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Episode 530. British ‘LongLost’ Opening
“The UK cast of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) — James Percy, Joe Maudsley, and Matt Pearson — reflect on the craziness of the opening performances of this 50-city tour, and discuss the process of taking LongLostShakes out of the rehearsal hall and in front of an audience. Featuring theContinue reading The post Episode 530. British ‘LongLost’ Opening appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 527. The Writers Theatre
“Recently dubbed “Company of the Year” by Terry Teachout in the Wall Street Journal, the Writers Theatre in the Chicago suburb of Glencoe began in the back of a bookstore and in its 25th anniversary season opened its brand new multi-million dollar performing arts venue — which is also an award-winner! Michael Halberstam,Continue reading The post Episode 527. The Writers Theatre appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 524. Podcasting Ten Years
“The RSC Podcast recently celebrated its tenth year of weekly podcasting. Austin Tichenor reminisces about the podcast’s origins, his brushes with the great, the near-great, the famous, and the infamous; the real-time chronicle of nearly half of the RSC’s theatrical resume; the advantages of Fan-Boying With Purpose; the development ofContinue reading The post Episode 524. Podcasting Ten Years appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 523. More Sam Williams
“Our friend Sam Williams of the Flying Karamazov Brothers (right) died suddenly in November 2016, and we had just had the pleasure of seeing him and recording a lengthy conversation in which Sam talked about his work and adventures juggling and performing around the world. This week features another excerpt fromContinue reading The post Episode 523. More Sam Williams appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 571. The Scary Clown
In this delayed Halloween episode, one scary clown discusses another. Former Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey circus clown Reed Martin (right) reviews the new film adaptation of Stephen King's It, paying particular attention to the accuracy and creepiness of the infamous Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård, left). Featuring apocryphal stories, the possible origins of coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), the difference between successful and unsuccessful adaptations of Stephen King novels, attention to detail, really scary online groups, and the realization that maybe some irrational fears aren’t quite so irrational after all. (Length 16:50) The post Episode 571. The Scary Clown appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 564. Pop-Up Book Launch
Artist Jennie Maizels and co-author Austin Tichenor appeared at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon to celebrate the publication of their new book Pop-Up Shakespeare. This edited version of the very fun event features magnificent performances, impertinent Shakespearean comparisons, momentous first dates, unexpected tears (though it was during a tragedy so maybe theyContinue reading The post Episode 564. Pop-Up Book Launch appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 561. Fall Tour Preview
Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor preview all our upcoming fall dates: four shows in three countries, ten states, and thirteen cities, performed by a dozen or so actors! Featuring news about The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) , All the Great Books (abridged), The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged), and William Shakespeare’s LongContinue reading The post Episode 561. Fall Tour Preview appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 553. We Review ‘Will’
“Have you seen Will, the new TNT series that imagines the so-called ‘lost-years’ of William Shakespeare as a world in which Shakespeare in Love meets The Clash? We review the first two episodes with New York Times best-selling novelist Christopher Moore, whose terrific comic novels include such Shakespearean imaginings as Fool andContinue reading The post Episode 553. We Review ‘Will’ appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 544. Touring With Alice
“School’s out for summer! So Tal Sanders (not pictured), Assistant Professor of Theatre at Pacific University, tells us tales of touring with Alice Cooper (pictured) when he (Tal) was a young theatre technician. Featuring synonyms for nimble, tales of rock stars seen and concerts worked, scandalous revelations of what one asks innocent young ladies to doContinue reading The post Episode 544. Touring With Alice appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 552. Director Christopher Edwards
Christoper V. Edwards is directing this summer's non-RSC production of William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged) at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and he talks to us about how he got the job and how rehearsals are going (it opens July 29). He also talks about his new gig as Artistic Director of the Actors Shakespeare Project in Boston, and how he interprets LongLostShakes, doubling and tripling actors, the differences between LongLostShakes and The Complete Works..., mutual friends The Q Brothers, playing with language, shout-outs to Boston, opportunities to have conversations with Shakespeare, and, most importantly, the significant ways in which William Shakespeare is a rabid squirrel. (Length 25:16) The post Episode 552. Director Christopher Edwards appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 567.5. The Podcast’s Back!
