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[00:01:38] Andrew tells us about his weekend having to truncate 250 million rows and how he had to take care of a few issues.  Jason talks about what he’s been using to search. [00:05:14] Jason talks about using a Laravel package called Scout. [00:06:50] Andrew tells us about having wrist problems and is trying to come up with solutions to help his situation. He asks Jason if he has any suggestions. They both chat about what they do for self-care and how they could manage stress better. [00:18:50] Since Andrew has been eating so terribly, he decided to get Blue Apron, the meal delivery service, and he loves it!  It has transformed his diet. ☺ Jason talks about his difficult relationship with food. [00:28:36] Andrew talks about all these contraptions in the kitchen that he didn’t know how to use except as a weapon. One thing in particular is the garlic press. [00:30:25] Andrew and Jason discuss why they love Honeybadger.[00:32:38] Andrew asks Jason if he’s tried Ruby 3.0.0 and he tells Jason why he should try it.[00:36:20] Andrew announces he got a commit to Ruby and it was a great day! Jason talks about RBS being cool. Andrew mentions not liking Sorbet and why. [00:40:06] We learn in order to use RBS, the easiest tool to use is a gem called Steep, gradual typing for Ruby. Andrew explains what it does. Jason talks about using Solargraph in VS code.[00:43:15] Andrew tells us he started working on creating a course or a writeup, something he can get paid for, that tells you on to use VS code with Ruby. He thinks he has figured it all out after all these years and he wants to share his wealth of information. [00:45:20] Jason asks Andrew for his thoughts on TypeScript and why he likes it.Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby RBS-GitHubSorbetSteep-GitHubLaravel Scout-GitHubRuby 3.0.0SolargraphTypeScriptBlue ApronGarlic  PressIf you're interested in sponsoring future episodes, send an email to
[00:00:25] What have the guys been up to? Jason tells us he’s been working on his editor project with Reflex and Cable Ready, Chris has been working on Stimulus Reflex, and Andrew’s project is trying to truncate a table that has 225 million records in it! Yikes! Fingers crossed for Andrew! [00:07:20] Will tells us all about himself and how he got into Rails. [00:09:02] Will gives us a synopsis of his E-book, Break Into Tech With Twitter, that was released a few weeks ago. [00:10:21] Andrew asks Will, as a newer developer, what it’s like transitioning from JavaScript into Ruby on Rails.[00:12:40] Chris wonders if going from JavaScript with all the call backs into Ruby if it was hard for Will to wrap his head around the way the language operates differently.[00:15:12] Jason asks Will if his experience with JavaScript was front end or backend. Also, how difficult was it knowing JavaScript, which is a programming language for the front end, and then trying to apply the concepts to serve -side programming.[00:16:26] Will tells us his super cool and inspirational story of his background. Also, he tells us about his current job at Egghead and if he thinks he will be there for a long time.  [00:32:21] Andrew asks Will what he’s doing to keep up on his learning around Rails. [00:34:16] Chris and Jason share some great resources for beginners.[00:36:27] Will shares some things that he found that worked for him when he first started out, in terms of learning more about Ruby. He talks about how he didn’t get models.[00:43:48] Will tells us where we can find him online. Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonChris OliverGuest:Will JohnsonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Will Johnson TwitterWill Johnson BlogBreak Into Tech With Twitter by Will JohnsonEggheadPodiaWeb-Crunch-YouTubeRails TutorialMetaprogramming Ruby: Program Like the Ruby Pros by Paola PerrottaEloquent Ruby by Russ OlsenRailsCastsRails for ZombiesAgile Web Development with Rails 5.1 by Sam Ruby, David B. Copeland, and Dave ThomasGoRails-“The Rails Params Hash Explained” by Chris OliverIf you'd like to sponsor future episodes of Remote Ruby, send an email to!
In this episode we welcome back a special guest, Adam Wathan, creator of Tailwind CSS. We find out some cool things that have happened in Tailwind, new things that have launched in Tailwind UI, and issues he ran into when building it. Adam tells us about a work system they use called the six-week cycle with a two-week cool down, which really helps with prioritizing things. We also talk with Adam about how he approaches building components in JavaScript libraries like Vue in an effort to apply some of that wisdom to ViewComponent.[00:04:26] Adam tells us all the cool things happening in Tailwind.[00:08:09] Jason wonders if Tailwind UI is considered early access.[00:10:52] Jason is curious to know when Adam comes across sites in the wild when he’s using the web, does he wonder if it’s Tailwind or Tailwind UI. [00:13:37] Adam talks about issues he ran into when building Tailwind UI. He also mentions another project that he hopes will be out by end of the year or early next year.[00:24:47] Chris wonders if Adam realized they were going to run into everybody wondering how to write the JavaScript for these components in Tailwind UI.[00:32:58] Adam tells us what his life is like now during the day since he’s taken on employees, and if he finds himself doing a lot more business work versus open source or Tailwind UI work. He talks about the “six-week cycle with a two-week cool down” that they have been doing at work.[00:40:18] Jason’s been using a lot of Tailwinds UI and a lot of Rails, and he is wondering what Adam’s approach is to building components in Vue and React.[00:49:46] Jason and Adam discuss table components and Adam mentions the Braid Design System and React Native Web.[00:57:34] Jason asks Adam if he has any bets on the new HEY technology that Basecamp is releasing.Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonChris OliverGuest:Adam WathanSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Adam Wathan TwitterFull Stack Radio-Podcast hosted by Adam WathanTables solutionBraid Design SystemReact Native for Web-GitHubTailwind CSS BlogIf you're interested in sponsoring future episodes, send an email to
