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New podcast ! The Clarity Maestro. Search your favorite podcast platform and join me there! Here is the intro: Clarity Coach Bob Olmstead brings focus and fire to the thinkers and creators of the world- one clarifying episode at a time. When wa
You know when you’re in the presence of a credible innovator. Outgoing, introverted, a disruptive innovator’s personality type does not matter. The key to their magic as an innovator is in how they see the world. The creative mind of a disrupti
Every potential customer, employee, love interest, collaborator, and many others, ask themselves three things when first meeting you. For most, its a subconscious framework. Most people don’t realize this internal framework exists. I call it, T
Patagonia. Warby Parker. Virgin America (bought out by Alaska). The size of your business does not matter. A one-person business, a small boutique firm, a multimillion-dollar family-owned business, EVERYONE can benefit from the Secret Sauce tha
Wiki on EQ: “Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior,
Perfectionism. Isolation. Armor. We all have our “go to” swords when we’re feeling inadequate, insecure, or afraid. And for a moment, it works, we feel more in control. But a sword is a weapon, and weapons always do damage. Embracing progress,
How do you define success? Successful but unhappy is both a symptom and a result. Wake-up calls come in many forms, but in all in cases, we need to be willing to hear the screaming sounds of caution. Successful but unhappy is a byproduct of thi
Passion driven success sounds incredible! But here’s the thing, passion-driven success takes as much if not more work than traditional success. Initially, when you’re trying to find your voice in a given space, there are many unknowns. Thankful
The idea of branding your purpose is very intoxicating. Aligning your greatest passions with your profession may feel as natural as breathing air. But in the real world, that can be an incredibly difficult journey. You don’t want to jump into t
This Wednesday, my second deep dive monthly teleseminar, The Monthly Malbec will drop– Brand Your Purpose & Passions In (5) Steps.It’s a heartfelt examination of the mental shifts and big picture actions necessary to effectively branding your p
When this specific person walks into a room, you know they’ve arrived. They’re completely comfortable in their skin. The good. The not so good. They don’t seem to get caught up in approval seeking. They are who they are, take it, or leave it. C
Learning to say “no” is learning how to honor and speak your truth. It has nothing to do with being an extrovert or an introvert. You are a sacred and valuable human being — your truth matters. Your time and how you choose to spend it, your lif
Ever walked barefoot on a beach? If so, you’ve seen your footprints in the sand. Has anyone ever told you that your footprints didn’t belong? If you didn’t make so many mistakes, spent more time in school, were male or female, then your footpri
Ring the bell, and the dog salivates. Welcome to vanity metrics, content hacks, and perfect blog titles! In most cases, such devices do little for your bottom line. The road to success is far more about preaching truth than publishing perfectio
The audience is made up of about 25-30 business owners. It’s time for introductions with a 3-4 minute time limit. The parade of C Suite this, mid-sized that begins. After a mind-numbing half hour, watching paint dry, in comparison, feels like g
The Universal Creative is intrusive. It demands everything and promises nothing in return. It takes a lot to keep showing up. It takes a lot to continually surrender your core being to an unseen force in that hope that one day, you’ll get your
Most changemakers are fully aware of the fact they are talented beings. That's not the problem. The challenge is getting past a superficial assessment of talent to get to the big stuff, the magical mojo that could become a life changer. I am Ma
Our lives are chalked full of defining moments. At first glance, there is little rhyme or reason to it all. Life happens. But then we slow a bit and see things with a new set of eyes. The events of our lives impact our lives. Some stick with th
Being porous, open, and teachable is both a philosophy toward life and a state of mind. As changemaker that is trying to make a difference, being teachable is an absolute must. How else to scale your level of impact? To grow, we must be lifetim
About (5) years ago, I walked away from a six-figure career to start an Avant-garde training and development program for the changemakers of the world. Being totally honest, I was very naive.I have helped many a client build million dollar comp
Preview of My Teleseminar - Business Development For Changemakers - (5) Questions To Save Time, Money, And Heartache
In our mind, everything is possible. That’s good news. The bad news is, in our minds, everything can SEEM impossible, even if that’s not the case. Maybe, one day, I’ll have the skills to become a legit CEO. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be the savvy s
Bohemian: socially unconventional in an artistic way. Is that you? Do you view the world through a different pair of glasses? Are you different? If so, welcome to #TribeUnicorn! But there’s an unspoken downside. Pain. The pain of being differen
When you’re building your coaching business or your consulting practice, it’s easy to get lost in your head. It’s easy to compare your coaching business or consulting practice to other brands. When we do that, we tend to focus on our shortcomin
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