We’re back! The tea has been mopped up and podcast service has been restored. In this very special bonus episode we explain, in the words of Hillary Clinton, what happened. A tea-related laptop spill will delay (by days, probably) this week's podcast. Apologies for the interruption in service! — ReducedContinue reading The post Episode 567.5. The Podcast’s Back! appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 543. Editing Pop-Up Shakespeare
“Walker Books editor Daisy Jellicoe discusses the joy of editing children’s books generally, pop-up books particularly, and Pop-Up Shakespeare especially. Featuring the marriage of Jennie Maizels‘ images and our text, similarities between editing children’s books and reducing, the importance of reader engagement, keeping many fingers in different pies, the pleasure and privilege of reinventing Shakespeare,Continue reading The post Episode 543. Editing Pop-Up Shakespeare appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 554. Curtain Call Online
“John Schwab talks about how Curtain Call the book (left) has become Curtain Call the online community, a place for theatre professionals and fans where the shows live on after they close, built for theatre people by theatre people. Featuring celebration and connection, weird love children that catch the theatre bug,Continue reading The post Episode 554. Curtain Call Online appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 579. Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries
Anne Morgan is the literary manager of the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA, which has created the “Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries” project, a ground-breaking undertaking to discover, develop, and produce a new canon of 38 plays inspired by and in conversation with Shakespeare’s originals. Anne sat down at this year’s Shakespeare Theatre Association conference, hosted by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, to discuss the origins of this very exciting project, its ultimate scope, and what’s involved with administrating this wide-ranging, blind-reading, open-application process. Featuring outstanding opportunities for emerging or unrepresented playwrights, the power of embracing Shakespeare’s original staging practices, the importance and value of learning from your actors and learning from your audience, the removal of unconscious bias, and the important difference between dramaturgs and dramaturds. Recorded LIVE at the 2018 Shakespeare Theatre Association Conference. (Length 17:45) The post Episode 579. Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 578. Shakespeare In Prague
Back in October of 2017, we had the great good fortune of visiting Prague Shakespeare Company in the beautiful Czech Republic, and we got to speak with Jared Doreck, Steve Josephson, and John Boston, the cast of PSC's production of William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged). Featuring expat adventures, working with Ray Bradbury, bilingual productions of The Winter’s Tale, crazy performance schedules, multiple casting in repertory, playing in Mozart’s footsteps, getting to play the coveted role of Tiberio, bows that go on forever, and the craziness of completing Shakespeare’s entire canon in a single year — including Shakespeare’s long lost first play! Recorded LIVE at Prague’s famous Cafe Louvre. (Length 20:45) The post Episode 578. Shakespeare In Prague appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 573. Heminges & Condell
In her new play The Book of Will, Lauren Gunderson imagines what Shakespeare’s fellow actors John Heminges and Henry Condell had to accomplish to publish the First Folio, the first collection of Shakespeare’s plays. In the Northlight Theatre production in Chicago, actors Jim Ortlieb (a veteran of Broadway, TV, and film) and Gregory Linington (whose stage, film, and TV credits across the country include 12 seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland) play John and Henry and share insights into what it's like to create these roles. Featuring research, textual clues, King’s Men actors defined by NBA analogies, the difference between real life and art, the anticipation of 19th century actor/managers, the trick of getting across information, and the absolute fundamental Disney-related difference between these two literary saviors. (Length 22:27) (Jim Ortlieb as John Heminges (left), Dana Black as his daughter Alice, and Gregory Linington as Henry Condell in the Northlight Theatre production of Lauren Gunderson's The Book of Will. Photo by Liz Lauren.) The post Episode 573. Heminges & Condell appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 590. Serious Actor Clown
Philip Earl Johnson stars in Enemy of the People at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and talks about the creation of his role in this new adaptation, and how he divides his time between theatre work and his other life as the RenFaire clown MooNiE. Featuring the fundamental virtues of conviction and truth, brushes with rockstar greatness, travels with Angels in America, the value of getting through 200 shows, the art of combining Ibsen with Charlie Chaplin, the magic of whistling, the inspiration of junkyard dogs, and the glory of scoring a leading role the old-fashioned way — by auditioning. (Length 24:17) The post Episode 590. Serious Actor Clown appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 600! American Theatre Magazine
For this milestone episode, we talk to the journal of record for the American theatre industry: American Theatre magazine. Managing Editor Russell Dembin and Associate Editor Allison Considine discuss the magazine's origins, its operations, its expansion, and its impact. Featuring changing publishing schedules, expanded focus, evolving trends, exciting productions, bold new work, new takes on old work, challenges facing the industry, stepping up an online presence, shout-outs to Senior Editor Diep Tran, theme issues, changing job descriptions, ideas for possible future projects, a special appearance from Most Produced Playwright Who Isn't William Shakespeare Lauren Gunderson, and above all, creating a go-to destination for all theatre practitioners -- and fans. (Length 22:21) The post Episode 600! American Theatre Magazine appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 584. The Comedy “Plantation!”