[00:01:49] Chris tells us he had somebody using Jumpstart that couldn’t get into his app, so he explains how he solved the problem. He also talks about how he used yarn link.[00:10:10] Chris talks about how he was trying to improve administrates navigation, which is actually based off your routes. [00:15:38] The guys chat about how the official version of Vue 3.0.0 was released! [00:18:14] Jason’s been busy writing SQL at work doing campaign emails and what’s been going on with that. Chris asks Jason if he’s been adding new features to it or just cleaning things up and improving it. [00:23:20] Jason tells us he’s still working on his site editor at work, but it’s his bug rotation week now.  Chris wonders if he keeps a backlog of technical debt that you just tackle and work on when you’ve got time, also, if he ever has things that are too big to fit in the week. Chris talks about how he’s been dealing with large scale technical debt.[00:28:25] Chris talks about how he’s been enjoying using Podia for the Advanced Ruby course launch. [00:29:53] Andrew asks the guys a question about using RuboCop standard prettier and installing it on legacy base. Let’s just say Andrew gives 1 A choice and 3 B choices. ☺ Jason and Chris explain what they do, and Andrew voices his opinion as well.  [00:40:00] Andrew tells Jason he needs to teach him how to come to terms with this issue and it will probably be like a karate kid kind of montage. ☺[00:40:29] Andrew talks about Rails Best Practices, Flog, and Flay, and wonders when do you decide if I need to keep this dependency because it will provide value if I use it, or this is not providing me value and I should just get rid of it.   Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonChris OliverLinks:Advanced Ruby: Behind The Magic Course“My Life is potato”- YouTubeStimulus Reflex Print warning and exit if caching is disabled or npm/gem versions are mismatched #309-GitHubYarn LinkRuboCoping with legacyDiscourse-ignore coding standards applied to plugins-GitHubRuboCop- Safe auto-correctRails best practices-GitHubFlog-GitHubVue.js v3.0.0 
[00:02:34] Andrew tells us what happened when he gave Linter Action another try. He also talks about code scanning alerts and RuboCop.[00:05:14] Andrew tweeted a picture of the UI and it doesn’t look like what you think it would, but he found it to be pretty cool (link below). He also talks about Checks API and Pronto gem.[00:11:33] New this week, Andrew has gotten really big into testing and has seen the bottom of the weeds. He’s been scouring Evil Martians blog and following them on GitHub seeing what they are putting out and mentions checking out TestProf and Terraforming.[00:20:57] Andrew tells us about an app he’s a fan of called Shotgun. [00:24:57] Speaking of new gems, Chris talks about him and Andrew Fomera have been starting to revive the old Madmen gem they were planning on building two years ago. Also, on a side note, (cough) Chris just swallowed a bug. Yikes! He then goes into the difference between a Railtie and an Engine. [00:39:46] Chris launched the Advanced Ruby course of behind the scenes of how Rails features and other things like Rake use Ruby to do complicated stuff.[00:42:00] Andrew wants to talk about the actual launching Chris’s course and the logistics of it.  Find out what kind of software Andrew thinks is sexy. ☺ [00:47:38] Andrew is curious and asks Chris how easy was it for him to set up that subdomain to Podia off the GoRails. The web server Caddy is talked about too. [00:50:10] Andrew tells us why we have to add rel “noreferrer” and “noopener” on links that target blank and why you’re supposed to. [00:56:05] Andrew mentions there’s a lot of cool stuff going into Rails 6.1 and in the community now with a lot of gems that are coming out.  Could this be a Ruby Renaissance? Panelists:Andrew MasonChris OliverLinks:Advanced Ruby: Behind the Magic-Early Access course by Chris OliverAndrew’s TweetAndrew’s Rubocop Linter Action-GitHubCheck Runs-GitHub Developer GitpodEvil Martians TestProfEvil Martians Terraforming Rails-GitHubRailsConf 2019-Terraforming legacy Rails applications by Vladimir DementyevEvil Martians TestProf II: Factory therapy for your Ruby testsEvil Martians TestProf: a good doctor for slow Ruby testsTesting best practices=GitLab DocsGitLab HQ-GitHubShotgun-GitHubExcid3 Jumpstart-GitHubJumpstart 1.1Creating and Customizing Rails Generators & TemplatesAdministrate-GitHubRailsConf 2019-Closing Keynote by Aaron PattersonChris Oliver Twitter announcement GoRails course on Advanced RubyGitHub Rails module pathsCaddySyntaxThe Art of Product podcastBigBinary blog: “Ruby 2.8 adds endless method definition.” 
[00:07:05] Jason tells us all the cool features Laravel 8 is going to have.[00:14:08] We hear of glimpse of what the new version of Spark will have which sounds pretty cool. [00:17:33] Paddle is talked about and what is does and more people seem to be using it nowadays.  [00:19:22] Chris mentions to Jason if he saw that Ruby has an experimental support for Rightward assignments and he explains what it does. Andrew says there’s some computer science mathematical thing that addresses this (link in show notes).    [00:25:14] Andrew tells us that GitHub is taking their primer design system and they are reimplementing their react library with View Component. [00:29:04] Andrew has been reading React Component libraries for a while now and there is a feature in React where you can create “responsive props” and he explains this. [00:33:28] Andrew’s been using RubyMine at work and after watching a few RailsConf talks and several tutorials it has been a major help to him, and he now has a RubyMine keyboard shortcuts pamphlet which is super helpful.[00:41:14] Chris mentions having a nice debugger that shows you all the variables, their values, and what types they are can be really eye opening. [00:43:18] Chris lets us know why he loves Ruby so much, Jason tells us why he likes using Prettier, and Andrew brings up TypeScript and makes a point to say, “It’s winning!” ☺Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonChris OliverSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Laravel Jetstream-GitHubRemote Ruby Podcast with Jonathan Reinink, Creator of Inertia.js“Ruby adds experimental support for Rightward assignments,” by Vamsi Pavan MaheshPaddleOperator associativityViewComponents for the Primer Design SystemRubyMineTypeScriptPrettier Ruby Plugin
