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Martin and Mike catch up over a coffee and chit chat about the benefits of swearing and emotional intelligence, why the recent media frenzy about eating disorders was stupid, why Mike hates macro's, Martins lack of work-life balance, will Mike
I finally managed to pin Martin down to get on Skype long enough to record something! In this show we talk to microbiologist Norm Robillard about IBS and controlling symptoms with Norms dietary approach called the Fast Tract Diet. In Mikes clin
Kattarina Makkaiova has lost 33kg and kept it off with the help of #TeamScience. Mike interviews her about her journey. 
Martin & Mike speak to Dr Rob Yeung who is a psychologist, coach & researcher in the field of goal achievement to discuss why people struggle with following nutritional or exercise advice and what can be done to help nudge people in the right d
Anonymous - Is it "bad" (whatever bad means) to eat the same meals everyday? (I love oats and eat them every single morning). Also, is it harmful for that matter to consume the same veggies and proteins everyday? Anonymous - In your experience
Dylan Dahlquist - What's one crazy/weird/quirky thing that no one knows about either of you! Since you always ask your guests that question. Anonymous - I am an avid listener of your podcast with Mike and am a 1st year nutrition student in New
Listener questions from this show! Martyn Rackham - Whats Mike’s favorite breakfast now that "big cereal" have got him in their pocket? Hear how Mike went to a industry funded debate on breakfast cereals & caused a stir... Anonymous - Is ge
Everything you know about insulin is wrong.  Following his Epic Fitness Presentation James Krieger talks about:  The carbs = insulin resistance myth  Ferarri's, not making a living in fitness, working with Microsoft  The single most important
Cambridge University geneticist Giles Yeo spills the beans on genetic testing in the fitness industry.  Find out:  How a geneticist stays sane  Whether or not you can really use genetic testing to prescribe diets  Will Mike survive the podcast
Richard Lovatt created the Epic Fitness Summit to make evidence based science sexy & engaging. In this episode I chat to Martin about his experiences of the event and then we get Richard on to talk about the event, happenings over the weekend,
In this episode we focus on protein with Stu Phillips and chat about:  Stu's relationship to hollywood  why the RDA for protein should be doubled hairdressing in london? Testosterone replacement therapy How much protein does the protein guy ea
Listen in as we talk to Dr Lee Hamilton about:  Drugs for muscle gain & preventing muscle loss When is mouse research applicable to humans? Staying credible in the supplement industry What are evidence based fakers? How to misrepresent study d
In depth interview with Prof Shawn Arent - possibly the most jacked professor ever!  Discover:  how to use basic physiology testing to complement nutrition & performance eating disorders  why do parents feed young athletes coca-cola but are sc
Diabetes 101: why low-carb zealots are damaging diabetes care instead of helping find out who is the fitness industries answer to Mariah Carey Zealotism in diabetes  why the daily mail inspired this show  Martin is kenyan? wtf? why the world i
Exposed: Gluten Free & Ketogenic Performance Fallacies. Also covered in this epic interview with Trent Stellingwerff: is low carb useful for athletes? the dreadlock story you haven't heard yet The carb continuum & why its important how big of
First episode of our Special Guest Series with Professor Kevin Tipton. Listen in to find out: ●is there any evidence for BCAA's? ●what kevin doesn't want you to tell his head of school ●what he thinks about fasted training for fat loss ●the adv
A full episode of answering listener questions. Covered: how to gain muscle whilst intermittent fasting, metabolic flexibility, stigma associated with dietetics, calorie deficits whilst cycling, any evidence for protein + fat breakfast? Is Mart
Discussed in today's show: Martin and Mike's personal experiences of competing, their nutritional approaches, things learned, what they do now and how to set up a bodybuilding diet yourself PLUS myths busted.
In this show we cover Nutrient Timing with a special introduction focusing solely on the practice of 'Carb Back Loading' with some interesting anecdotes as well as, of course, a review of what the research says on the topic. We discuss the timi
This whole show is about answering listener questions: we tackle the relatively new topic of reverse dieting - what it is, why it might be useful, how to do it. We also discuss internet gurus and why there are so many differing opinions. Also d
The dynamic duo strike again with hard hitting truths and practical recommendations on how to enjoy the dieting process and not hate life. They also discuss whether or not gary taubes is much more than a zealot: are taubes' theories correct? th
An indepth discussion about all things dietary fat. Covering disease risk, hormone optimisation etc - as usual Martin and Mike allow research and personal experiences to dominate the discussion. THANK YOU to everyone who left a review this far
In this episode Martin & Mike discuss their personal experiences with intermittent fasting and also the results of their clients - the results of which may surprise you. Also discussed is the validity that breakfast is the most important meal o
A monthly podcast from a Dietitian and the UK's leading Sports Nutritionist that dispels myths, misconceptions and dishes the dirt on topics such as fat loss, muscle gain, health issues, sports nutrition and more. Exposing the real science and
A monthly podcast from a Dietitian and the UK's leading Sports Nutritionist that dispels myths, misconceptions and dishes the dirt on topics such as fat loss, muscle gain, health issues, sports nutrition and more. Exposing the real science and
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