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In today's episode we speak with speak with Dr. Antonio Paris! Dr. Paris is the Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science, an Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at St. Petersburg College, FL, and a graduate of the NASA
In this interview, Ron and Robert discuss this week's launch of humans to the ISS, his trip to see the Starship shipyard, his discussion with Elon Musk about Musk's goal to colonize Mars, Zubrin's new book "The Case for Space", the issues with
In this interview, Ron and Jim discuss Jim's job as NASA's Chief Scientist, getting back to the moon in 2024, the Lunar Gateway, SLS's recent milestones, what finding life on Mars will mean for humanity, Mars 2020 rover, Curiosity's discovery o
In this interview, Bill and Jim discuss the Artemis/Moon 2024 program, the future of space exploration, the new space race with commercial and government space agencies, recent methane discoveries by Curiosity, and much more! 
In this interview, we discuss Dr. Dunn's work in subterranean habitats on the Moon and Mars, his incredible expeditions around the world , leading the expedition to take Neil Armstrong to the North Pole, working in underground systems to develo
In this interview, we discuss Mars InSight's successful landing, Zubrin's Moon Direct plan, his critiques on the Deep Space Gateway, working with SpaceX to get back to the moon, and much more!  
In this interview, Ron and Reut discuss astrobiology, her work with the Mars Society in Australia, her creation of the Mars Society Israel Chapter, the growing excitement for space science in Israel, her and her students work as analog Martian/
Dirk Schulze-Makuch is a professor for planetary habitability and astrobiology at the Technical University, Berlin, Germany, where he leads the Dry Limit of Life Project, and he's also an adjunct professor at Washington State University and Ari
In today's episode we speak with James L Burk. James is The Mars Society's IT Director and is heading up their newest project, MarsVR! In this interview, we discuss the Mars Society's new VR project MarsVR, how it differs from the other VR and
In today's episode we speak with Dr. Dava Newman. Dr. Newman is the previous NASA Deputy Administrator, a spacesuit innovator, and a professor at MIT. In this interview, we discuss her 20 years of work on getting humans to Mars, the development
In today's episode we speak with Dr. Robert Zubrin. Dr Zubrin is the president of The Mars Society and author of the seminal "The Case for Mars" & "Mars Direct". He is one of the most outspoken voices on getting us to Mars as soon as possible a
In today's episode we speak with Cassandra Klos (pronounced Klaus). She is a Boston fine art photographer and for the the past three years has been working on a photography project entitled "Mars on Earth". It documents current Mars analog and
In today's episode we speak with Dr. Geronimo Villanueva from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Via the NASA Website. " Dr. Geronimo Villanueva is a planetary scientist at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center who specializes in the search for organ
In today's episode we speak with Dr. Chris Mckay from NASA Ames Research Center. Chris is an astrobiologist and space scientist, as well as an authority often sought out to discuss terraforming other planets...and Mars! He's also a popular scie
In today's episode we speak with Alyssa Carson. At 16 years old, she is already on her way to being a space traveler, working with Project Possum Citizen Scientist Astronautics program (Advanced POSSUM Academy), as well as being a national spea
In today's episode we speak with Morgan Arena Irons, founder of Deep Space Ecology. We discuss her work with environmental sciences, how this led her to developing the Three-Zone Model, and what this will mean for sustaining life on the Red Pla
In today's episode, we speak with Jeff and Melissa Pernell of Galactic Farms. We discuss their passion project of spacefarming, their award-winning team for agriculture in the Mars City Design contest, their work with HI-SEAS to help feed a Mar
Today’s guest is Dr. Joseph Parker. Dr. Parker has a doctorate of medicine from the Mayo Clinic and a Master's of Science in Space Studies.  He served in the Marines and became an officer in the US Air Force with the Strategic Air Command, late
There are many burning questions for NASA's Journey To Mars: Since the Orion is so small, how will NASA astronauts live comfortably on the way to Mars? What will they eat and how will they grow food? And what are the contingency plans if someth
New Zealand Mars Society President Haritina Mogosanu is definitely a dreamer. Her fascination with stars has gone back as far as she can remember. As Haritina grew up, her passion for stars grew too, and she learned that many of humankind's gre
Leonard David is an award winning space journalist, reporting on space activities for over 50 years and is author of Mars – Our Future on the Red Planet to be published by National Geographic on October 25, 2016. The book is the companion volum
Vera Mulyani's multidisciplinary background in master planning in various fields of art; architecture, urban design, filmmaking and storytelling, has made her specialized in conceptual strategy in technology, innovation and business development
Dr. Zubrin is an American aerospace engineer and author of The Case for Mars, best known for his advocacy of the manned exploration. Today’s host is Bill Hargenrader, bestselling author of the Mars Journey series, and Founder of I Love Mars Med
Bill Hargenrader, bestselling author of the Mars Journey series, interviews Chris Hoftun Chairman and co-founder of the Mars Institute Norway, and Program Manager Space Systems at Zaptec where he is currently investigating a new plasma drilling
Bill Hargenrader, bestselling author of the Mars Journey series, interviews Lucinda Offer, Executive Director of the Mars Society, who has devoted over 10 years to Humans to Mars advocacy and analog research. Lucinda has been an extremely effec
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