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L. Randall Wray — L. Randall Wray interviewed by Ian Masters on KPFK FM-90.7 - Los AngelesEconomist Randall Wray joins us for a macro-economic analysis of adverse economic trends at home and abroad amid dire predictions of a double-dip recessio
"Guns, Finance and Butter - Finance Is the New Mode of Warfare" with Michael Hudson on Guns and Butter, for July 13, 2011 - 1:00pmThe jobless recovery; the debt ceiling and default; China; Greece; banks, not countries, receive the bailouts; fi
"Debt Deflation in Europe and America" with Michael Hudson on Guns and Butter, for September 14, 2011 - 1:00pmEuropean banking crisis causing a constitutional crisis of the European Central Bank; Germany; the myth of Social Security in the US.
Marshall Auerback —  “How Japan Will Bounce Back” - Radio Free Dylan (Mar 18, 2011)Episode 41: How Japan Will Bounce Back with Marshall Auerback What does the earthquake mean to Japan’s fiscal future? Will one of the possible ripple effects of
James K. Galbraith — "The Affluent Society & Other Writings 1952-1967" - Free Library of Philadelphia (Nov 18, 2010)James K. Galbraith is a professor of economics and the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Chair in Government/Business Relations at the Lynd
James K. Galbraith — "A Progressive Economist" - ElectricPolitics (Sep 26, 2006)The venerable tradition of political economy hasn't died out (yet) but practitioners have become uncommonly hard to find. James K. Galbraith, who penned a wonderful
James K. Galbraith — "Keynote at the EPS Bernard Schwartz Symposium" - (Oct 01, 2010)James K. Galbraith, Keynote at the EPS Bernard Schwartz Symposium October 2010. James K. Galbraith is one of the great economists of our time, and with one of
James K. Galbraith — "James Galbraith Interview" - Alan Minsky (May 27, 2011)Economist James K Galbraith analyzes today’s economy and contrasts it with a sound, and more just, economy.  He also explains why we would need a powerful left to re
Mike Norman — "John Thomas Financial Economist, Mike Norman" - New Captains of Industry (Dec 28, 2010)Economist Mike Norman talks about the Great Recession, the upcoming year 2011, and our Nation's Debt.DownloadMike Norman  has worked at Merri
Mike Norman, L. Randall Wray and Warren Mosler — "Economist Round Table. Economics 101 for Politicians and Policy Makers" - New Captains of Industry (Dec 31, 2010)This economist round table challenges the prevailing thought on the U.S. economy
Warren Mosler — "The economic situations in Europe, China, and the United States in 2011" - New Captains of Industry (Dec 29, 2010)Economist Warren Mosler speaks about the economic situations in Europe, China, and the United States in 2011. He
Warren Mosler — "Can Taxes and Bonds Finance Government Spending?" - Virtually Speaking (Apr 08, 2011)Economist Warren Mosler joins Jay... Can Taxes and Bonds Finance Government Spending? Modern Monetary Theory says no. Co-Author Understanding
05 —  “Policy Proposals for Fiscal Sustainability”” - L. Randall Wray & Pavlina Tcherneva, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InSESSION 5 “Policy Proposals for Fiscal Sustainability”L. Randall Wray, Professor of Economics, Research Director of CFEPS
04 —  “Inflation and Hyper-inflation” - Marshall Auerback, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InSESSION 4 “Inflation and Hyper-inflation”Marshall Auerback, International Consulting Economist, blogger at New Deal 2.0 and New Economic Perspectives Vid
03 — “The Deficit, the Debt, the Debt-To-GDP ratio, the Grandchildren and Government Economic Policy” - Warren Mosler, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InSESSION 3 “The Deficit, the Debt, the Debt-To-GDP ratio, the Grandchildren and Government Econo
02 — “Are There Spending Constraints on Governments Sovereign in their Currency?” - Stephanie Kelton, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InSESSION 2 “Are There Spending Constraints on Governments Sovereign in their Currency?”Stephanie Kelton, Associat
01 — “What Is Fiscal Sustainability?” - Bill Mitchell, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InSESSION 1 “What Is Fiscal Sustainability?”Bill Mitchell, Research Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), at
00 — “Welcome and Introduction” - William Halal, Fiscal Sustainability Teach-InWilliam Halal, Professor, Department of Management at George Washington University, Washington DC. 1st Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In and Counter-ConferenceGeorge Wa
To come: Pavlina Tcherneva, L. Randall Wray, Marshall Auerback, Warren Mosler, Stephanie Kelton and Bill Mitchell from the April 28, 2010 Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In and Counter Conference, as well as other lectures, debates and interviews
L. Randall Wray — The Biggest Drains On The Deficits – 03/02/2011The Biggest Drains On The DeficitRoss Reynolds03/02/2011 at 12:20 p.m.The national debt is growing. Lawmakers and experts are asking the question — what do we do about the biggest
L. Randall Wray — A Minskian Explanation of the Economic Crisis – 2/24/11Professor of Economics, University of Missouri–Kansas City A Minskian Explanation of the Economic Crisis Thursday, February 24, 2011Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, 7:00
Michael Hudson — Michael Hudson on Iceland's "No!" — The Gary Null Show - 4/11/11Health and nutrition news.A great commentary from David Korten about how things really are.Michael Hudson discusses Iceland's rejection of the international banker
Stephen Zarlenga — "The Moral Necessity for Religion to Eradicate Usury" — Cleveland Society of Friends (Quakers) (4/11/11) Zarlenga's Talk to the Cleveland Society of Friends (Quakers) 4/11/11I argued the moral necessity for religion to eradic
Stephen Zarlenga — "How the Economists Facilitated the Crisis" — EEA (2/26/11) Stephen Zarlenga's talk at the Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting 2/26/11. Dr Paul Krugman massaged this audience of economists. I'll summarize his talk: "
"The View From Europe" with Michael Hudson on Guns and Butter, for March 16, 2011 - 1:00pmFinancial and fiscal austerity policies; the appeal of economic austerity to bankers; economic depression and war; post-WWII vs. post-cold war economic po
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