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RB099: Epic Food to Nourish Your Body with Taylor Collins

Released Friday, 20th February 2015
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Taylor Collins, founder of Epic, joins me on the show to talk all things Epic Bars. If you've never had an Epic Bar, you're missing out on immense flavor, nutrition, and convenience!

I love Taylor's story because of the very cool twist that he shares at the beginning: that a famous meat bar company was actually started by two former vegetarians.

Before the main segment, I also tell you about an amazing live event we're holding San Diego this May. 

In this episode:

You're invited to our Reboot LIVE Retreat in San Diego, CA on May 8th, 9th and 10th!
How—and most importantly why---two former vegetarians started a meat bar company.
Obstacles a company faces when trying to produce a quality product with no shortcuts.
Why epic bars are the most nutritious protein bars on the market.
How pastured animals are the key to environmental sustainability.
Getting organ meats in your diet easily (even while traveling).

Mentioned on the show:

Reboot LIVE Retreat
Epic Bars

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