you realize your dreams, but also
My guest this week has a solution to a problem that most of us are probably guilty of: We read a book and acquire some great knowledge, but never put it to use. I can't give you an exact total of self-improvement and business related books I
  One of the most important keys to writing copy that sells is being able to write copy quickly. Frequently the faster writer will get the jobs slow writers miss out on. And many times opportunities in the market place exist only for a shor
I'm a big believer in systemizing tasks for repeatable results, BUT…can you systemize creative processes? Absolutely! In fact, I have a method that will help you generate consistent, strategic content that WILL get you noticed AND boost your bo
Am I worried about copywriters being replaced by AI robots? The answer is no...at least not if you don’t want to be replaced. In this episode, we'll get into how any copywriter can benefit from A.I. copy, and avoid being replaced by a robot.
My guest this week is best-selling author and all-around superstar, Jon Acuff. I've been following Jon for a long time now, and his new book, Soundtracks, is one I can recommend without hesitation. In fact, I've read it twice, and as you'll
If you run a service based business, a troublesome client is almost inevitable. For instance, a client may demand a refund even when you have delivered exactly what you promised. And if they paid with a credit card, they don't necessarily need
Not so long ago, I found my To-Do list had exceeded 100 items. None of the items were unimportant; they all needed to be completed and the sheer number of tasks was intimidating.  This week, I'm giving you precise instructions on how to work yo
There are would-be entrepreneurs all over the world struggling with this question...I mean, would it be smart to sit this out for a while? This episode gives you a quick and direct answer to that question. How You Can Help Subscribe to the show
"If anybody is going to change this, it has to be me. No one is coming to save me." That's a quote from my guest this week, Dawn Apuan, and it turned out to be a powerful (and profitable) epiphany for her. Dawn never saw herself as the ent
This week's episode contains a bit of a rant, but I think it's a rant most of us should hear. There's a sea of negativity in this world, and at the center of that sea is a giant vortex with an ever-expanding mouth, trying to pull you under…to s
The title of this week's episode is the title of John Lee Dumas's new book which I strongly suggest you add to your library. John is the host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire, and has interviewed more than 3,000 successful en
This week's episode content was actually borrowed from my YouTube video of the same name. Even if you've already seen the video, these are some great, money-making ideas that deserve a review. Feature Presentation So you want to be a wr
If you're considering writing a book, you need to check out this week's podcast. Chandler Bolt, CEO of Self-Publishing School, is THE Authority when it comes to self-publishing and he's my special guest this week. By the way, “self-publishing”
There are so many ways to make your marketing complex. Funnels, upsells, cross-sells, JVs, multivariate testing, challenges, tiny offers with a value ladder of upsells… Sometimes the best way to sell a horse is with an ad that says “Horse for
This week's episode is a conversation I had with the great Lee Cockerell, former VP of Walt Disney World and a master of creating that Disney Magic. Lee is one of our favorite people to learn from. I say "our", because my company invested in
My book is now officially available for purchase. For now, you can get it the Kindle or Nook version for only .99¢ Even though this book is one of my biggest accomplishments and, I believe, will enrich the lives of those who read it, I still
ATTENTION: We interrupt these show notes to bring you this important announcement: You have a chance to train with me for free starting this Friday! This Friday, February 12th, we're starting the Get Clients Fast 5 Day Challenge. Five days
You want to write copy that converts, but how can you do that? Remember this: Before conversion comes connection. You need to connect with your audience before you start pitching them. In this week's episode, I'm giving you three ways to do ex
Can you imagine opening the lid to your toilet, only to discover a snake? What would you do? Here’s what my wife did…OK relax. My wife did not find a snake in the toilet. But this little exercise reveals the subject of today’s podcast…Using st
I think of Entrepreneurs as Kingdom Builders - and I don’t think of kingdoms in some domineering, benevolent tyranny sense - but in the sense of the “King’s Domain”. Who is the King? For me the King is our Creator. The Kingdom of God that I kn
This really could've been entitled, “what I have learned after doing 500 episodes of this podcast.” But that seemed like a boring title. Then I realized that around episode one marked the year my business made just over $100,000. After 500 epis
This one is for the entrepreneurs who are weary, tired, longing for things to get “back to normal”… who possibly are coming out go the holidays not rested and revived, but even more discouraged. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not what EVE
What a great guest to help ring in the new year- Mark Timm! This guy has created more than a dozen successful businesses and I'm sure there's more to come. Just reading his story is a great motivator for those planning to enter the entrepren
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