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Refreshingly Human

A weekly Mental Health, Storytelling and Society podcast featuring Hannah Pillow
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Episodes of Refreshingly Human

Do we need to tolerate our families’ choices, opinions and mindset issues as the Blacksheep and rebels? Look, every family has a Blacksheep, or two, or three, but does that mean we need to accept the labels and boxes that are put on us? How do
https://linktr.ee/refreshinglyhuman ‘I felt like a failure, I felt like I failed being a human because I needed this pill’ I missed an important exam, I had a car full of hijabs to help keep my mother of my back, I had tension headaches and che
Luke’s episode on the Haunting of Hill house made me cry…. I get so emotional when I watch both Luke AND Nellie’s episodes. In this episode I dive into how I can relate both characters and their ghosts to my own life? Let us know who you relate
When you lose everything at a young age, how do you get it all back? Madara explains how she became the blacksheep of her family, decided to have a baby at 16 as she craved her own family after losing her parents at a very young age. How did sh
Do you struggle with the fear of disappointing others? Perhaps others are letting you down? BK, the amazing and open Cohost of BK Spadez Podcast, gets real about what it felt like when he let his family down by STANDING UP for himself and how h
What does it feel like to be the Blacksheep of the family? Novacain's family created a rumor that she was pregant when she was 14 years old... What pushes us to be labeled the Blacksheep? Novacain openly discusses how she was shoved into an un
You are living in a global pandemic; your fear center is going whackadoodle.’ Some wise words from CBT practitioner Sarah Kilcullen. This pandemic has taken its toll on us, emotions can seem amplified beyond our control. Have you been able to i
Do you consider yourself a resilient person? Why do you think resilience is so important? In this episode, Hannah and Laurie share some great examples of resilience and why it’s so important to fail fast to succeed faster. Find Hannah on Instag
Do you guilt yourself for changing your mind? What emotions come up when you find an idea is not working and you might need to change course? In this Episode Laurie and I dive into how changing course can be the start of that million-dollar ide
Tell me about your childhood’ is every therapist's go-to question and there’s a reason for that! In this episode we dive into the foundation of Entrepreneur Laurie Mallon, exploring her childhood, the trajectory she followed, and how she feels
In this episode, I highlight the many rock bottoms I faced in my life. From my dad being murdered to my suicide attempt. In life, I broke through many dark times and now bask in the light that is my life and I want to tell you how I did that. I
Let's talk about the lessons I took away from living with a culture that was completely different from mine.  This short series will highlight my new line of work. If you are a white person who needs help with cross cultural communication then
I am saying goodbye on this platform, but I will be on a new platform! To see what’s next for me, follow me on @revolutionaryconversationguru on Instagram. New mission Harvesting understanding with cross-cultural communication between family me
There is so much going on in the world, it can leave us feeling drained and hopeless. But I truly beleive that if we pull together collectively as HUMANS we can create immense changes to big injustices. I was asking myself, but what can I do? S
Growing up in a comunity tthat similtanously talks about sex and does not talk about sex at the exact same time can be confusing. In this episode I get into the details of how I learned about sex, and trust me, it's not what you think.  Let us
Amir Yass identifies himself as the Queer Muslim. Today he openly shared his coming out experience but then we moved a step further to find out who Amir Yass is behind the labels. I can not tell you how much I love this guy, he is Refreshingly
We live in a world that is consistently changing, from sex and sexuality to race and culture, how do we keep up? Sex advocate Leanne Matthews and Communications Expert Hannah Pillow put their heads together to brainstorm the best way to communi
Were you taught to feel shame about sex and your sexuality? Lee Hopkins of the Patterns of possibility podcast, dives deep into how he overcame his shame with sex and sexuality and found his way to being sexually confident. You can find Lee her
Did you grow up in a male dominated culture? Amal and myself dig deep into our experiences growing up in this culture. Amal talks about the deconstructing she had to do and how she claimed her sexuality back after a lifetime of being shamed. Yo
Szebastian is the ‘almostNakedCEO’, INTENTIONAL Entrepreneur-Maker, Mental*, Non-Binary Networking Octopus-Human, Multi-Cause Philanthropist, Child-Abuse & Domestic Violence Subscriber and Unapologetic Chimp 3.0 Szebastian gets Refreshingly rea
Leanne Mathews is a Sex advocate who is so passionate about Sex, open communications around sex and sexual educations. She has years of experience speaking openly about sex, in this episode she finds the line of humanity from our past episodes
Throughout this season we bashed on sex education during our era. So I brought on UK educator Martin Edwards to shine light on what is happening in education now and my god, he blew my mind. Do you think things are getting better or severely mo
How comfortable are you with speaking about sex? Do you blush when it's brought up or shy away from the topic? Dan gets Refreshingly honest about why he enjoys talking about sex. He also gives some insight to his own inner cirlces relationship
Phil gets Refreshingly honest about being a horny teenage boy, how he had to overcome shame related to sexuality and accept his sex drive for what it really is. Can you relate to this episode? Let us know! "I loved having sex, I loved exploring
Is sex before marriage that bad? How has what we were told about sex affected our relationship with sex today? Kathy gets refreshingly open about sex and her own sexual experience. Let us know what you think! "The first time can be so awkward,
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