[00:08:26] Chris has been jumping into the Ruby stuff and mentions there was a Ractor announcement and it was accepted, which will be in the next Ruby.  Chris asks Andrew if he’s written much multithreaded code before and Chris talks about his experience with it and talks about Ractor. [00:17:47] Chris and Andrew discuss things they learned and didn’t learn in college classes.  [00:21:23] Andrew talks about wanting to use the Anyway Config from Palkan which he thinks will solve a lot of his issues. [00:28:08] Andrew tweeted that he had to declare GitHub notification bankruptcy having over 2000 notifications! ☺   [00:31:31] Does starring a repo get any notifications? The guys talk about all their stars and when you have that many, you’re not going to go back and reference them. Andrew shares his dream for all the stars he has!  [00:39:43] Chris tells us about some apps he built a long time ago, one was called OAuthable.  He also mentions using Foundation, which was the big alternative to Bootstrap.  [00:43:52] Andrew tells us about a new project the folks at Honeybadger cooked up called Hook Relay, and he volunteered to be one of the alpha testers, and it’s really cool! Also, Chris talks about using Rails Kits for Hook Relay. [00:46:35] Chris and Andrew chat about how we can bring more beginner people into Rails. There is a discussion on the Rail Hosting Survey results that came out and how there’s not enough help or mentorship to get new people on.[00:52:42] Andrew mentions Zsh and Oh My Zsh and how it gives you cool themes. Chris hasn’t taken full advantage of it yet other than forked a theme and made his own.  [00:56:35] Andrew mentions their next episode they may do a beginner show to talk more about beginner stuff since that was the most requested thing. Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:RactorBug issues Ractor OAuthable-GitHubHook RelayRails KitsAnyway Config-GitHubOh My ZshFoundation for Rails-GitHubRuby on Rails Community Survey Results 2020
[00:00:55] Jason explains his absence last week because he was trying to trace down a bug with CableReady and morphed them how they worked together.[00:10:05] Chris has been working on a new course which he’ll announce soon. He wants to get into the meta programming, classes and modules, class variables, just more advanced Ruby stuff. He mentions how he did a screencast on “The Gilded Rose Kata.” [00:13:40] Andrew tells us he’s been drowning at work, working on the podcast app for Rebase, and diving into the world of podcast hosting and podcast statistics. Andrew makes an AWESOME announcement about this podcast! ☺[00:17:45] This past weekend Chris installed Rails version 1.0 and got it mostly running. Why did he say it’s fascinating? [00:22:42] Andrew and Chris discuss their favorite live streaming choices. [00:26:54] Andrew tells us why he loves putting code in the lib directory. [00:31:25] Jason talks about Mixins always being confusing for him when he first got started. [00:36:41] Jason is talking about the concerns directory and Chris asks Jason if he ever has code that isn’t a module or a class and do you put them in initializers or a lib folder. Andrew talks about monkey patching gems.[00:42:35] Andrew asks Chris if he is going to monkey patch a gem where are you going to put that code?[00:46:35] Chris wonders what lib means and how it becomes a junk drawer and he mentions re-evaluating the naming the things. Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonJason CharnesSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:CableReady using morphLogin GeneratorStreamlabsOBS ProjectPlanet Argon 2020 Ruby on Rails Community Survey Results
[00:01:55] Chris and Andrew chat about old and new video games and server issues. [00:09:03] Chris asks Andrew what he’s been up to this week and anything exciting like RSpec Tests. Andrew tells us he’s been working on Legacy Rails 4 App which has been an interesting experience and a new challenge for him. Chris brings up his first Rails job out of college. [00:15:28] Andrew tells us what his mentor taught him early in his career about having no idea about the circumstances or requirements surrounding the way certain things are done. He shares some great advice here. [00:19:58] Chris talks about doing a few screencasts of downloading the earliest version of Rails he could find and trying to build something with it and then do Rails 2.3 or Rails 3.  Will he do it? Andrew is wondering if some of the assumptions he has about issues Chris is going to run into are going to be true or not. [00:28:02] Andrew was trying to install a version of EventMachine, and he ran into an issue. He found a comment and got it to work. Listen to Andrew’s advice here as he stands on a soapbox. ☺[00:33:56] Andrew talks about Dash, an API Documentation Browser, for macOS. [00:39:36] Since Andrew is on this Rails 4 app, Chris wonders if he’s going to be upgrading it to Rails 5 and 6. [00:42:38] Chris talks about his first job out of college and it was not the best experience.  Andrew talks about companies and having a problem where there is some code somewhere in your application or something works a certain way because one customer depends on it and having to live with that code to not make the customer mad.  [00:51:12] We end the episode by Chris telling Andrew he has to go get tested for COVID since his sister has it. He has no symptoms, so he’s hopeful it will be negative.  Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Dash for macOSEventMachine-GItHub
[00:03:37] The guys catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.   [00:10:58] Jason tells us he’s been refactoring and cranking out view components. Chris talks about the transition that he went from building the notifications things and refactoring it.  [00:14:04] Chris asks the guys if they’ve done any other stimulus reflex features that they’re going to try and build or if they’re mostly focused on the site preview thing. Jason’s main focus is the editor. Chris tell us what he does for notifications. He mentions Basecamp has a “Name of Person” gem they published. [00:18:04] Chris talks about translations and internationalization and how you translate your JavaScript. Jason tells us what he does and something not being as performant which is a concern he has. [00:23:04] Jason and Chris discuss LiveView in Phoenix what it does.[00:30:26] Since Andrew is the primary architect for a new podcast platform that is starting up, Andrew and Chris discuss domain switching, which he has a few questions about. [00:36:25] Andrew asks Chris’s opinion about the architectures of making podcasts.  Should a user have a personal account or not? Chris talks about an invisible account. [00:41:51] Andrew wants to know how Chris suggests people upgrade when things come out in Jumpstart?[00:47:12] Chris talks about a cool thing he did when he wrote the notifications in the gem. [00:52:58] Andrew wants to know when the notification stuff is coming out and Chris lets us know all the details. Jason mentions a sales job opening at Podia if anyone is interested. (link below).Sponsor:Honeybadger.ioPanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonLinks:Podia Job OpeningStimulusReflexPhoenix LiveViewBasecamp Name of Person-GitHub
