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Red Web

A weekly True Crime, Society and Culture podcast featuring Alfredo Diaz and Trevor Collins
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Episodes of Red Web

There exists a strange anomaly in which people collectively remember a false memory. Despite evidence proving it as fake, there are those who insist that the memory is true, leading to theories ranging from cognitive and social reinforcement to
Rumors of a gigantic creature lurking in the depths of a Scottish loch have existed for centuries. Today, we dive back into the world of cryptids as we discuss the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Sponsored by Voodoo Ranger (visit @VoodooRanger on
In 2007, multiple families were harassed by a mysterious caller, hounding them with threatening voicemails and ominous text messages. Despite all attempts, the culprit was never revealed. Today, we discuss the disturbing case of the Restricted
Seattle, Washington was home to a local phenomenon: a vending machine that dispensed a random variety of sodas, some of which had been out of production for years. Today, we discuss the puzzling Mystery Soda Machine. Sponsored by BetterHelp (ht
A remote lake in the Himalayas was found to contain the remains of hundreds of people. If this weren't perplexing enough, it was discovered that the remains were dated centuries apart. Today, we look at the fascinating puzzle of Skeleton Lake.
In 1982, a fantasy book was published that contained clues to a treasure hunt. Readers soon realized the hunt was real, prompting a nationwide search for the solutions. Today, we discuss the mystery known as The Secret. Sponsored by BetterHelp
A video pirate hijacked Chicago, Illinois television airwaves dressed as a popular TV character of the time, speaking and acting in a strange manner. Today, we look at the bizarre case of the Max Headroom Incident. Sponsored by The Jordan Harb
Much like the peculiar mysteries of the Internet that we've covered before, there are just as many strange corners of the Earth that we have yet to discuss. These enigmas can happen right in your own backyard, and have given rise to folklore an
In an attempt to become the first woman to fly around the world, she and her navigator disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Today, we close out our month of disappearances with one of the most famous cases of all time: Amelia Earhart.
In the 1500s, English settlers attempted to settle their first American colony. The captain returned from a supply run to find it abandoned, with only the word "Croatoan" carved into a nearby post. Today, we discuss the historic disappearance o
In 1899, a passing ship investigated an unlit lighthouse. Upon arriving, they discovered a baffling scene. The keepers of the lighthouse were nowhere to be found, and they were never seen again. Today, we discuss the curious story of the Flanna
In 1872, an American merchant ship was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon investigating, it was found that the crew had completely disappeared, though their belongings remained. Today we start our month of disappearance-themed episodes wi
We delve yet again into the bizarre corners of the Internet and the mysteries they offer. This time, they range from a mysterious postcard that first appeared on Twitter to a DVD left on a park bench. Welcome back to The Internet Files.  Spons
A brutal murderer stalked the streets of London, England in the 1800s. Despite the notoriety of his crimes, he was never caught and his identity remains unknown. Today, we discuss who is perhaps the most notorious killer of all time: Jack the R
A family of five purchased what they thought to be their dream home. But before they could move in, they began receiving disturbing letters from a mysterious entity. Today, we look at the unnerving mystery of The Watcher House. Sponsored by Th
For years, someone has left strange, rambling reviews of a key lime pie from a restaurant that's been closed for over a decade. The purpose behind these comments, and the identity of the commenter, remain unknown. Today, we talk about the mind-
The six inhabitants of a small German homestead were found brutally murdered in 1922. To make matters worse, there is reason to believe the murderer lived on the farm for days afterward, tending to the livestock. Today, we discuss the unsettlin
Tales of a mysterious blood sucking creature emerged from Puerto Rico in the 1990s. The stories soon spread to multiple countries in Central America and North America. Today, we look at what we know about the first cryptid of the Internet age:
In 1982, the Chicago, Illinois area was stricken with multiple, seemingly unrelated deaths due to over-the-counter medication. After an interesting discovery, authorities were led to believe that foul play was involved. Today, we analyze the hi
In 1981, stories began circling of an arcade gaming cabinet that supposedly inflicted players with migraines, nightmares, and symptoms of brainwashing. To make matters even more strange, it was reported to be regulary monitored by men in black
Since 2007, people online have been attempting to find the title and artist for a song that was first played on the radio in the 1980s. Despite it becoming a viral sensation, that information remains unknown. Today, we're going to talk about Th
There is an area of the Atlantic Ocean in which multiple ships and aircrafts have myseriously disappeared for centuries. The cause of those disappearances remains up for debate. Today, we discuss the famous Bermuda Triangle. Check out Annual Pa
Stories of a disturbing, flying creature roaming the northeast United States have circulated for centuries. Today, we try to separate fact from fiction and analyze what we know about the popular cryptid known as the Jersey Devil. Sponsored by T
A strange issue with Google Translate was discovered in 2018. This spiraled into a bizarre mystery of its own, involving tens of thousands of websites, a seemingly unremarkable indie film, and the mysterious figure at the center of it all. Toda
A series of terrifying attacks in 1946 left a small town in Texas paralyzed with fear. The brutal assailant was unfortunately never captured. Today, we discuss the horrific case of the Texarkana Moonlight Murders. Sponsored by The Jordan Harbin
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