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Redemption is an actual-play podcast telling an ongoing story set in the STAR WARS universe by using the most excellent Star Wars RPG system by Fantasy Flight Games. Redemption tells a story exploring the Star Wars universe just before and going into the Clone Wars and does so through the eyes of the four main characters. Come for the STAR WARS, but stay for the character relationships, laughter and tears that make up Redemption.

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Driving the dark side of the FORCE out of something isn’t an easy task, and it’s been keeping Karrell occupied for so long that the rest of the crew has gotten restless and bored even with the sights of CORUSCANT to keep them entertained. The search for Ilar and Reese isn’t going anywhere fast, and …

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Having faced down a LORD OF THE SITH has left the crew shaken. With one Jedi Knight dead, ISLA lying unconscious in the medbay again, and TAZI and KARRELL left to pick up the pieces, what is the crew’s next move? JEDI MASTER THALL has some ideas, but they rely far too heavily on a questionable …

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This episode, recorded live at AcadeCon 2017 showcases some of our Patreons who were in attendance.  Discovering that Essek is being controlled by a split-off faction of Nightsisters, the group go in search of clues to find where this rogue element might be hiding…   Special Guests: Dani Neary from …

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This episode, recorded live at AcadeCon 2017 showcases some of our Patreons who were in attendance.  The nightsisters have taken control of ESSEK TAZI, and his wife VERITA has assembled a group of heroes to try and track down his mind-captors and make them dead! Now, in a remote village on …

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As another between-season episode, our GM Chris is joined by Tanner (of the world’s best L5R podcast) Shadows of the Cabal and they discuss GM styles, planning, preparation and what goes into making a long-form adventure podcast plot.

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