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TRB049: Chasing Greatness (Series Introduction)

Released Friday, 28th March 2014
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This is an introduction to a new series I'm launching exclusively on the podcast called "Chasing Greatness." It will be a collection of episodes designed to help us rediscover the greatness that we were born with and to fix and heal the aspects of our lives that are eroding -- or in some cases destroying -- our greatness.
The reason for this series is simple: our goals for better eating, staying active, achieving body composition improvement, and so on are tightly integrated with other areas of our life. They all must be addressed to be successful because your behaviors, actions, thoughts, and circumstances -- holistically -- will quickly sabotage your health and fitness goals if they're not accounted for. 
This is the cold hard truth. I wish it were all about what to eat and how to exercise. That would be so easy! But nothing in life is that simple. If you came to me for financial counseling, what would we talk about? Probably LIFE, right? Again, behaviors, actions, thoughts, circumstances. Those things don't change simply because we're talking about health and fitness.
When you start to master different areas of your life, food and exercise become easy. In fact, health becomes an aspect of your life that you cherish rather than one you fight with. It becomes an asset rather than a liability. It becomes a part of you, rather than some external dream or goal you're stuck chasing forever.
The episodes will NOT be released in succession. They'll be released as they're completed. To be notified of new episodes in this series, make sure you're on the podcast email list at https://rebootedbody.com/podcast/
An archive of this series will eventually be found at https://rebootedbody.com/greatness