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One of the biggest jokes in the traditional banking system is that you can have money and be unbankable. Many people who dream of homeownership can’t have it because they don’t fit into the banks’ tiny box of an ideal borrower.    If we can bec
In today’s special episode, I’m honored to be joined by snowboarding legend, trailblazing athlete, influencer and one of my personal heroes, Terje Haakonsen.    Terje is an athlete I’ve looked up to and studied throughout my own career. He has
Flipping houses isn’t the way it looks on TV, especially if you’re scaling your operation, bleeding money on multiple projects, and rolling with the punches of a shifting market.   It’s safe to say that the investors still doing flips today are
Real estate investing is all about creating the financial certainty to support your future. Unfortunately, the current market is driven by anything but certainty or an interest in the future.    Most investors have drifted so far away from the
Success is a play in 4 acts; knowing what you want, believing you can do it, believing you’re worthy of it and then going out to get it. Most people only get 2 steps in before giving up, and you can blame the subconscious for this!   90% of the
You don’t have to be an economist to know that the market is in BIG trouble. History has taught us that big bubbles are always followed by dark times, and the clues that we’re headed for a storm are EVERYWHERE.    Real estate investing veteran,
There’s a clear and simple recipe for success in real estate investing, but there’s also a path for failure, and challenges that can defeat smart, cautious and well-intentioned people.    The biggest challenge isn’t dealing with property, or ev
Value is what we can do for someone that they can’t do for themselves.    Entrepreneurs are driven by serving people and solving problems, but how can we create something of value for others when we’re wrapped up in ourselves? How can we be imp
Everything we’ve been taught about money our entire lives, is set up to enrich other people while we take on all the risk and end up with very little to show for it. It’s really not a winning proposition.    Without knowing it, we constantly gi
There are only two types of dreamers - those who never accomplish what they envision, and those that do. What fuels the individuals who are able to blast through fear, doubt and negativity? Do they possess a secret superpower?    Today, a man w
Trillions of dollars in stimulus are flowing to asset classes like real estate, creating massive bubbles, a flurry of activity and a lot of competition. Should you compete or sit this market out?    We don’t have to follow the crowd and expose
Land flipping is rapidly becoming an attractive model, especially for investors who want to move away from challenging and expensive home flips.    The market for land hasn’t really gone mainstream, and getting into this model is easier for beg
When you’re drowning in debt, it feels like you’re a slave to lenders, banks and credit card companies. Digging yourself out of the hole is the first step to financial freedom, but how do you do it when you have limited cash and opportunities? 
Investing in land is an attractive wealth building model because it plays by a completely different set of rules. However, many overlook it because they don’t completely understand the process.   Taking advantage of raw land deals is one of the
We’re always told that thoughts become realities - but our thoughts have their own master - our beliefs. There’s no way to make a meaningful change without dealing with our inner selves.   This is the process our guest today went through. Betwe
The process of building wealth isn’t always easy, but sometimes investors make it harder than it needs to be. Some of the most expensive, progress-destroying mistakes investors make are entirely avoidable.   By adopting the right mindset about
Whether you want to flip property, wholesale or buy-to-hold, the one thing all investors have in common is an urgent need for motivated sellers. There are so many ways to generate these leads, but there is one channel we overlook to our own det
2021 promises to bring significant shifts to our tax landscape. These changes and developments can work for or against us, depending on the strategies we apply.   This economy requires financial service providers who understand how to use vehic
Successful investors have something in common - a bad moment or bad deal that put them on the ropes. We’ve all experienced losses, crushing blows and challenges that made us want to quit.    How do we pick ourselves up from failure, overcome ne
Many investors believe flipping is a vehicle that was great in the past but can’t be done under the current market conditions. The real estate market is piping hot, prices are too high, and it feels near-impossible to make sense of the numbers.
If you’re really paying attention, today’s market isn’t as rosy as it looks on the surface, it’s scary as hell. It’s a perfect storm of bad decisions, misleading numbers, and huge risks lurking under the surface.    While these factors make the
Real estate investing isn’t just a path to wealth, it’s an opportunity to do good with our capital and solve urgent problems that have been ignored for too long.    As our nation plunges further into an affordable housing crisis, some entrepren
One of the most harmful fallacies of entrepreneurship is that we have to remain entrenched in the business if we want to be profitable. Unfortunately, trying to hold onto everything can actually have the complete opposite effect - it can kill a
There are two massive lies that pervade real estate investing - that you can succeed without direct actions that generate wealth, and that you have to take advantage of people to win.    We can choose to do things differently.    Doing what oth
Some of today’s most successful real estate investors cut their teeth during the 2008 recession, and they have a unique understanding of how to tailor their strategies for down markets.    The crash served as the perfect training ground to iden
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