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Baldwin Ritual Killing? Another Hollywood death starts whispers of a ritual killing, Lies about Queens Health, Politicians worried about safety etc etc etc. Time for a weekend round up to see how our reality is breaking down. Get The Uncann
Society Collapse 2022 The no jab no job blackmail is not working because people are quitting. Without workers to run their corporations a collapse of society is inevitable.. and that's good news for us. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions C
Fourth Wave Begins Hype for another lockdown started as forewarned. And Max Egan has done a runner from Oz to Mexico! Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or...... Donate Here If You Wish:
Clinton Dies As Empire Falls The official story is that Clinton is in hospital for a 'None Covid' infection... Even the Headline should make people suspicious. Why would they even say that?  
British MP's In Fear Funny isn't it? The UK Home Secretary turns a blind eye to the Illegal Migrant invasion from France... yet Lo and Behold... A British MP gets stabbed, then within hours she calls for an immediate police review of protect
 Jab Injuries Revealed More folks making videos of illnesses since rolling up their sleeves. Warning: This Video is not suitable for the faint of heart. Video - Vax Injuries Compilation.   
Jab Em All Jab em all, jab em all.. The Long and the Short and the Tall... We'll jab all the Babies and pregnant young Ladies Because we're going to jab one all.
Winter Energy Crisis Planned  Unbelievable but true. The lunatics in suits are now causing a Winter fuel crisis on purpose and gas prices are soaring out of control. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or...... Donate Here If Y
Net Outage Warning To Elites The Six Hour long  internet outage was actually a Warning Shot to the Soros elite cabal and their flunkeys by a cyber security set up known as Project Raven. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or..
Dump Big Tech For Freedom Internet outage of Cabal media platforms, Military Veterans siding with the Public and a growing legion of resistance does not bode for well for the fading elites. PS: My Telegram Channel: T.me/rebelmoonpod or Sea
Internet Crash - More To Come Facebook, Instagram and a number of others had major Tech issues that left them bewildered. Twitter, Snap-Chat and Reddit et al were also affected but Telegram used by many Patriots and the like sailed through t
Winter Blackouts & Pandora EU planning to cause energy shortage while the Pandora Papers opens many cans of worms.
Are We Being Run By Clones?  (35 Mins) There is something not right with world leaders and our governments. Are they not who we think they are? Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or Donate Here If You Wish:
Free Oz - Jail Kim Jung Andrews!    (45 Mins) Free Oz.. Free Oz..  Free Oz.. China shill posing as the Victoria premier Kim Jung Andrews and  his Tyrannical Mercenaries disguised as Cops Down Under need to be taken down.. Let it be so... Ge
Panic Buying Morons Congratulations to BBC and Sky for successfully starting another Panic Buying Frenzy amongst the morons. Pat yourselves on the back while smiling smugly. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or Donate Here If
October - What To Expect A great mind once said... 'When the PTB make the final push into the NWO... They will come at us from so many angles... it will make your head spin. So let's peek into October to se what we can expect. Get The Uncan
Australian Psycho Cops -Out Of Control  (31 Mins) I'm going to keep this fairly short today because I'm going to let some videos do the talking with Max Egan who is witnessing what's really happening Down Under in Oz... Nazism!   Max Egan
Media Threat To Humanity Russia is a threat, China is dangerous, Afghanistan breeding ground for terror oh yes... the Climate is going to kill us all we don't stop going about our daily lives. Don't Think, just obey say the Media. Oh, and ge
Australia Quake Bomb? We mentioned the NZ Earthquake in last Pod.. then lo and behold... neighbouring Oz was struck by a mysterious Quake in Melbourne. No Tremors, Swarms or Aftershocks. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or D
A Secret About Your Future Revealed  (Duration 60 Mins) I have delayed this Podcast long enough. It's time you should know how all this fear ends. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Click Here: Or Donate Here If You Wish:
End Of Admiralty Law? Delving into Maritime Admiralty Law which has enslaved generations. Also a quick dive into the hidden meanings behind everyday words. It may sound boring but I assure you its not and you will be a lot wiser by the end o
Trump Warns DC Rally A Trap Warning to American Patriots to stay away from today's rally in DC now confirmed by Trump. Also more on the French, Prince Andrew, Quakes and Floods of Elite Safe Havens etc. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions C
Doomsday Clock - 60 Seconds To Midnight Time to update the Doomsday Clock... because it seems the scientist boffins are fearful of doing it for us. So let's create our own for the demise of the elites. Get The Uncanny Book Of Predictions Cl
Famous Under Witness Protection  Not all in Hollywood are monsters. There are Hundreds of famous people in a Witness Protection program by the Trump Alliance. Get Your 2020 - 2022 Prediction Handbook Here Or You Can Donate Here If You Wish
Trump Not President - Confirmed  (42 Mins Duration) Despite rumours that Trump is still President.. he's not.. Biden is as will be explained. Meanwhile, more on the illegitimate Royals, Prince Andrew Served legal notice and the Queen is a B
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