Kevin Douglas’ new play Plantation! is having its world premiere right now at the Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago, in a production directed by Lookingglass founding member David Schwimmer and starring eight phenomenal actresses. It’s a family comedy that deals with race and legacy and family and atonement, and in addition to its many laughs, some of which are definitely uncomfortable, its ending takes audiences absolutely by surprise and bring them to tears. Kevin discusses his creative process, explaining why he decided to create a comedy in the first place, and features the danger of clinging, the benefit of listening to actors, the value of a spoonful of sugar, and how Kevin’s next play will solve all the world’s problems. (Length 25:05) The post Episode 584. The Comedy “Plantation!” appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 593. Best Shakespeare Play
The We Got This! Podcast, created and hosted by Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi, settles such important and earth-shattering cultural debates as what is the Best Donut, the Best Toilet Paper, and Best Muppet. But recently, with the help of the RSC's own Austin Tichenor, they settled something truly important: What is, actually, Shakespeare's greatest play. This week we present to you the abridged version of Episode 113 of the We Got This! Podcast, featuring truly lively banter, questionable priorities, varying definitions of ‘expert,’ Shakespearean references to both Scooby-Doo and Freddy Krueger, living with mistakes, the legacy of Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech, adherence to the Aristotelian unities, the challenge of appreciating Shakespeare’s greatness without acknowledging his flaws, suggested new opening lines for Twelfth Night, and ultimately a shocking (or maybe not-so-shocking) result. (Leave your comments below.) (Length 30:10) The post Episode 593. Best Shakespeare Play appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Other Famous Prequels
With Hamlet's Big Adventure (a prequel) now being workshopped by Napa Valley College as part of its Emergence Festival, authors Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor consider other famous prequels in different media, and hope for more of a Godfather II than a Star Wars Episodes 1-3 vibe. Featuring being part of a specific cultural moment (we see you, Gary: A Sequel To Titus Andronicus); a form that Shakespeare probably invented; why sequels are more popular than prequels; wanting to know how we got here and discovering more about beloved characters; shout-outs to prequel authors Christopher Moore (Lamb; Fool), Nicole Galland (I, Iago), and Louis Bayard (Mr. Timothy; Courting Mr. Lincoln); creating a more challenging puzzle than “just” continuing the story; the desire to know how it all began; alternate titles (“Elsewhere in Elsinore”, anybody?); insight from Dr. Ronan Hatfull; absolutely no spoilers about Avengers Endgame; and finally a shout-out to Patton Oswalt’s great routine about eliminating certain disappointing prequels forever. (Length 20:21) (Jessica Romero as King Hamlet and Peter Downey as Hamlet, the prince of Denmark in the Napa Valley College workshop production of Hamlet's Big Adventure (a prequel). Photo by Shelly Hanan. Title graphic by Chad Yarish.) The post Other Famous Prequels appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
High School Bard
"Friend of the pod" Daisy Tichenor talks about her wonderfully Shakespearean senior year in high school, where she played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing on the Philips Exeter Academy MainStage and directed Twelfth Night for the PEA Dramat at the same time. We talk about incredible opportunities; how informal clubs can accommodate a more diverse group of students; how stage managing the Scottish play can inspire; the wonder of getting to play a dream role; being born of all mirth and no matter; keeping the timelines straight; and the ultimate tribute to theatre people. Pretention or Science? Discuss. (Length 19:54) (Daisy Tichenor as Beatrice and Cody Nunn as Don Pedro, Much Ado About Nothing, Philips Exeter Academy, directed by Sarah Ream, 2018.) The post High School Bard appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Weird Old Man
Charlie Christmas’s new album, Weird Old Man, is your perfect summertime jam! A veteran of many bands over the years (from Urge Overkill to The Mobile Homeboys), “Charlie Christmas” is the nom du rock of music journalist Chuck Chrisafulli, who, amongst his many other credits, created some musical cues for our original production of All The Great Books (abridged). Chuck and Charlie discuss how journalism informs the music, where this particular blend of garage rock was actually recorded, important musical debuts, the constant need for good bassists, unfortunate reviews from service pigs, tales of Billy Idol, creating a fair but critical ear, and outstanding inspirations ranging from Pink Floyd and T-Rex to Brian Wilson and Curtis Mayfield (plus some Ramones & Frank Zappa). Buy Weird Old Man here! (Length 20:13) The post Weird Old Man appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Dueling Chicago Hamlets
Chicago is lousy with Hamlets this spring/summer of 2019! Friend of the pod Samuel Taylor was involved with two of them - at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and with the Back Room Shakespeare Project, the latter of which Sam co-founded - and he discusses how all this activity supports and complements both companies and the Chicago theatre community. Featuring the beauty of electricity, fruitful studies in contrasts, asserting control over the laughs, being invested in turtle races, celebrating America’s Mike Nussbaum as the First Gravedigger, hearing about Hamlet being put on trial and Quicksilver Shakespeare actors pulling Hamlet's characters out of a hat, continuing work on Hamlet's Big Adventure (a prequel), the best possible scheduling of Titus Andronicus, the fascination of watching somebody doing something very difficult, and the wonder of understanding both the history of Shakespeare in Chicago and of Chicago Shakespeare. (Length 24:24) (Pictured: Mike Nussbaum as the First Gravedigger, in the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre production of Hamlet, directed by Barbara Gaines. Photo by Liz Lauren. Old Style Hamlet logo courtesy of the Back Room Shakespeare Project.) The post Dueling Chicago Hamlets appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Episode 635. Department Of Curiosity
Andrew White, the Director of Community Engagement for Chicago's Tony-winning Lookingglass Theatre, talks about their newly-formed Department of Curiosity, which cultivates creativity, expands access, and transforms classrooms and communities while codifying and formalizing the fundamental instinct that fuels our work. Featuring the cultivation of new audiences and new theatre creators, building community coalitions, creating context around new programming, how artists can be of service, the difficulty of saying “I don’t know,” possible new titles for existing jobs and an expansion of imagination, and a special appearance from Rebecca Dumain, the program director of The Viola Project. Curiouser and curiouser! (Length 17:03) The post Episode 635. Department Of Curiosity appeared first on Reduced Shakespeare Company.
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