On today’s episode, Chris and Andrew have brought back their good friend, Steve Polito, to give us an update on his new job! Yes, he got a job after being a guest on our podcast! 😄 He will fill us in on what the interviewing process was like, what he does at his new job, how GitHub has helped him, and helpful advice on things he’s learned in the process of finding of job that he will share with you. Chris and Andrew share some stories and advice as well. Do you have “imposter syndrome?” Find out how you can get rid of it. Download this episode now to hear more! [00:01:23] Steve gives up an update on where he was when he was on the show last time and where he’s at now. [00:09:25] Steve lets us know what his interview process was like and he tells us about the stack he’s using in his new position as a Rails developer.[00:15:19] Chris talks about building your own confidence and Steve brings up “imposter syndrome” and what to do if you have it. [00:20:25] Steve tells us if you’re looking for work or looking to improve your workflow, he’s heavily into using GitHub. [00:25:35] Steve mentions Chris was great in mentoring him with his first PR ever and he explains how it’s such good practice to make them.[00:31:56] Chris asks Steve of he’s had moments where he feels like he has no idea what this code does and you feel lost looking at some of this stuff or have they been pretty good about him feeling lost but just to come ask us and we’ll walk you through it. [00:37:22] Chris tells us what he does for an interview kind of question and how they just want to see how you make it work first, then extract it, clean it up and make it testable and reusable. Andrew shares some advice too. [00:39:54] Steve lets us know a very helpful soft skill to have is being able to read the docs and he explains. Andrew and Chris share some stories as well.  [00:50:47] We wrap up with Steve giving advice for anyone looking for a job and where to find him if you want to reach out to him. Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Steve PolitoLinks:Steve Polito DesignSteve Polito Design GitHub
[00:00:25] Chris has been tweeting about doing notifications in Rails and trying to build and he asks the guys if they’ve used any notifications gems in Rails or have they built it from scratch or what have they done in the past. Chris mentions about something Palkan wrote about Active Delivery. [00:06:34] Chris talks about getting a Tweet from Steve Polito about writing Gems is a good way of pushing your learning.  [00:10:35] Jason tells us what notifications are to him, which is always a thing he wants to add but then he pushes it off. Chris mentions Laravel has notifications right out of the box and that was the inspiration for the approach he took. [00:12:29] Jason wants to know if the guys saw the GoodJob Library and then he talks  about using Sidekick and Active Job at his work. [00:17:15] The last few weeks, Jason’s been in an experimental research and development mode and he’s been trying to improve and make changes to their editor at Podia which is like a live website editor. He explains what they are doing. [00:25:18] Andrew asks Jason if they’re doing database queries from their components or if they’re passing that data, like injecting it in. [00:28:46] Chris asks Jason if he has the chat and that and several other things using Action Cable now. Jason also mentions that he’s been doing a lot of reflex and that they’ve expanded reflex down to four or five parts of their application. Chris wants to know if it’s still been working out without having to move to Anycable yet.[00:33:00] Jason tells us his company, Podia, is hiring if you’re interested or you want to solve all the problems he’s mentioned, and Andrew has landed a new job and he tells us where. Congratulations, Andrew! ☺ [00:39:36] Andrew touches on two more things, and asks the guys if they had to guess, when are we going to see Rails 6.1?  They make their predictions. Also, he asks them if they know anything about Ruby for Good and he explains what it is.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonLinks:Podia is HiringActivity notifications for Ruby on Rails-GitHubPalkan Active Delivery-GitHubQFive ActsAsNotifiable-GitHubExcid3 Noticed-GitHub (Chris Oliver)GoodJob-GitHub“Introducing GoodJob 1.0. a new Postgres-based, multithreaded, ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails.” (article)Sneakers-GitHubQueue-benchmark-GitHubDebounced-GitHubAnycableRuby for Good-GitHub
[00:03:02] Jason and Chris chat about moving, selling, and designing their new homes. Chris has gone down a rabbit hole lately and tells us to check out a Matt Risinger, a builder in Texas, on YouTube. [00:11:20] Jason talks about using Stripe's hosted billing stuff and it was a dream come true. Chris brings up Paddle and wanting to try it.[00:21:19] Chris has been spending the past few days extracting every string out of Jumpstart Pro into Locales and he finds there some cool stuff and some annoying stuff.[00:23:46] Andrew informs Chris that after he converted Jumpstart to Slim, he converted it back. Why?[00:26:32] Chris talks about a new screencast he wants to do. [00:31:27] Chris wants to discuss with the guys if you have several pages that are similar, like your edit screen, and they all have a back link, do you make separate locale translation for each of the back links and just have duplicates, or do you extract that out as one parent level thing? Andrew plugs AppLocale. [00:36:48] Jason talks about using PhraseApp (which is now called Phrase).[00:39:53] Andrew’s been playing with Bridegtown this week and having so much fun. He also mentions that Jared’s come out with some crazy cool new stuff recently replacing Liquid with ERB, Hamil, or Slim.[00:44:35] Andrew tells us about Jared creating Liquid Components, which he builds his pages with. Also, he’s still interviewing and watching “The Boondocks.” [00:49:48] Chris mentions to Andrew that DHH is hiring developers soon and Andrew saw on GitHub some open Rails Engineer positions too.[00:53:30] Chris announces that next week they will have Steve Polito back on the show and he got a job because of our podcast!! YAY!! ☺Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonJason CharnesLinks:Stripe Docs CheckoutStripe Docs Customer portalPay-Payments engine for Ruby on Railsi18n-tasksJumpstart Rails Documentation Internationalization (I18n)AppLocalePhrasePaddleBridgetown RB-Liquid ComponentsThe BoondocksMatt Risinger-YouTube
