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An Extra 20 Pounds
On today’s show we are talking about something that is rarely talked about. Entrepreneurship has been put up on a pedestal and it cool to be an entrepreneur. Today’s show is about the inner struggle of being an entrepreneur. It’s about handling the…
On today’s show we are talking about erosion. But not the usual form of erosion that happens when it rains. I’m talking about the factors that erode your business. When we encounter erosion, the natural reaction is one of dismay of disappointment. …
AMA - Would You Invest In A Military Town?
This question is about Killeen Texas, just North of Austin Texas. 
Negative on Junk
When governments print money, where does it all go?  Imagine if you went to Las Vegas to play a game of blackjack, but there was one player at the table who had a very special ability. That one player could print more cards at will. the game would …
Special Guest Brett Swartz
Brett is a specialist in a tax deferral mechanism called the Deferred Sales Trust. For US investors, this is one of the most important episodes so far this year. Check it out. 
Special Guest, Karen Briscoe
Karen Briscoe is based in Washington DC. We had a great conversation about the market dynamics in Washington and the impact of Amazon coming into the market. She's the author of two books and host of the "5 Minute Success" podcast. You can reach Ka…
Solitary Confinement
On today’s show we are talking about a problem that many real estate investors experience. It’s also rarely talked about. We’re talking about solitary confinement.  A large number of real estate investors spend a large percentage of their time work…
Standing on the other side of the fence
On today’s show we are talking about what it’s like to stand on the other side of the fence.  Last week my wife and I stayed in a short term rental. The location was amazing and the price was low. The reviews were good but not great. The property m…
AMA - Can Cockroaches Be Eliminated?
Today is another AMA episode - "Ask me anything". Reed from Indianapolis asks.  “One of the things that I don't like about the class B and C multifamily syndications that I'm in is that it seems like at least somebody is having or has had a problem…
Fire Fighting
Today's show is a real life personal story about fire fighting and what it means. What areas of your life are you fire fighting?
Read Between The Lines
On today’s show we are talking about reading between the lines. This is the ability to fill in the blanks when the seller of a property provides incomplete information. Any professional real estate investor has the full information about their own …
Live from Lorient France, Heritage Properties That Are Obsolete
On today's show I'm coming to you live from the WW-II submarine base in Lorient. 
Heritage Property Ownership - Live from Malta
Today I take you on a short walk in the ancient walled city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy...
Spotlight on Malta
I’m coming to you on location from the island of Malta. This small island country joined the European Union back in 2004.  Since then it has seen tremendous population growth as the open borders of Europe has allowed the free movement of people.  M…
5G Wireless Infrastructure, Part 2
Today’s episode is a companion to yesterday’s show. If you haven’t already listened to yesterday’s podcast, I suggest you listen to that one first. Today’s show will make so much more sense if you do.  On yesterday’s show we talked about the promis…
AMA - Will 5G Wireless Impact Property Values?
Today’s question comes from Natalia in Toronto.  Could 5G wireless impact the value of my property, and if so how? That’s a great question. This is a large topic with several elements to it. In fact, so much so that we’re going to answer it over tw…
Case Study - Government Vs Sage Oak
Today's show is a specific case study of a building permit refusal and how we ultimately prevailed. It's a powerful lesson in how a well crafted argument can sometimes win the day. We have the utmost respect for the government officials who work ti…
Book of the Month - "Made To Stick"
  On today show we are featuring the book of the month. In order to be considered for book of the month, a book has to meet a very simple criteria. Work must be impactful enough to change your life or your perspective on the world. Whether it does …
Special Guest Paul Moore
Paul Moore is the principal at Wellings Capital. He can be reached at Join me for this wide ranging conversation on market sentiment and investment strategy. 
Special Guest, DJ Scruggs
DJ Scruggs spent most of his career in the tech industry, much like myself. On today's show we talk about making the transition from startup corporate life into real estate investing. Join me for this insightful and wide ranging conversation.
Second Homes Are Optional
Everyone needs a place to live, right? That’s one of the arguments that underpins the demand for real estate. But in some markets, that is not an appropriate statement.  Let me take you back to the financial crisis of 2008 and it’s aftermath. There…
The Shale Gas Revolution?
On today’s show we’re talking about a couple of widely publicized articles on the state of the oil and gas industry. Oil and Gas are major drivers of the economy, and as such, the cascade into real estate is inescapable.  The first was a presentati…
Negotiating With Government
Can you negotiate with government? The simple answer is yes you can. But the real answer requires an understanding of what the other side wants. When you are involved in a negotiation, any negotiation, having an understanding of what the other side…
When Will Millennials Start Buying Homes?
On today’s show we are examining home buying for the next generation of home buyers. Last week we talked about a bubble forming in the luxury home segment where older home-owners are aging out of the home market, and through a combination of afford…
The SEC Considers Rule Changes
Securities law is one of the fasted moving areas of the law. In fact, even lawyers who practice regularly in this area often have to check on items they may have completed even a week ago.  For example, the SEC had numerous exemptions under regulat…
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