Fancy (Farm) Didn't Let Us Down

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Growing up in Louisville, in a not-particularly-politically-engaged family, I had never heard of Fancy Farm until I started working in a newsroom. 

When I did, I almost thought the reporters were kidding me. It's a church picnic, in Western Kentucky, where some of the most important people in Kentucky politics go every year and make funny, trash-talking speeches about each other? Sure.

I've still never been (I have to fix that one of these years), but now I'm a believer: Fancy Farm might be one of the Kentuckiest things in Kentucky. 

This year, the big stories were that Governor Bevin didn't show up, and that Allison Lundergran Grimes apparently has jokes for days:

"Mitch had to leave because he is very busy rushing a Supreme Court vote. It is so sad. Like many men, he suffers from premature confirmation. And like a man, he claims it never happens to him." 

Capital reporter Ryland Barton has been covering Fancy Farm for the past four years. He joins us on today's show to give us the highlights of this year's picnic, and wax philosophical about the event as a whole.

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15 mins


Tuesday, August 7th 2018