[00:02:20] Andrew and Chris chat about Slim, Tailwind, and Components.  They also mention Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan, who are the creators, designers, and developers of Tailwind CSS, and how they built this framework and then taught you how to use it. [00:08:32] Andrew talks about why he’s been invested in Tailwind since college. Chris talks about how you can a lot of Bootstrap themes in Tailwind. The guys also discuss GitHub and Patreon sponsorships.[00:14:57] Webpack configs is talked about here with node modules and peer dependencies. [00:19:34] Andrew talks about rails developers and how their packages could be bundled and shipped better. The guys also discuss the Pika Pack and what it does.[00:22:58] Julian Rubisch published another awesome Gem which is a modern version of the render async library.[00:27:50] Andrew brings up a story about a scarier version and goes back to the table example.  Chris explains how he’s had to deal with this on Hatchbox and he tells us to check out Futurism.  [00:31:29] Andrew takes a moment to appreciate the graphic that render async has on their README that is freaking awesome! ☺[00:32:05] On the non-programming side, Chris talks about designing his new house and the process he’s been going through, which has been interesting. [00:36:41] Andrew updates us on his job search and Chris has a few stories about past interviews he’s had.  [00:45:11] The guys chat about the new Slots API View Component.[00:57:56] Andrew tells us what’s in the new Jumpstart App and he tells us how he used Tailblocks when he redid Jason’s site on Bridgetown. Sponsor:Linode
Welcome to Remote Ruby!  On this episode, we have Jason and Chris.  Chris tells us that their Hey email addresses got secured and that makes him excited for Rails 6.1. Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris comes to the rescue and helps him out.  Also, the guys have discussions on Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS config, working on field help, RSpec, Factories, Fixtures, Faker and Mocha Gems, and Shoulda Matchers. We end with finding out Jason is publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library. Download this episode now! [00:01:45] Chris and Jason talk about Hey email and how they love using it.  [00:07:50] Chris mentions Snowpack, which he doesn’t know much about, so he needs to look into it. [00:10:15] Tailwind CSS now has the PurgeCSS configuration option and Chris and Jason chat more about this.   [00:11:44] Jason asks Chris if he knows what kind of Action Texts changes are coming?[00:13:09] Chris and Jason talk about Basecamp and new things DHH and Jason Fried are working on.  [00:16:44] Jason talks about working on field help, MiniTests, and RSpec. [00:19:48] Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris helps him out. Factories and Fixtures are also discussed. [00:27:35] Jason tells us his favorite gem, which is Faker and why. Also, Jason mentions Shoulda Matchers in RSpec and he asks Chris if he’s ever tested certain validations or associations.[00:40:40] Jason asks Chris about bringing in context block stuff as a mini test extension and does it then switch to the IT Syntax or does it still test this thing?[00:43:44] Jason asks Chris if he’s ever used Mocha.[00:46:43] Chris talks about Julian Rubbish building a and what he’s doing with it. And Chris also mentions Jason publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library, which is not complete, but it exists. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverLinks:HeySnowpackMiniTestIntegrate PurgeCSS into Tailwind-GitHubFaker-GitHubShoulda Matchers-GitHubMocha-GitHubBetter Stimulus
[00:06:10] Jason starts out by talking about working on action cable this past weekend since he uses stimulus reflex for everything in life and he couldn’t control the logging.  Chris mentions he had a similar issue happen to him. [00:10:00] Andrew chimes in to say he thinks this is a place where components can really shine with cable ready. Jason talks about using components at work. [00:13:19] Chris wonders if Jason has dropped down into Cable Ready since he’s been using Stimulus Reflex a lot. Chris finds it far more effective than Stimulus Reflex for what he has to do. [00:18:51] Jason brings up offline and using it with Trix and he feels like he’s having to break rules to get it to work with Trix.  Cursor positioning issues are talked about here. [00:21:56] The guys chat about using halt so actions don’t re-render. Andrew reads the docs and lets us know what it says about halts[00:25:19] Jason talks about the really cool and foundational pieces is the JavaScript Callbacks and he explains why. He also tells us about something he did for fun with rewriting messaging in Reflex. [00:33:32] Chris brings up the scroll stuff and how that gets to the edge of trickiness with Stimulus Reflex for chat. He wonders if you want to scroll back in history how do you keep track of it and render it? Andrew shares something with Chris he has in their code base that may help. [00:37:35] Staying on the topic of Reflex, Jason mentions shipping out through Podia, a Stimulus Reflex testing library called, “Stimulus Reflex Testing” and he couldn’t find any test helpers or any testing story for reflex right now.  [00:42:00] Jason mentions a problem he’s had with reflex creating a request, like a dummy request in order for it to re-render. He explains what happens and what he tries to do to make it work out. [00:46:47] Andrew explains why there is no amazing testing support in Reflex and he also has a few suggestions for Jason that he could try.  [00:49:57] Andrew asks the guys if they’ve enabled the new design on GitHub yet and he tells them how to do it. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonLinksServer-Side Reflex CallbacksTurbolinks persist scroll.js-GitHibPodia StimulusReflex testing-GitHibAction CableJavaScript CallbacksCableReady-GitHub
[00:03:20] Jason talks about the form stuff he’s been working on in Reflex.[00:08:02] Nick tells us about the background of “Past Rubies,” which has been on hiatus since Christmas, but will be reappearing in the next month.  [00:15:12] The merge of Rails and Merb is brought up by Chris and he mentions a fascinating blog post by Yehuda Katz. [00:21:30] Nick talks about Brighton Ruby’s alternative conference which is a remote conference this year and they are giving a hard copy of “Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby.”[00:29:30] Andrew talks about a RailsCast he watched called, “Polymorphism” which he says is still completely relevant.  Chris also has a story about one he watched too. [00:37:00] In talking about modules and concerns, Chris brings up the Gilded Rose Kata programming challenge, and James Gray II and his solution in Ruby on GitHub that used modules and includes them dynamically to solve it. [00:40:04] Nick talks about a project he is tackling right now which is open source called InSpec. He then mentions Ryan Davis, a maintainer he did this project with, who is the owner of many tests, and so many other things, and had a cool way of approaching problems. Andrew has a story about him too when he saw him at RailsConf one year. [00:44:54] Nick talks about how he enjoys being fully OSS maintainer, just Ruby, and he mentions how the community relations maintenance part is so important to deal with and he didn’t even think about it when he was consuming everything.  Chris also has some stories to tell. [00:51:15] Andrew brings up the people behind taking care of issues on GitHub who are volunteers and not getting paid. [00:53:54] Andrew talks about a big part of what a developer’s job is, besides code, and Chris shares his view about programming. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Nick SchwadererLinks: Nick Schwaderer TwitterNick Schwaderer GitHubRuby WeeklyPast RubiesWhy the lucky stiff-Jonathan GilletteRuby on Bells-RAD Madrona ForkCamping-GitHubRailsConfAlt:BrightonRuby 2020 ConferenceGilded Rose- Kata“Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby” (PDF)The Gilded Rose Code Kata-GitHubThe Gilded Rose Code Kata -JEG2 SolutionChef InSpecAndrew Kane-GitHubMINASWANGraphQL-spec issuesSummertime at UnspaceRails and Merb Merge-Yehuda Katz
[00:02:25] Chris starts off and gives a s/o to Andrew Fomera for being one of the first GoRails subscribers and the longest subscriber. Then they explain what RailsBytes is and how they got into building it.  [00:08:37] Chris talks about something they discovered working on this project and Andrew Fomera gives an example about installing things that depend on Webpacker.    [00:11:45] Andrew mentions if you look at templates that exist today, people are employing different methods for adding a gem to the gem file, so he wants to know if Chris and Andrew Fomera have specific ways or recommended practices to do things.   [00:17:58] Chris mentions about a Tweet that Marco created a CLI gem for RailsBytes which is really neat. Andrew gives Marco a s/o.  Chris asked the guys if they know what tool he was using for building the interactive CLI stuff and Andrew tells us.  [00:21:02] Chris tells us what “Thor” is and we find out that Andrew doesn’t like it. [00:24:12] Andrew has a problem with Andrew Fomera’s nesting controller pattern and Andrew Fomera explains it’s just name spacing. Andrew comes up with a funny analogy that cracks Andrew Fomera up! ☺ Jason is proud of Andrew’s analogies! [00:25:33] Andrew Fomera and Chris let us know how people can support or promote the product.[00:26:30] Andrew asks the guys if they’ve given any thought or concern if a developer comes along and tries to use this RailsBytes and it doesn’t work, that failure will get pushed over to the view component library instead of where it might ought to be. The guys tell us what they will probably do. [00:29:46] Chris talks about how one of the things he likes about installing certain libraries, like Passenger, is that they have an interactive way of setting up that on your server, which is how he hopes to get more people with RailsBytes. [00:33:14] Andrew Fomera tells us more about “AppLocale,” how he got started on it, what it does, and why it will change the world.  Andrew tells us to look up “Rails I18n.” (shorthand for internationalization.)[00:41:46] Jason says he has a lot of StimulusReflex things to talk about with Nate in another episode and Andrew tells Jason that Nate’s opinion of him as a developer has hit some major “Stonks!”  Then, Andrew thanks Jason because now he’s created a massive amount of refactoring work for him. ☺Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Andrew FomeraLinks:Andrew Fomera TwitterAppLocale“Learn Rails by Building Instagram,” by Andrew FomeraRailsBytesThorCLI for RailsBytes by Marco RothAppLocale Ruby TestRailsBytes Debug ParamsRails Internationalization (I18n) API“Stonks”-definition for Boomers
[00:04:25] Matt gives us an introduction of who he is and what he does at SEP. He also mentions his blog called, “Boring Rails.” (don’t be fooled by the name)☺ [00:05:55] Besides doing Rails at work, Matt fills us in on other things he works in.   [00:08:08] Jason asks the guys if any of them have watched the “RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition” talks and what are some of their favorites. Andrew starts off talking about a Webpacker one called, “Webpacker, It-just-works, But How?’ by Justin Gordon. Also, “Tidy First?” by Kent Beck.  Matt mentions that DHH had an interesting one, which was more of a Q&A, “Keynote Interview,” by David Heinemeier Hansson. [00:10:50] Chris mentions everyone checking out DHH’s series on YouTube called, “Writing Software Well.” It convinced Chris to take a look at concerns more. [00:17:10] Another great video from RailsConf 2020 that Andrew talks about is the Engines video by Vladimir Dementyev called, “Monoliths Between Microservices.”[00:21:03] Matt liked a talk on “Bug Bounty” by Jason Meller, from Kolide which was a good mix of the UX and Dev side and evaluating security issues.  He also mentions something about “pseudo mode” you may be interested in. [00:26:54] Andrew tells us three more talks he enjoyed: “Successfully Onboarding a Junior Engineer in Three Steps,” with Emily Giurleo, “Building a Performance Analytics Tool with Active Support,” with Christian Bruckmeyer, and “Encapsulating Views,” with Joel Hawksley.[00:31:09] Andrew talks about not using validations and instead using a render method and Jason tells him that feature came out of Podia and explains. [00:31:53] Jason brings up how they have an entire thread of “Rails WTF's” that came about from some Tweets from Advi.  Andrew chimes in with a shout-out to Betsy Haibel, who’s doing an amazing job of being one of the moderators, asking questions and helping people clear up things. [00:38:18] Chris brings up “Spring” and some of its frustrations.  [00:41:28] Chris brings up the topic of GitHub’s “no search and rails guides” and he explains what happened here. Matt brings up some good points here as well. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Matt SwansonLinks:Matt Swanson TwitterBoring RailsMatt Swanson GitHub“On Writing Software,” with David Heinemeier HanssonRailsConf 2020.2 Couch EditionRuby on Rails Edge Guides“Successfully Onboarding a Junior Engineer in Three Steps,”  by Emily Giurleo“Encapsulating Views,” by Joel Hawksley“Webpacker, It-Just-Works, But How?” by Justin Gordon“Monoliths Between Microservices,” by Vladimir Dementyev“Building a Performance Analytics Tool with ActiveSupport,” by Christian Bruckmayer“Advanced Action Text: Attaching any Model in rich text,” by Chris Oliver“Building a Rails Controller from Scratch,” by Alex Kitchens“Aaron Patterson’s Variety Show!” by Aaron Patterson“Tidy First?” by Kent Beck“Keynote Interview,” with David Heinemeier Hansson“Inoculating Rails Auth Against Bug Bounty Hunters,” by Jason Meller
[00:06:06] Jared gives us a summary of who he is, what he does, and how Bridgetown started.  Let’s just say it was a wild ride! [00:018:11] Jared talks about defaults and how they are vital with any static site generator.  Chris talks about contributing a generate page or generate page command for anybody who’s never done this before.  [00:22:32] Chris mentions he’s built a few static sights recently and he was questioning going the Gatsby route or something else. He says it’s nice to have Bridgetown and explains why. [00:23:45] Jared talks about the core team working on Jekyll right now, GitHub has been pretty steady for a long time, but it’s just been a really slow release cycle to get things changed. His take on it is, you either give up or you step it up! ☺[00:28:00] Jared brings up a new project called, Redwood.js, which is headed up by Tom Preston- Werner, who is the guy who invented Jekyll as well as GitHub.  Jason looks at the Redwood site and how it’s organized and has a few comments to add about it. [00:37:30] Andrew talks about why Gatsby is so popular because of their theming. Also, Gatsby released something called, “Recipes” and he explains it. He asks Jared since Bridgetown is pre-1.0 is there is any danger to running it in production and he wonders if this is something he could put in his Rails App.  Jared answers these questions. [00:40:55] Andrew tells us his dream use of Bridgetown here. Jared tells us something they are cooking up with the liquid template engine that Bridgestone uses. [00:44:47] Chris asks Jared, since these are static sites, is this something where you might go and make the call of having turbo links on by default because it wouldn’t hurt anything, and you’d be able to get quicker page views? Jared mentions swup.js. and explains. [00:50:46] Andrew gives us some advice on what you should use if you are maintaining a gem where there is a JavaScript package and a Ruby Gem.  He also mentions a gem post install command in Stimulus Reflex.[00:55:05] If you want to support, have questions, or comments, Jared mentions going to which is a forum you can get started on. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Jared WhiteLinks:Jared White TwitterJared White GitHubBridgetownrb.comLiquidJekyllrbRedwoodjsFull Stack Radio-Tom Preston-WernerSwupjsStimulus Reflex Gem Specification and deploy a static site with Ruby, Bridgetown, Tailwind CSS, and NetlifyBridgetown CommunityGatsby Recipes
[00:01:54] Chris asks Josh if there is a viewing party going on for RailsConf online stuff since RailsConf was canceled.  Josh explains what is going on and talks about a RailsConf Virtual Hallway that is planned. [00:09:05] Josh talks about what’s new at Honeybadger and how the transition’s been like for them.  [00:11:49] There was something that caught the attention of the guys on Reddit recently that Josh released called “Heya.”  It’s been a side project of his at Honeybadger and he talks about it here. [00:20:37] Josh gives an overview of how Heya works. [00:35:18] Jason asks Josh about licensing and since it’s a bit different from other projects he’s seen, he asks Josh to talk more about how that works and how he came up with that. Josh mentions using a license called Prosperity Public and Dependabot which is Open Source.[00: 039:55] Andrew brings up CodeFund being completely Open Source, cloning apps, and how the model is working for him. [00:42:25] Jason asks Josh if when a user gets subscribed to a campaign, but then wants to unsubscribe, is that something you have on your roadmap or is that just figuring out your notifications yourself?  Josh explains and he mentions a gem by Andrew Kane, called “Mailkick” which has worked very well. [00:48:12] To end the episode, Josh says to check out Honeybadger and Heya.  Andrew comments he likes the dark mode on Honeybadger! Also, Josh mentions he’s on a and to check it out.Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Joshua WoodLinks:Josh Wood TwitterRailsconf 2020 Virtual HallwayHeyaGitHub Honeybadger/heyaCodetriage/maildownLicense Zero-Prosperity Public LicenseGitHub Prosperity Public LicenseDependabotGitHub CodeFund adsAndrew KaneMailkickHoneybadgerFounderQuest Podcast
[00:01:13] Jason talks about how he needs to start doing some upgrades on HopeGrid. And because the guys do like to have fun, they talk about gaming devices and fun video games they’ve been playing. [00:07:45] Andrew and Chris talk about playing the video games “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto.” [00:10:50] So, what’s new in Ruby World? Chris did a major update to GoRails.[00:13:41] Chris asks the guys if they’ve seen the Sizzy browser.[00:17:28] Chris mentions using Alpine.js for drop downs that were straight from a Tailwind UI and Jason chimes in to talk about it.[00:20:33] Jason talks about his new Ruby Gem that he released into the world called,  “to_Jason” and he’s been working on a new blackjack game with Stimulus Reflux.[00:22:54] Andrew mentions we have a site called “” where he can put really cool demos.  Chris talks about wanting to play with “broadcasting.” [00:29:02] Back to Jason’s blackjack game, he talks about another cool thing he did with it using active-record import for importing new records and he explains what he did. Let’s say it’s been mentally stimulating and exciting for Jason working on this project. [00:34:57] Another thing Jason worked on is he migrated “field help off action text” and he paired up with Andrew to do this.  Chris wants to hear all about this. [00:39:56] Andrew has been working on components…a lot of components. He talks about using Chris’s calendar gem.[00:46:47] Listen here to find out why Andrew is now Team ERB ☺. [00:52:35] The guys discuss their choice of password apps.  Andrew uses Google Authenticator, Chris uses Authy, and Jason uses 1Password.   [00:53:47] Jason mentions in Ruby Weekly today, GitHub is sponsoring, Matz, the creator of Ruby. Show some love and sponsor Matz!Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonLinks:SizzyJason Charnes Blackjackto_jasonSimple CalendarGitHub Sponsor MatzSanitize Active Storage SVG Red Dead RedemptionGrand Theft Auto HopeGridAlpine.jsStimulusReflex ExpoBroadcastingGoogle Authenticator1PasswordAuthy
[00:03:35] Chris talks about “Active Admin,” which is the most popular Rails Admin Gem and how useful it is to use.  [00:07:25] Andrew brings up “Lucky,” a Crystal database wrapper, and Chris gives his opinion about it. [00:11:47] Chris and Andrew mention using GitLab, but both prefer GitHub until things get fixed. And with teams going free mostly, it will be nice for discussions and paid projects like Jumpstart or Tailwind UI. [00:14:28] Chris shares some exciting news about getting a new GitHub sponsor! Cha-Ching! Let’s just say it was the highlight of his week!! ☺[00:19:26] Optimism, which is a Gem to do form type things, is mentioned here. Also, Chris brings up a question on if anyone has done this on Stimulus Reflex, where someone takes an action, but it would broadcast the update to everybody. Is this easily doable? Andrew answers this. [00:24:03]] Andrew talks about using Typescript and Chris talks about wanting to explore into CableReady. There is also talk with a breaking change in Stimulus Reflex that just recently happened. [00:29:49] Chris asks Andrew if he has a source repo where he keeps his GitHub pull request templates.[00:32:50] In talking about docs, Andrew recommends “Read the Docs” and Chris uses “GitBook” for Hatchbox docs and they discuss in depth about it.   [00:41:09] Chris talks about how we need a new way of people maintaining things to get stuff done, like a changing of the guards.  But he hopes there will still be good maintainers as things go on. Andrew has been thinking about that a lot too and he shares his thoughts. [00:43:10] Chris explains a Lambda and a Proc and the difference between them.  [00:49:46] Andrew asks Chris when he is passing parameters to a method, does he name them, or does he just pass them all in? Andrew explains. [00:57:07] Andrew and Chris talk about using Binstubs and Annotate. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonLinks:LuckyStimulus Reflex ChatAwesome READMEsRead the DocsGitBookUpdate gems and run annotatebinstubsActiveAdminOptimism CableReadyLambda and Proc
[00:02:43] Steve gives his background, jobs he’s had, and what he’s currently doing now. He also talks about how he stumbled upon Rails and how it was exactly what he was looking for because it allowed him so many resources. He did snag his own domain which is nice. [00:08:25] Chris chimes because he can relate to everything Steve has been talking about with agency work.  He also talks about something that taught him the most which was spending time cloning stuff that already existed. [00:12:04] Steve asks the guys questions about task models and reminder models. Andrew mentions a video he should watch on database designs for beginners by David Copeland. Chris gives some advice on design patterns and talks about his first Rails job.[00:18:54] Steve has questions about users note and if there should be a note limit column on the user’s table with a default value.  Chris gives his advice on this. [00:24:06] Jason jumps in with answering Steve’s questions about migrations and manipulating data within that migration since he’s had positive and negative experiences doing data migrations. Chris also shares some information.[00:31:33 Steve asks about the database being locked up and what would need to be done so Chris and Jason give his advice on what to do. Jason mentions a concept called, “Database Transactions.”[00:37:21] Steve wonders how often he should be updating his Gems, if at all. He knows there are security releases for Gems and Rails but is he supposed to be doing this every day? Andrew and Chris give him some info on this. [00:44:05] Steve asks about what Webpacker does and Chris explains it more in depth. Chris also talks about Turbo Links and JavaScript. [00:50:04] Steve has “Career” questions he poses to the guys. He wants to know how they got their foot in the door and how they got their breakthrough. Also, he wants to know what their thoughts are on the job market. There are some very interesting stories and awesome advice given by the guys that is definitely worth listening to.[01:05:18] Nate drops in and has a bit of advice for Steve by telling him to not beat himself up if he bombs a few interviews.  It’s just the culture of tech hiring now, which is not great. Basically, it just takes time. Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonJason CharnesGuest Panelist:Nate Hopkins (jumps in at the end with his knowledge bombs!)Guest:Steve PolitoLinks:Steve PolitoSteve Polito TwitterRails.fmDrupalSimple Site StatusDatabase Design for Beginners-David Copeland Practical Object-Oriented DesignGitHub MigrationsActive Record TransactionsGitHub Data MigrateGitHub
[00:04:43] Jason talks about “filtering” and how it relates to model scopes. [00:08:30] Speaking of fun side projects, Andrew asks the guys if they heard that Twilio and DEV are doing a Hackathon? There are lots of prizes and they are pretty good, but you need to do something to participate so find out here ☺ [00:12:46] Andrew brings up how View Component from GitHub went through changing their Gem name and doing upgrades and how they have collection support now. Also, Andrew got Storybook running with the latest changes. Jason is curious how Andrew got Storybook wired up with it. [00:18:29] Andrew gives a great description of what Storybook is in case you don’t know.   [00:22:57] Andrew brings up something nice that got added to View Component which is integrating the View Component Previews into Rails Conductor.  [00:25:18] Dave Paola is mentioned by Andrew, who has met him through Twitter and Chris has chatted with him over email, and he is working on a bootstrap component library implemented in Vue Component. [00:26:48] The guys all have a discussion on bootstrapping, things that work and don’t work. Also, “themes” are touched on with JavaScript. [00:31:58] Chris mentions Caleb Porzio, who created Alpine JS, he will be doing a series of videos, on Laracasts, about creating Alpine JS from scratch, which is pretty sweet.[00:35:39] Andrew mentions some really good Tailwind UI extensions for VS Code that have IntelliSense which is amazing! [00:38:15] Jason’s been working on some Action Text stuff. Find out what he’s been up to. Chris also has some things to add as well about Action Text.  He goes into two methods for rendering with videos on YouTube. [00:49:34] Jason talks about feeling stuck sometimes and having to rewrite problems that have been solved for many years like putting a table in an editor. Chris has some ideas for him. [00:57:05] Jason has a question about Active Storage and Chris answers this. [1:01:12] Andrew mentions the date for Rails Talks coming out in May to replace the conference that was cancelled. There is a lot to do to prepare for this since it is an online version this year. Andrew also talks about the Ruby Meetup and how he’s still working on it. Stay tuned!Sponsor:LinodePanelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonJason CharnesLinks:HasScopeCode Fund Ads (Andrew’s Scope he’s most proud of ☺.)Wilmington NC Surf Report ☺Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe☺Twilio Hackathon on DEVStorybookView ComponentAction View Component Storybook (Andrew)Bootstrap ThemesGitCoinCo-code fund adsHeadwindBuilding AlpineJS-Caleb PorzioDave Paola TwitterRefactor CSS
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